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Diversitas - an international programme of biodiversity science
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Integrating biodiversity science for human well-being
By linking biology, ecology and social sciences, DIVERSITAS produces socially relevant new knowledge to support sustainable use of biodiversity.

DIVERSITAS publications

Issue 5/2007 of the DIVERSITAS newsletter is out. Click here for the pdf version.

Angela Arthington et al. (freshwaterBIODIVERSITY): The Challenge of Providing Environmental Flow Rules to Sustain River Ecosystems, Ecological Applications, 16(4), 2006, pp. 1311-1318.


DIVERSITAS is interested in your project: In order to submit your project for
endorsement as an official DIVERSITAS project, please look at the endorsement procedure.
Belgium DIVERSITAS National Committee celebrated International Biodiversity Day. More...
DIVERSITAS has moved to its new Headquarters:
Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
57 Rue Cuvier – CP 41
75231 Paris Cedex 05, France
Tel: + 33 1 40 79 80 40
Fax. + 33 1 40 79 80 45
Post-Doctoral Associate Position to support the recently-formed ecoSERVICES group directed by Charles Perrings and Ann Kinzig, and the DIVERSITAS ecoSERVICES core project office. More...
GMBA project on Georeferenced Biological Databases as a tool for understanding Mountain Biodiversity. More...

Upcoming conferences

Symposium “Evolutionary Biology in the 21st Century – Tracing Patterns of Evolution through the Tree of Life”, 3-6 June 2007, Beijing, China. Organised by NNSFC, China-CAS, JSPS, DIVERSITAS. Contact: Michael Donoghue, More...

Symposium "Phylogenetic Diversity: towards a synthesis of concepts and applications for biodiversity conservation", SSB/SSE meeting "Evolution 2007", 16-21 June 2007, Christchurch, Australia, Organizer: Dan Faith (Partners: Society of Systematic Biologists, DIVERSITAS). Contact: Dan Faith, The Australian Museum, More...

ATBC Symposium "The impact of plant phylogenies on tropical ecology  and evolutionary studies"15-19 July 2007, Morelia , Mexico. Contact: Lucia G. Lohmann, SC-bioGENESIS, More...


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Press coverage, plenary presentations, memories and more

Oaxaca declaration



"Global Environmental Change: Regional Challenges"  9-12 November 2006 in Beijing, China,  


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Tropical Forests and Climate Policy
By Global Carbon Project

A tropical forests and climate policy study in the journal Science highlights the importance of slowing deforestation in tropical countries in the global effort to avert dangerous climate change. More...



Last updated: 29 May 2007

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