This website has been created for readers of my book, Ace on the River. I view my book as the beginning of a dialogue, and I want to be accessible to answer follow-up questions [ Click Here To Contact Barry ] ...

What is the book about?
Although I address other topics, the primary subject
of this book is how to make money playing poker.
This is not a cookbook hand-chart book.

Who is the publisher?
I submitted my manuscript to several publishers, and it was accepted by all but one. I rejected all of the offers because I felt I could produce a better book with more (of my own) money, less bureaucracy, and my own team. I used a small publisher with whom I had been corresponding to handle the details of publishing with which I was unfamiliar. Officially, Last Knight Publishing Company
is my publisher and will be handling the distribution. For more information, go to

What is the title?
The title is Ace on the River and the subtitle is An Advanced Poker Guide.
How much does it cost?
It costs only $25 to increase distribution and also because I want to put a green $25 chip on the back cover denoting the price. This book will be much more substantial than books that cost more. Ace on the River will contain more than 200 full-color photographs. The first printing is 100,000 copies, in order to keep the per copy.
Where can I buy it?
It will be available at all online booksellers and at bookstores where poker books are sold. It can also be ordered at
What audience does this book appeal to?
I think the book will help any player move up one level from where he is. Although this book contains material for high-stakes poker players, it is readable by a mainstream audience. The most complimentary reviews have been by non-players who enjoy a glimpse at a world they can hardly imagine.
Will some of the proceeds go to charity?
No. I would consider this emotional blackmail. If you want to give money to charity, do it. I often have offers to endorse websites or other products with some money going to charity. I never tell anyone to gamble in order to help charitable causes.


Title: Con Te Partirò (I'll Go With You)Bellagio theme song
Artist: Andrea Bocelli Year: 1995
This song is played constantly at the Bellagio, the home of the main poker room in Las Vegas.
When we play in the biggest games we usually play a mix of games, eight hands at a time, before moving on to the next game. I like to have as many games in the mix as possible since I am comfortable with all of the games, but some of my opponents are not. The games that make up part of the mix are:
No-limit and pot-limit with $100,000 cap:
(The cap is the maximum amount any player can lose on each hand)

No-limit Deuce-to-Seven single draw
No-limit Hold’em
Pot-limit Omaha
No-Limit Ace-to-Five single draw

$4000-$8000 limit games:

Omaha Eight-or-Better
Seven-Stud High
Seven-Stud Eight-or-Better
Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw
Limit Hold’em

... and occasionally Razz

Over $4 Million in Winnings

Barry Greenstein is unique to professional poker. He donates every penny of his tournament winnings to charities, primarily children's charities. His style of play is methodical and precise allowing him to survive in the large fields of entrants. He learned to play at home from his poker playing father so he has been a student of the game most of his life. While other players seek to draw attention to themselves, Barry exhibits a quiet, unassuming persona. He has made a number of televised final tables.

Born: Chicago, Illinois
Education: Ph.D. candidate at University of Illinois
Residence: California
Career Highlights: Software development with Symantec
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