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Convective Modeling Group

Active Research Foci

April 19, 1996 Tornado Outbreak Early storm evolution and the role of mesoscale boundaries on cell initiation and propagation is being studied

Supercell Boundary Anchoring Investigation of the role of storm-boundary anchoring in the development of supercells in high bulk Richardson number environments

Supercell Flanking Lines The role of flanking line dynamics in the overall evolution and structure of supercells is being explored

Convective Microphysics Investigation of the role microphysical processes play in storm dynamics, particularly downdrafts and relations to tornadogenesis

EnKF Data Assimilation Data assimilation of polarimetric radar observations of severe convection via the ensemble Kalman filter to improve storm-scale analyses

Severe Hailstorms Investigation of microphysical characteristics of hailstorms that dictate the likelihood of damaging hail

Recent Research Projects

Initiation Near Drylines The objective of this study was to examine the hypothesis that the variations in surface characteristics (i.e., soil moisture gradients, vegetation) strongly influence the morphology of the dryline

Hurricane Opal (1995) This high resolution hurricane study examined the behavior of the hurricane boundary layer and the convective environment at landfall

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