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Welcome to the companion site for the new book Take Control of Your Period, The Well-Timed Period: From Quality-of-Life to Cancer Prevention, your practical guide to complete and correct menstrual management information.

[bullet] What is menstrual management?

[bullet] Who should use it and why?

[bullet] Does the monthly menstrual period increase or decrease your risk of breast, ovarian, uterine, or colorectal cancer?

[bullet] What about the fake period (withdrawal bleeding)—what is it, why do you have one?

[bullet] Is it safe to skip the monthly period?

Find answeres to these questions, and more when you read Take Control of Your Period and explore this site.

Some of the additional resources you'll find here:

[bullet] menstrual period and birth control articles

[bullet] pictures of the various birth control methods

[bullet] practical handouts

[bullet] a sample book chapter

[bullet] resource links

[take control of your health]

A weekly healthcast with a focus on women's health, in particular birth control and menstrual management.

[squares]  Take Control of Your Health #4 [click to listen to mp3]  [squares]

In this healthcast [mp3; 12:45; 24 kbps; 2.18 MB]:

0:43 Diabetes--a serious disease you should be aware of.

4:23 Coffee and Diabetes--what's the connection?

6:02 Menstrual Management--a brief introduction.

Rx capsules:

• To decrease your risk of developing diabetes: eat a good diet, in moderation, maintain a healthy weight, and try to exercise regularly and not to smoke.

• For women, drinking coffee might help keep diabetes at bay.

• Having a monthly menstrual period is optional. Learning about menstrual management helps you decide if you should take advantage of this option.

[squares]CONTEST[squares]: click on the Contact link to e-mail your answer; the deadline is noon EST, Saturday, December 4th, 2004. Only one entry per person, please. Good luck!

Medical resources:

Dr. Emer

American Diabetes Association

Diabetes Risk Test

Coffee and Diabetes

American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2004, New Orleans, Nov. 7-10, 2004.

Take Control of Your Period--chapters 1 (click on the Sample link to download this chapter), and 2

[squares]  Take Control of Your Health #3 [click to listen to mp3]  [squares]

In this healthcast [mp3; 12:02; 24 kbps; 2.06 MB]:

0:42 Guillain-Barré Syndrome and the Flu Shot

3:24 Speculations about Yasser Arafat's Diagnosis

4:42 A Review of Birth Control Methods

6:35 A Practical Way to Evaluate Your Method of Birth Control: The Test of Ten

Rx capsules:

• Knowing about possible adverse effects, before you get a shot or before becoming pregnant, helps you make informed decisions.

• Become familiar with all the available birth control methods.

• Use the Test of Ten to evaluate if a method of birth control best suits your unique needs.

Medical resources:

Dr. Joe

Guillain-Barré syndrome


Take Control of Your Period--pp 251-2

Test of Ten

[squares]  Take Control of Your Health #2 [click to listen to mp3]  [squares]

In this healthcast [mp3; 10:07; 24 kbps; 1.73 MB]:

0:57 Emergency Room Etiquette

1:49 Testicular Cancer

3:22 Birth Control Pill Health Benefits

Rx capsules:

• In the emergency room, be concise and to the point, and help your doctor help you.

• Men need to perform a monthly testicular self-exam.

• Using the combination birth control pill cuts your cancer and heart disease risk.

• To make an informed decision, be familiar with both a drug's benefits, as well as its side effects.

Medical resources:

Grunt Doc

Top of My Head

Testicular cancer

Testicular self-exam

WHI study

[squares]  Take Control of Your Health #1 [click to listen to mp3]  [squares]

In this healthcast [mp3; 9:37; 24 kbps; 1.65 MB]:

1:42 Alternatives to the Flu Shot

2:47 Pregnant women and the Flu Shot

4:22 The Implantable Chip for Humans

5:55 Infections and Antibiotics

Rx capsules:

• The pneumonia vaccine might be an alternative to the flu shot.

• The flu shot is recommended for all women in their second and third trimester of pregnancy.

• The implantable chip: do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

• Always finish the full course of antibiotics prescribed to you.

Medical resources:

Dr. Kevin

Proximal Tubule

Vaccinations in Pregnancy

Dr. Bob


Podcasting resources:




Whole Wheat Radio




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