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Abstract of: Gottschalk-Mazouz, N. (2002): "Diskursethische Varianten", in: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie, Nr. 1, S. 87-104 [PDF-Version]. Written upon request of "Philosopher's Index", July 9th 2002.
The paper reviews recent developments in Discourse Ethics and finds that its basic principles ("D" and "U") are too specific: they focus on norms, identify those affected with those participating in discourse and use the narrow vocabulary of interests and consequences. It proposes instead: (D1) Only those claims are valid that can be defended against any objection of any possible agent. Discourse Ethics should be understood as a normative framework for ethical argumentation that allows for a plurality of moral principles and for reflections on their suitability for specific contexts. It demands that one acts according to one's best reasons.
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