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The Faint Kick Off Spring Tour

The Faint kick off their previously reported North American tour tonight (May 21) in Milwaukee.

The Omaha quintet will wind their way from the Midwest to East Coast to West Coast and back to their hometown for the last stop of the tour on June 14.

Joining the band on most dates will be the Berg Sans Nipple and Services.

And that new album? Still no news. Sorry. [MORE...]


You Say Party! We Say Die! Go On Tour!

Exclamatory noise-punkers You Say Party! We Say Die! will release their second album, Lose All Time, August 15 in the U.S. on Paper Bag Records! Due to visa issues, it's the only You Say party popping off in the States for the next four-and-a-half years! Unless, of course, they put out another record!

Lose All Time is already out in their native Canada! And it drops June 18 in the U.K. thanks to Fierce Panda!

You Say Party! We Say Die! is heading out on tour starting tonight! They'll kick things off in Canada and then head to Europe! [MORE...]


Adult Swim Gives Away TVOTR, Rapture, BSS, Liars
Plus Les Savy Fav, Asobi Seksu, Jesu, the Good the Bad the Queen, Fennesz, more!

Adult Swim-- still the nation's leading purveyors of Strattera-supressing animated comedy programs-- has dipped a toe or two into the indie talent pool of late, what with the Danger Doom project, indie-heavy Aqua Teen Hunger Force flick soundtrack, and partnerships with the likes of Stones Throw and Chocolate Industries.

Today, they're offering Warm & Scratchy, a downloadable album of new and/or exclusive and/or rare and-- best of all-- FREE tracks from some of indie's biggest artists. The Rapture, TV on the Radio, Les Fav Fav, Liars, Broken Social Scene, Jesu, Fennesz, and the Good, the Bad, and the Queen all contribute.

Could this generosity be a ploy to stir up promotion for a new show chock full of geometrically-shaped characters, odd voices, and non sequiturs? Whatever, man, free jams are free jams; though I feel personally responsible for reminding them that the "____ & Scratchy" name is, in a meta sort of way, already taken.

You'll also wanna peep the Adult Swim-styled video for ancient TV on the Radio cut "Me-I" on the album's website, yours in linkage at the bottom of the page. [MORE...]


Photos: My Brightest Diamond / Akron/Family / Miho Hatori [Sao Paulo, Brazil; 05/18-05/20/07]

Music videos, independent shorts, and experimental features comprised the bulk of the program of fare at digital film festival Resfest, which touched down in São Paulo, Brazil this past weekend. But fest-goers were also treated to a trio of real life performances from My Brightest Diamond, Akron/Family, and Miho Hatori (ex-Cibo Matto), presumably welcome spectacles after many long hours spent staring at pixels. Really cool pixels, but still.

Thanks to reader Natalie Gunji for these photos from the event.




Photos: Jenny Lewis and Ben Gibbard [Seattle, WA; 05/20/07]

Photos by Michael Alan Goldberg

Ben Gibbard-- in the midst of wrapping up his solo tour-- invited some very special friends to join him for the encore at last night's gig, the first of two homecoming shows at Seattle's Showbox. First, Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis played femme foil to Gibbard, singing Jen Wood's part on Postal Service he-said-she-said ditty "Nothing Better". Then openers David Bazan (ex-Pedro the Lion) and Johnathan Rice (alleged current Lewis beau) helped Jenny and Ben take on "Such Great Heights". Swing by the Showbox tonight to see if Ben delivers more special guest-addled Postal Service goodness.


Method Man Arrested for Pot Possession

Surprise! The Wu-Tang MC (and The Wire cast member) known for saying "roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it" is a pot smoker! According to a New York Post report, Method Man, aka Clifford Smith, was arrested for possession of marijuana in New York City on Thursday, May 17.

On Smith's way into Manhattan from Brooklyn via the Battery Tunnel at around 10 p.m., bridge-and-tunnel officer Donald Johnston stopped him because of an expired inspection sticker.

When Smith rolled down the window of his 2005 green Lincoln, Johnston smelled marijuana smoke and saw two blunts and other drug paraphernalia.

After Smith then admitted he had about 28 more grams of weed in the car, he was taken into custody without an argument. A police source told the Post, "I guess he was feeling mellow," but the arrest couldn't really have taken Smith by surprise.

Method Man was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court, and he was released Friday, May 18 on his own recognizance, according to the Post.

Photos: Tapes 'n Tapes / Ladyhawk [New York, NY; 05/18/07]

Photos by Mitch Manzella

Comprising a scrappy indie tour-de-force, Northerners Tapes 'n Tapes (from Minneapolis) and Ladyhawk (from Vancouver) ramshackled through New York City's Irving Plaza Friday night with much aplomb. Tapes are still rocking their breakout debut, The Loon, while Ladyhawk have been presenting wares from their self-titled 2006 LP and recent Fight for Anarchy vinyl EP. Both bands wrap up this lengthy jaunt with a trio of Midwestern dates; then it's back to the drawing board at last for Tapes.



