Constitution Text version

The Constitution is the cornerstone of all legislation and exercise of public power. It contains provisions on state organisation, checks and balances between the top government branches and fundamental civil rights.

The new Constitution of Finland entered into force on 1 March 2000. The booklet In Finland Sovereign Power Rests with the People contains an introduction to the contents of the Constitution.

The text of the Constitution (731/1999) is in the Data Bank Finlex in Finnish and Swedish.

The Constitution of Finland is also available in PDF-format in

A paper version of the translation into Russian is available (email order: ).

Background of the Reform

A look into the background of the reform and the main principles of the new Constitution (2000) is provided by Jaakko Nousiainen, Professor Emeritus in Political Science, in his article

The Finnish System of Government: From a Mixed Constitution to Parliamentarism (pdf, 159 kb)

Professor Nousiainen's text is also available in  GermanFrench and  Spanish.

Updated on February 22, 2007