The Dress of the Month Contest is honored to present our new March 2006 winning bride, Erica. Here is the March 2006 Dress of the Month's description as told by the bride:

"I tried on a number of dresses, but none of them had the Latin feel that I was looking for. Then I tried 'the one' on. It was off the rack at a small little boutique and as soon as I put it on, I could see myself on the beach." (Please click here for more details and past winners...)

In proud association with The Newlywed Webring and the former Dress Contest, we are pleased to present the "Dress of the Month Contest"! Unlike the former annual Dress Contest, the "Dress of the Month" winners will be selected by "Wholly Matrimony!" owner only. Potential winners must first fill out an online-application to be considered as the next Dress of the Month.

The rules are simple and few. Unlike the former Dress Contest, anyone is eligible to participate in the Dress of the Month Contest! (The Dress of the Month Contest is not limited to just Newlywed Web Ring members only!) We want real brides in real wedding gowns. No supermodel magazine scans or "on the rack" shots, please. You must have at least one photo of your dress online at the URL you submit, so that the contest owner can see what the dress actually looks like on you. (Multiple shots from multiple angles are preferred.) E-mailed photos are not accepted!

Please enter the Dress of the Month Contest only once every three months. Contest winners are asked to display an award (shown here) at their web site, with a link back to the Dress of the Month Contest. Photos entered must be available for current and future use/promotion by the owner of "Wholly Matrimony!". So if you are sitting there staring at your monitor and thinking, "Hey! My wedding dress was beautiful too...I could win this scratch that, I must win this award!" -- why not fill out the "Dress of the Month Contest" application -- and prove it!

The contest is now continually updated to archive each Dress of the Month. We've also added a"With Honors" showcase of former dresses submitted. Good luck to everyone who decides to enter their dress...and as always..."may the best wedding dress win"!

Please visit the official Dress Contest website to see past annual winners, finalists, semi-finalists, and honorees.



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