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From: Peter Suber <>
Subject: Campinas Statement on Open Access
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 16:12:47 -0500
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The statement below was formulated and approved by participants at the 2nd Simposio Internaciaonal Bibliotecas Digitais (II SIBD or International Digital Libraries Symposium) in Campinas, Brazil, on May 21, 2004.  Afterwards, several public notices mentioned the fact that the meeting had issued a statement in support of OA, but they couldn't link to the text itself, which was not immediately available online.  Hence, the text is not widely known and I'm very glad to publicize it now.  Thanks to Johann van Reenen and Rick Luce for their help in tracking it down.

     Peter Suber

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We, the members of the ISTEC Digital Library Linkages initiative, acknowledge the power of Open Access to make research and scholarly information more affordable and stimulate innovation, research, and economic development. Therefore, we vote to encourage all Brazilian research funding agencies, IBICT, and University administrations to study open access and implement policies that would encourage systems based on the principles of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access. Of special importance is ensuring that government funded research reach the public domain within a year after publication.  We also believe that this is a fitting and symbolic celebration of the 50th Anniversary of IBICT. Thus:

Recommendations from the II International Symposium on Digital Libraries
After having discussed various themes and identified needs and concerns regarding digital libraries, technologies and content, the participants of the II International Symposium on Digital Libraries  make the following recommendations to the Science and Technology agencies and organizations:
i)  Priority should be given to projects that conform to the ideals and standards of the Open Archive Initiatives;

ii)  The evaluation criteria for scientific and academic production should be rediscussed, considering Open Archives publications and institutional repositories;

iii)  Policies should be adopted / established to promote open and unrestricted access to science and technology information;

iv)  National policies should be formulated for the preservation of digital objects in accordance with ISO/OAIS norms;

v)  Discussion Forums should be created for the use of protocols, patterns, open/free software and open access to knowledge and science and technology information;

vi)  Multi / inter disciplinary joint research projects should be prioritized;

vii)  Human resources development projects that emphasize training / continuous education  in digital libraries and institutional repositories should be prioritized;

viii)  Funding programs should be created for the construction and maintenance of digital libraries and institutional repositories;

ix)  Research projects that involve the private sector should be funded with the aim of advancing scientific knowledge and the technical development in digital libraries and institutional repositories;


(Here's the statement in Portuguese.)

Recomendações do II Simpósio Internacional de Bibliotecas Digitais
Os participantes do II Simpósio Internacional de Bibliotecas Digitais, tendo discutido os vários temas apresentados e identificado preocupações concernentes às Bibliotecas Digitais, às tecnologias e aos conteúdos, recomendam às agências de fomento e instituições atuantes na área Científica e Tecnológica em Ciência e Tecnologia que:
i)  sejam priorizados projetos que estejam em conformidade com os padrões e ideais dos Open Archive Initiatives;

ii)  sejam rediscutidos os critérios de avaliação da produção científica e acadêmica, levando em consideração publicações em repositórios institucionais de Open Archives;

iii) adotem / estabeleçam políticas para a promoção do acesso livre e irrestrito às informações em ciência e tecnologia;

iv)  sejam formuladas políticas nacionais para a preservação de objetos digitais em consonância com as normas ISO/OAIS;

v) sejam estimulados e criados fóruns de discussão sobre a utilização de protocolos, padrões, software aberto/livre, e o acesso livre ao conhecimento e à informação científica e tecnológica;

vi)  sejam priorizados projetos que evidenciem o trabalho de pesquisa em equipes multi e interdisciplinares;

vii)  sejam priorizados projetos de formação/capacitação de recursos humanos para desenvolvimento e atuação em bibliotecas digitais e repositórios institucionais;

viii)  seja criado programa de financiamento para construção e manutenção de bibliotecas digitais e repositórios institucionais

ix)  sejam financiados projetos de pesquisa cooperativa em rede como o setor produtivo, visando o avanço do conhecimento científico e o desenvolvimento tecnológico em bibliotecas digitais e repositórios institucionais

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