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Working groups

The SQS currently has three Working Groups the task of which is the:
Formalization of Global Stratotype section and Points (GSSP) for the Lower/Middle and for the Middle/Upper subseries/subepoch boundaries of the Pleistocene Series/Epoch. The formal nomenclature for the subseries/subepoch divisions of the Pleistocene will be Lower/Early, Middle/Mid-, and Upper/Late.
Formalization of a GSSA for the base of the Holocene Series/Epoch.
  • Pleistocene / Holocene boundary working group
  • Middle / Late Pleistocene boundary working group
  • Early /Middle Pleistocene boundary working group

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Working Group on the Pleistocene/Holocene Boundary

convenor: Professor M.J.C. Walker (Lampeter)

INTIMATE group members

Working Group on the Middle/Late Pleistocene Boundary

convenor: Professor Thomas Litt  (Bonn, Germany) t.litt@uni-bonn.de

Dr. Art Bettis (Iowa, USA) art-bettis@uiowa.edu
Dr. Aleid Bosch (Zwolle, The Netherlands) A.Bosch@nitg.tno.nl
Dr. Andrey Dodonov (Moscow, Russia) dodonov@geo.tv-sign.ru
Dr. Philip Gibbard (Cambridge, England) plg1@cam.ac.uk
Prof. Liu Jiaqi (Beijing, China) liujiaqi2001@yahoo.com.cn
Prof.Peter Kershaw (Clayton, Australia) Peter.Kershaw@arts.monash.edu.au
Prof.Wighart von Koenigswald (Bonn, Germany) koenigswald@uni-bonn.de
Dr. Jerry McManus (Wood's Hole, USA) jmcmanus@whoi.edu
Prof. Tim Partridge (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Dr. Charles Turner (Milton Keynes, UK) c.turner@open.ac.uk convenor:

Definition of the Middle–Upper Pleistocene boundary P. L. Gibbard In: Global and Planetary Change
Volume 36, Issue 3 , 1 April 2003, Pages 201-208 THE EEMIAN INTERGLACIAL: A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE

bonnoctober 2005
bonnoctober 2005
Bonn October 2005:  Charles Turner, Phil Gibbard, Thomas Litt, Art Bettis, Aleid Bosch
Tim Partridge, Peter Kershaw, Phil Gibbard, Andrey Dodonov   Photographs by Andrey Dodonov.

Working Group on the Early/Middle Pleistocene Boundary

convenor: Professor Brad Pillans (Canberra)

Dr Thijs Van Kolfshoten (Leiden),
Dr Andrei Dodonov (Moscow),
Professor Anastasia Markova (Moscow),
Professor Jiaqi Lui (Beijing),
Dr Charles Turner (Cambridge),
Professor Luc Lourens (Utrecht),
Dr Martin Head (Cambridge),
Dr Cesare Ravazzi (Bergamo),
Dr Craig Feibel (New Jersey)
Dr Tom Meijer (Utrecht),
Professor Hisao Kumai (Osaka, Japan)

Subcommission on Quaternary Stratigraphy,
International Commission on Stratigraphy
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