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Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git

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PouchinWii (9 hours ago)
CVS rules
AngaloPapeteri (9 hours ago)
I find Mercurial, inspired by the Monotone workflow, to be much better than Monotone though.

And it's blazing fast.
AngaloPapeteri (9 hours ago)
> And BTW being distributed looks good, but it is not always affordable on commercial projects...

Yes it is, of course it is, distributed is a strict superset of centralised so everything you can do with a CVCS you can do better with a DVCS...
codergeek42 (3 days ago)
I found this talk to be quite interesting and I may end up using GIT for my next project. Thanks, Linus!
asemh (6 days ago)
pcode200. you are a tool.
redgreen1111 (1 week ago)
annoying git
pcode200 (1 week ago)
And BTW being distributed looks good, but it is not always affordable on commercial projects... Intermediate "experiments" or just activities kept in branches are centralized, which is good to share effort on an organized environment... not everybody can afford OpenSource...
pcode200 (1 week ago)
But there have been tools out there pretty good on branches (yep, Perforce is not better either) like:
- Clearcase: yes, is big, is difficult, but, doesn't he claim to have written GIT for "clever people", cc is for clever people too.
- Accurev: just visit accurev dot com and enjoy the experience.
And a big number of other good alternatives: plasticscm, hansky, seapine
pcode200 (1 week ago)
I know the guy is just playing his role in a show (is there any difference between Linusboy and BillG??? ok, the second one is rich).
Then I totally agree about the point of branching: yes, branching is pretty good, CVS is horrible on branches, and SVN is crap too.
pcode200 (1 week ago)
I'm totally shocked by the lame show! First Linus' total disrespect to commercial tools: "get rid of Perforce", and also to "everything else not done by me" with sentences like "subversion is the most pointless project ever started".
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to google
Added:  May 14, 2007
From:  google
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Linus Torvalds visits Google to share his thoughts on git, the source control management system he created two years ago.
Category  Howto & DIY
Tags: Google   tech   talks   engineering
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