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Jordin sparks a final debate!

Duration: 00:05:38
As ''Idol'' enters its last round, our experts grapple with who should win
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Jordin sparks a final debate!

Duration: 00:05:38
As ''Idol'' enters its last round, our experts grapple with who should win

The gauntlet has been thrown!

Duration: 00:03:53
Our experts challenge Beatboxing Blake Lewis to a dance-off

Mindy Doo's rockin' send-off

Duration: 00:04:34
Plus: Idolatry's behind-the-scenes controversy comes to a head!

Inside EW's Kelly Clarkson cover shoot

Duration: 00:03:12
An intimate behind-the-scenes look and conversation with America's biggest ''Idol''

Up close and personal: Kelly Clarkson

Duration: 00:04:31
A revealing chat with the season 1 winner about her new album. Plus, Dave Karger's inside scoop

Paula calls the Police on Blake!

Duration: 00:05:12
The beatboxer's mayor gives us a final-three scoop, and our experts rate the season to date

One truly ''Fantastick'' Idol

Duration: 00:05:34
A heartfelt chat with season 4 finalist Anthony Fedorov, and a song from his Off-Broadway show

Sparks a-flyin'!

Duration: 00:05:14
Our experts say that Jordin is a lock for the final two. Plus, a ''Fantastick'' special guest

Who's staying alive?

Duration: 00:05:21
If she finds her inner Travolta during Bee Gee week, our experts say LaKisha can't lose

Paris Bennett sings!

Duration: 00:05:52
The season 5 finalist stops by to rock the studio

Blake's reboot leaves us divided

Duration: 4:22:10
Plus, our experts -- and more than a few readers! -- take Michael Slezak to task for choosing the Derby over ''Idol''

Who is Rosie's ''Idol'' favorite?

Duration: 5:16:21
Season 4's Nadia Turner, who stopped by to dish about wrestling the ''View'' host!

Today's Idolatry Video: Bon Jovi week? Really?

Duration: 5:08:08
Well, at the very least, maybe it will wake Blake up from his ballad napping and return him to our beloved bad boy

Today's Idolatry Video: Problems in Paulaville

Duration: 5:15:13
That ''Simpsons'' parody might've be baffling, judge, but not as much as your ongoing adoration for Chris.

Today's Idolatry Video: Can Mindy Doo?

Duration: 5:25
She could win it all, say our experts -- if she finally picks some decent songs

Today's Idolatry Video: RJ Helton performs

Duration: 3:55.16
The Season 1 finalist serenades you from the EW art department

Today's Idolatry Video: Broadway star blasts Chris R!

Plus, season 1's R.J. Helton on life after Idol (and coming out)

Today's Idolatry Video: Sabrina Sloan performs!

Duration: 7:09.23
The semifinalist talks about Simon's criticism, Sanjaya's hair, and her early exit from Season 6

Today's Idolatry Video: Dolly Do's and Don'ts!

Duration: 4:07.25
LaKisha, we will always love you as long as you stick with ''Jolene''

Blake, live from EW's cover shoot!

Duration: 1:05.24
In an exclusive interview, the ''Idol'' finalist tells us what makes him a ''ninja''

Jordin, live from EW's cover shoot!

Duration: 1:05.12
In an exclusive interview, the ''Idol'' finalist isn't afraid to show her ''goofy'' side

Sanjaya, live from EW's cover shoot!

Duration: 1:05.16
In an exclusive interview, the ''Idol'' finalist lets down his hair

Melinda, live from EW's cover shoot!

Duration: 1:05.22
In an exclusive interview, the ''Idol'' finalist opens up about the ''corniest thing in the world''

LaKisha, live from EW's cover shoot!

Duration: 1:05.20
In an exclusive interview, the ''Idol'' finalist tells us she's in it ''to win it''

Chris, live from EW's cover shoot!

Duration: 1:05.20
In an exclusive interview, the ''Idol'' finalist tells us he's his own ''worst critic''

Phil, live from EW's cover shoot!

Duration: 1:05.10
In an exclusive interview, the ''Idol'' finalist shares a bit of his spiritual side

Today's Idolatry Video: Blake's rage against the ''Idol'' machine

Duration: 5:25.18
Plus, Dave Karger takes us behind the scenes of the most unpredictable season ever

Haley Scarnato: Before the ''Idol'' ax falls

Duration: 1:04.18
In an exclusive interview, the toothsome Texan ponders her -- gasp! -- last result day

Today's Idolatry Video: Judd Harris, unplugged

Duration: 3:48.42
The season 4 semi-finalist rocks the studio with a bare-knuckle, acoustic blues set

Today's Idolatry Video: LaKisha, J.Lo's a-comin'

Duration: 5:45.20
We help the Idols navigate the perilous waters of Latin Week. Plus: Season 4's Judd Harris

Today's Idolatry Video: Haley Scarnato's Naked News!

Duration: 5:10.01
Plus, are you as enraged as our ''Idol'' experts at Gina being voted off?

Today's Idolatry Video: ''Phil Stacey needs some love''

Duration: 4:39.13
Plus, it's Tony Bennett week, Blake, and it don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing!

One Word: Battledivas!

Duration: 5:16.10
After a week marked with Doubt and pohawks, a reader risks her life to tell our Idolatry experts why she's still pulling for Kiki and Mindy Doo.

What Gina Oughta Know

Duration: 5:37
Plus, our Idolatry experts ? and special guests Mark the Reader and Staff Mom ? on how Britney can help LaKisha, and other sundry advice.

Elliott Yamin's near-fatal career move!

Duration: 5:21.02
On the scene at his Manhattan CD signing, our "Idol" favorite reveals how he passed bad mojo onto Taylor Hicks. Plus: Diamond Dave Karger rocks Idolatry

Pop Locke! Kimberley rocks the studio

Duration: 3:58.40
The season two finalist drops a track from her forthcoming album for Idolatry's performance series

Songs for Sanjaya

Duration: 5:12.14
It's British Invasion week, and our Idolatry experts have suggestions for the hair apparent and co. Plus: Kimberley Locke on Paula 2.0!

Jordin sparks debate!

Duration: 4:09.74
Our Idolatry experts ask: Do the judges want the bubbly teen to crash the Kiki and Mindy party? Plus, bad hair gives the show a boost.

The Chrises pooh-pooh Diana Ross week

Duration: 4:16.46
But our Idolatry experts tell them to just shut up and sing! Plus, a reader starts the LaKisha backlash.

Missing-in-action ''opera girl'' rocks the studio!

Duration: 7:06.72
Plus, our Idolatry experts show their outrage over Sabrina's elimination, sigh a little relief at the ousting of Sundance Head, and field reader's calls.

Finally, someone who is cartoonishly good!

Duration: 4:06.64
Our Idolatry experts wish everyone would take a cue from Chris Sligh (who's got a surprising comic-strip lookalike) and sing songs that fit their character

Mindy Doo's fashion don't isn't the only shocker from this week's shows

Duration: 4:59.33
She's got the pipes of a diva but the clothes of a temp, yet on this episode of Idolatry EW's experts are just as puzzled by, say, Jared ''sexy face'' Cotter

Will the ''American Idol'' judges flush Antonella Barba down the drain?

Duration: 4:45.15
In today's episode of Idolatry, EW's experts make some predictions for the week ahead, and offer a few much-needed pieces of advice

For now, the ''American Idol'' women are on top

Duration: 04:39.71
In our first episode of Idolatry, EW's experts admit that the show's females have their troubles, but nothing compared to the men (and their alarming grooming habits)