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Sandwich Pinoy Banda

Sandwich Raymond Marasigan Pinoy Banda

Why the name Sandwich?

Need comment for the name’s origin.

Sandwich’s Sounds?

Pinoy rock

Band History

Raimund Marasigan and Diego Castillo formed the band Sandwich when Raimond was still with the Eraserheads. They formed the band to fulfill their mutual desire to work together. Castillo recruited former band mates (from The Aga Muhlach Experience) Mike Dizon (of Teeth) to play drums and Myrene Academia to handle bass duties. Read more…

Band Members

  • Raimund Marasigan (vocals/guitar)
  • Myrene Academia (bass/back-up vocals)
  • Diego Castillo (guitar/back-up vocals)
  • Mong Alcaraz (guitar/back-up vocals/keyboard)
  • Mike Dizon (drums)


  • Grip, Stand, Throw
  • 4-Track Mind
  • Thanks To The Moon’s Gravitational Pull
  • <5> On The Floor

Other Info

  • Sandwich is existing simultaneously with the Marasigan’s foremost band at that time, Eraserheads
  • Raimond also launched a solo career as Squid 9 and plays for the bands Cambio and Pedicab
  • Previous members include Marc Abaya of Kjwan
  • Marc Abaya was discovered by Raimund in a contest
  • Diego, Mike and Myrene came from the band The Aga Muhlach Experience
  • Mike also plays for Teeth and Pedicab
  • Myrene also plays for Imago
  • Mong also plays for Chicosci

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