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The Unofficial DC Multimedia List

Superman III ( 1984)Introduction

The List

This document is an attempt to catalogue the live action appearances of characters licenced from DC Comics (including the characters once owned by Quality Comics and Charlton Comics). This list begins with Bud Collyer’s 1940 radio portrayal of Superman and is intended to list which characters have appeared in what adaptation and who they were played by. It includes live action appearances (film, TV, stage), voice only appearances (radio, animation, webtoons), and interactive (video games) appearances. One or two anomalies are allowed - Captain Midnight did not originate in the comics, but he was there in spirit, and Chief O’Hara is better known to non-comics readers than almost all of the other characters on this list.

Movie studios and television networks have always been interested in comic book characters. They see the intellectual properties is a recognisable brand name with a proven fan base and an established background. In theory they get free advertising, a known audience, and at least a draft series bible. The drawbacks of comic related properties can be lack of respect for the source material (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace), lack of budget (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace) and letting the A-list star dictate the direction of the character (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace). However films and television shows based on licensed characters remain a popular, if quirky, sub-genre.

Spoiler Warning: Sometimes the presence of a character in a show or film is meant to be a surprise. Some of the entries in this list may spoil that surprise — this is done for completeness. Apologies if this spoils your viewing pleasure.


Information needed/to do:


This project really wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the amazing Internet Movie Database. Thanks and recognition must also go those valiant fellows who have supplied additional data, corrections and correlations (in no real order):

If you, your family or even your arch-enemy have any additions or corrections then please feel free to contact us by using our Feedback page.

Not included

Future Projects

Up and coming stuff from DC is thought to include:

I’m not really looking to catalogue the developmental limbo of DC film franchises, for that I recommend you check out Comics2Film or Comics Book Movies webpage.

There are also a lot of fan films that are in the works. How many of these will be finished remains to be seen. Normal policy is to only include films once their completed and out in the wild. The following is a brief list of those that appear closer to completion

Lucian’s Video Library

Projects that never materialised.

Believed bogus…

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I remember a live action JLA or Super Friends show from the 1970s?

You’re thinking of the Legends of the Superheroes two part special - the superhero equivalent to the Star Wars Holiday Special.

2. What to the different classifications mean?

In order to give a little more structure to the list of shows, games, and films I decided to classify each one based on its connection to DC Comics (e.g. licensed project or fan film) and its media/format (e.g live action/motion picture, radio documentary).



3. Which Buffy/Angel/Firefly actors have played DC characters?

Major characters include:

Other mentions

Filmography and a large selection of this data is courtesy of The Internet Movie Database.
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