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Letter From Jay  

Letter From Jay

Hey What's Up,

I can't wait to get this record out. We have about nine tunes that are almost finished. A couple of the songs are rocking a little harder than our last record. "Who We Are" and "The First Time" are two of the strongest songs. Rick, Bryce, and I took a roadtrip to San Fransisco a couple of weeks ago for the Bridge School benefit. Neil Young was awesome and I got to meet Gillian Welsh - one of my favorite artists. It was a very inspiring weekend. I've been writing more on piano recently and I think a couple of the songs, "Sings Of Life" in peticular is gonna be a real nice color on the record. Rick as usual is making us laugh till our stomachs hurt, but we have yet to catch him on camera - he's shy. We'll get him eventually. Stay tuned -


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