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Welcome to the BIO 311 Plant Structure and Development website. Students can use this site to review the cell and tissue types seen in lab. The photomicrographs included in the 'Lab Review Slides' are accompanied by brief descriptions and questions about the specimens. Many terms are linked to an online glossary.

BIO 311 will next be offered in the Fall semester, 2006.

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To view photomicrographs of plant anatomy slides, visit the "Lab review slides" section. These images (saved in GIF format) are displayed in a window similar to the one shown below.

A few notes...
  1. "Previous Slide" and "Next Slide" arrows: click these buttons to view the previous and next photomicrographs in the series. Images are arranged in the order that they are presented in lab. Note that these buttons are not the same as the "Back" and "Forward" buttons on your browser! The previous slide and next slide buttons are only available on pages with photomicrographs.
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  4. Description and questions: click the underlined text to see glossary definitions
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