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The Committee on Admissions has the authority to determine the criteria of selection and to recommend who from among the applicants are qualified students.
Selection is based on intellectual and personal preparedness of the applicant irrespective of sex, religious belief and political affiliation.


1. Only applicants of good moral character shall be admitted.
2. Only applicants who have never been convicted of a crime shall be admitted.
3. Only applicants with good academic records shall be considered for admission.
4. Only applicants with the personality and attitudes considered suitable for a career in medicine shall be accepted.
5. The maximum number of students that can be accommodated without negating teaching-learning effectiveness shall be admitted.
6. Filipino citizens shall be given priority on admission.
7. An admitted student who fails to enroll may be admitted in any succeeding year only after he/she re-applies and is selected on a competitive basis with the rest of the applicants for that year.
8. Qualified applicants who are not admitted may re-apply in any succeeding year.
9. Other relevant University rules on admission which are not contradictory to the preceding rules shall apply.


There are 2 entry points to the College of Medicine: Year Level I and Year Level III (First Year Proper).


Selection Process:

High school graduates who have met the requirements for admission to the University of the Philippines System are eligible for admission to Year Level I. Applications are coursed through the University of the Philippines System General Admission Process. The Year Level INTARMED students are selected from the top 50 male and top 50 female college freshmen qualifiers (ranked according to UPG) who indicated in the U.P. College Admission Test (UPCAT) application form their interest in INTARMED.

Only 40 applicants (20 males and 20 females) will be finally admitted into the program following selection process which include interview.


The Medicine Proper is a 5-year study of basic and clinical sciences, humanities and internship.

1. Only applicants who will have obtained their Baccalaureate degree (Bachelor in Science or Arts) by the end of school year 2002-2003 or earlier are eligible. Applicants who will obtain their Baccalaureate degree in the summer of 2003 are NOT eligible for admission.
2. The applicant must have a valid National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) score not lower than 90 percentile taken on April 2001 to December 2002. The NMAT is administered by the Center for Educational Measurement which can be contacted at the address below:

6th Floor, Concorde Condominium
cor. Salcedo/Benavidez St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Tel. No. 818-6129
Email: cemlet@meco.easy.net.ph

3. The applicant who has fulfilled the above requirements will be further evaluated in an interview by a faculty panel.
4. Students who have been dropped from the rolls of the U.P. College of Medicine or other medical schools shall be denied admission or readmission.
5. Medical students from other medical schools are NOT eligible for admission to Year Level III.
6. A complete application includes:
6.1. A properly accomplished application form of the U.P. College of Medicine. Application forms will be made available upon payment of an application fee which is NON-REFUNDABLE. Checks payments/Postal Money Order should be addressed to UP College of Medicine.

6.1.1. P500.00 for Filipino applicants
6.1.2. $100.00 for foreign applicants

Note: The Application Form is valid only for the Academic Year applied for.

6.2. Original/Official Transcript of Records for at least the first three and one-half (3-1/2) years of Baccalaureate Program.
6.3. Four copies of 2x2 pictures signed by the applicant on the front of the picture.
6.4. Certified true copy of Birth Certificate. (A photocopy is acceptable provided the original is shown for verification).
6.5. Original certificate of naturalization for naturalized Filipino citizens. ONLY original certificates of naturalization and other documents issued by the Commission on Immigration and Deportation shall be acceptable. Applicants with PENDING naturalization papers and documents are NOT eligible for admission.
6.6. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of parent(s). (A photocopy is acceptable provided the original is shown for verification)
6.7. Original plus a photocopy of the NMAT result.
6.8. DOST Clearance for students who have availed of DOST scholarship in college
7. The Admissions Committee and the College of Medicine reserve the right to refuse admission to any applicant based on the standards and criteria set forth by the Committee pursuant to its mandate that has been approved by the proper University officials.

- Start of issuance of application forms for Academic Year 2003—2004:

July 15, 2002
- Absolute deadline for filing of all required documentation for a complete application:

December 13, 2002

8. Applicants who have obtained their BS/BA degree during the first semester 2002-2003 or earlier are encouraged to submit their complete application before the deadline to facilitate the processing of their application.


Application form to the graduate programs are available from the National Graduate Office for Health Profession of the University. Filipinos and foreigners can apply for admission to any of the graduate programs of the College. Official Transcript of records, letters of reference, and college diploma should be submitted with the application form. Local applicants should submit birth and marriage certificates while foreign participants should submit TOEFL score and photo copy of passport. In addition, documents should be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy of the home country for foreigners. Work experience related to the field of study may be required. Each program may have additional requirements which should be compiled with. Interview, written and oral examinations or endorsement from Chair of sending institutions maybe required. A Committee on Graduate Program from each department shall screen applicants and make the recommendations for admission.

 1. Admission Brochure
 2. Learning Contract Form
 3. Form IS-1
 4. SARS Clinical Guidelines for
      Health Facilities in the       Philippines
 5. Admission Form
 6. Infosheet Revised UCPM Info
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