Photos: The National / Human Giant on MTV [New York, NY; 05/19/07]

On their takeover of MTV and MTV2 on Friday and Saturday, our favorite televised sketch comedy group Human Giant had one mission: get one million hits on their website in 24 hours. We don't think it's any coincidence that Aziz, Paul, and Rob hit their goal in the early hours after the National performed two songs from their excellent new album Boxer.

The band played "Apartment Story" and "Mistaken for Strangers" just after 1 a.m., which was already 13 hours into the marathon live show. The band looked a little bewildered by the whole event-- which moved rapidly between segments in the main room (the TRL studio), a second studio, and the street-- but pulled off the two performances well.

Watch the performances here and here.


Deerhunter Add Dates With Lots of Cool Bands
Who, you ask? Why, Battles, Fiery Furnaces, the Ponys, Keith Fullerton Whitman, more!

Like a fine sommelier matching a choice cut of tofu with a dry, well-aged white, whoever books these Deerhunter shows knows a little something about good pairs. On a handful of recently announced North American dates, the pulsating Georgia peaches will share stages with acts as caterwauling, caustic, and compelling as they. Fiery Furnaces, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Battles, Jay Reatard, and the Ponys will stand alongside (albeit somewhat underneath-- Bradford sure is tall) the foal-finders on the new dates.

Of course, they'll be in the best company of all July 15, when they shred at the Pitchfork Music Festival alongside some of the finest musical acts of this early century. And those lucky enough to share nothing more than an area code with Deerhunter can still get in on the action should they happen upon the Whirlyball single the band recently released at Atlanta's Criminal Records. For those outside the ATL, the next Deerhunter album, Microcastle, is currently being brewed.

Deerhunter: family recreation at its finest. [MORE...]


Animal Collective Extend Tour to Europe

Animal Collective are currently making their way across the U.S., giving audiences a taste of Strawberry Jam, their new full-length due out this fall. And now they've decided to share the love with the kind folks of the European continent as well.

Starting July 11 in London and continuing through the end of the month, the Collective will jet around the old countries, playing festivals and clubs like it's their job. Because, you know, it is. [MORE...]

R.I.P. Internet Radio: 7/15/07?
Why couldn't it have been e-cards instead?

As a Pitchfork reader, you're aware of the impact the internet has had on the ways in which music is discovered, disseminated, championed and discussed. From sites like ours to blogs like yours, musical interaction on the web seems to become more vast and exciting with each passing day. But an integral part of that landscape-- internet radio-- is in danger of becoming drastically weakened or extinct, due to a new law. Although the consequences of this are far-reaching, the death of web radio would be a particularly crushing blow to under-the-radar sounds.

Countless numbers of people listen to the radio on their computers every day, seeking shows that appeal to their chosen tastes, expand their musical horizons, or simply give them something to drown out the Maroon 5 seeping over the adjoining cubicle wall. Net radio offers broadcasters the opportunity to do just about whatever they please-- an impressive feat when contrasted with the focus-grouped farce that is most corporate-owned terrestrial radio in 2007.

Here at Pitchfork, we think that turning people on to new music is pretty important. (Hell, it's what we do every day.) And losing web radio would significantly reduce exposure to new music. We think that sucks.

So Pitchfork News is taking a little time off from our usual routine of reporting who's on tour, who's putting out albums, and what Sufjan Stevens ate for breakfast, to clue you in to what's going on with net radio. Hopefully you already know, and have your Senator on speed dial. But if not, here's a brief run-down. For much more information, go to [MORE...]


Oldham Performs I See a Darkness for KY Video Store
That would be Kentucky, not, um, the other KY

On June 10, a Sunday, Will Oldham will take the stage of Louisville, Kentucky's Headliner's Music Hall in his Bonnie "Prince" Billy guise to play his classic 1999 album I See a Darkness in its entirety. Joining him will be the same band who played on the album itself (brother Paul Oldham, Bob Arellano, Colin Gagon, Peter Townsend) with the key addition of Chavez/Superwolf/Zwan guitarist Matt Sweeney.

And that's not all!

The concert is a celebration of the tenth anniversary of Wild and Woolly Video, a Louisville video store that "specializes in renting and selling videos and DVDs that are hard-to-find, obscure, or just too weird for the chain stores," according to its website. Other performers at the event include "Saturday Night Live"'s Fred Armisen, Blowfly ("the original dirty rapper!"), comedian Morgan Murphy, and WFPK DJ Woody Chancy.

Tickets to the event are five dollars, and all ticket proceeds will go to Kosair Charities.

To recap: For just FIVE BUCKS, you get to see ALL of I See a Darkness, PLUS the dude who interviewed Cat Power and plays Prince PLUS the guy who did "Shitting on the Dock of the Bay"!


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