Subliminally seduce boys instantly!

Subject: Subliminally seduce boys instantly!
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Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 11:59:23 EDT

Subliminally seduce boys instantly!

Win over any man you want in less than an hour.


I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is now possible for you to
achieve in minutes, what typically takes most women days, months, and
sometimes even years to accomplish...SEDUCING A MAN!


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Scientists worldwide agree that, in certain applications, subliminal
control can accomplish amazing things. You might have heard how in the
1950s subliminal advertising was used in movie theaters to induce an
unnatural craving for popcorn and an unquenchable desire for Coke.

If you don't think modern subliminal technology can change your life,
AGAIN! For less than the cost of a single good meal you can instantly
permanently change the way men treat you. GUARANTEED!

Once you have received and tested one of our audio tapes you will be

Don't make the mistake of confusing the antiquated technology used in
past with newly developed digital mastering techniques. We have spent
developing computer enhanced techniques that enable us to produce mood
altering products that work on any man, anywhere, anytime...


You cannot turn men into mindless sex slaves with this or any other
technology. You can, however, induce at will, natural urges that would
otherwise lie dormant. It is simply a fact that any natural human desire
such as sleep, hunger or sexual impulses can be GREATLY INTENSIFIED by
using subliminal commands.

When you play these recordings in the presence of any male who has a
normal sexual appetite, look out! He won't know what has come over him!
It is completely undetectable!

Even men you barely know, when subjected to this invisible aphrodisiac
will find you more interesting and better looking. They will find
themselves mysteriously drawn and sexually attracted to you.

Each of our musical recordings comes with a second 'demo' tape (free of
charge) that has the subliminal messages brought forward for you to hear
loud and clear. Don't let your boyfriend hear this one!

WARNING: We have given you the opportunity to be more
successful with any man you choose. If you do not at least check out the
facts for yourself, you will only be cheating yourself out of
happiness and romance.

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Subliminally seduce boys instantly!

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