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Baronial News

  • From the Baron and Baroness - Baronial fighting unit:

  • Greetings,

    We would like to announce that we will be forming a Baronial fighting unit (heavy weapons). This unit is open to any and all Swampies who wish to join. We will be holding unit practices were we will focus on melee fighting. The current plan is to have these melee practices at the last scheduled Flemington practice of each month. If there is only one practice scheduled for a month it will be held then.

    There are more events then just Pennsic where the unit can fight together. There are several events and war practices during the summer and fall months that focus on melee fighting. It is our hope that this will give our fighters the
    chance to participate in these events with a unit that they are familiar with and have trained with.

    We do want this unit to be fun and open to all no matter if you are a novice to  fighting or a well seasoned fighter and regardless if you live in the geographical borders of the Swamp our outside of them. All are welcome.

    At Quest we will be appointing Lord Erec L'Claire as the commander of the baronial troops. Lord Erec will be taking the lead on setting up the practices and leading the unit on the field.

    If you are a fighter or would like to start fighting and would be interested in joining this unit please let Baron Alexander (ddevito at or Lord Erec ( <> deputyseneschal
    "at" know. If you are not a fighter but would like to offer your help please let us know also. We will be needing water bearers and others to help support the unit.

    In addition we would like to ask any members of the Chivalry who would be willing to help us in this endeavor please contact us. We would appreciate any advice or training help you would be gracious enough to offer.

    Yours in service
    Alexander and Rhiannon
    Baron and Baroness of Settmour Swamp.
  • Camping with Settmour Swamp at Pennsic War
    If you plan on camping with Settmour, we need information about your tent(s), arrival date, placement, etc. Please print and fill out the Baronial Pennsic Camping Form (Microsoft Word document). Paper copies of the form are available from Lady Eleanor Callaghan. Note: you will also need to have pre-registered for Pennsic with Coopers Lake Campground. The deadline for mail-ins is May 15, and for online is June 15.

  • The Barony of Settmour Swamp is proud to announce the Return of the
    Swamp Stomps! (At long last, the waiting is over.)

    They will be held at the Flemington practices, usually the 4th Sunday,
    from 1:30pm - 4:30pm at St Paul's church 

    The first one will be on Sunday, April 29, 2007.
    Please consult meetings and calendar
    Please feel free to bring snacks. (The church has a kitchen)
    We will be holding informal populace meetings, where topics of
    interest and information will be presented.

    Coming in GARB is encouraged, but not mandatory.

    See you at the Stomp!!!
  • New Baronial Champions!
    Tournaments and competitions were held at Quest AS XLI (2006) to select the new Baronial Champions. They are:

    Champion of Arms - Master Ali Abbas al-Gazzaz known to all as Arab Boy
    Champion of Fence - Don Orlando Sfora
    Thrown Weapons Champion - Lord Sebastian Estevenez de Xavier
    Archery Champion - Lord Rupert the Unbalanced
    Bardic Champion - Lady Mina de Lis
    Arts & Sciences Champion - Lady Rachel of Bhakail

  • From the Sinking Tower Pursuivant - Heraldry Project
    Our Baronial Pursuivant is working on a heraldry project for the Barony: an Order of Precedence and a listing (with pictures) of everyone's heraldic arms and/or badges.

    The Order of Precedence is a listing of the Baronial and Kingdom awards held by each person in the Barony. The collection of armory and badges will help encourage heraldic displays and provide a "cheat sheet" for scribes who are doing awards for Baronial citizens.

    If you'd like to be included in these lists, please e-mail Mistress Ailis with

    1. Your SCAdian and mundane names
    2. a list of SCA awards you hold
    3. the blazon or other description of your arms/badge. (Or, if your arms/badges have been already passed by the collect of heralds, let her know, and she can look them up.)

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