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Arthello Beck

American, 1941-2004
Cypress Trees, 2005

Gate Area Floor Medallion Gate D33-34

DESCRIPTION: (20-foot diameter) Two-dimensional
This circular design was fabricated as a 20-foot diameter floor medallion located along the Departure Level Gate Area Concourse.

“The cypress trees that I painted were found in East Texas at Caddo Lake. During the autumn, the top of the trees turn reddish in color.

“The cypress tree is an evergreen tree found throughout the world. It has small rounded cones and scale-like leaves. The wood, often fragrant, is used in making pencils, shingles and boats. Unrelated trees called cypress include the bald cypress of the southern United States.

This tree is large at the base, tapering toward the top. Its wood is used in making railroad ties and posts.

“The egret, a slender-bodied snowy-white wading bird with long legs and neck, are found in the area of the cypress trees. They also add a distinctive quality of life to the area.

”I believe my art will provide a soothing and relaxing environment for international travelers. As depicted in my paintings, all humans have grace, beauty and culture that are to be shared, treasured and appreciated.”

Click here for artist's biography. 

Click here to see artist's original rendering of this work.

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