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Last Upated: 24 JUNE 2007
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 Welcome to The ModPopPunk Archives!
This web site feature Mod '79-Power Pop-Punk Pop '77 bands biographies, discographies, line-ups...
Loads of picture sleeves,bands pix, sounds, links. The bands listed here were active between mid 70s to mid 80s .
Please don't hesitate to email me any additional informations about the bands listed...


· The MPP Message Board is now active...

Formed in 1979 the Nuclear Sockets came from Norfolk, UK. The band released two singles in 1981 - 'Honour Before Glory' EP and 'Play Loud' 7". Both singles are highly sought after amonsgt 70s punk collectors. "Overload" compiles their two singles and their live appearance with John Peel. Contact: Overground Rds

Paul Fox from The Ruts, is terminally ill with cancer. Although he's trying to keep working for as long as he can, this is obviously going to become progessively difficult. Therefore some friends of Paul's are organising a benefit night for him at the Crown & Treaty pub, 90 Oxford Rd. in Uxbridge, Middlesex on the 7th July.
There will also be a second benefit in London.

4 original '77 bands, The Plague, The Crabs, The Machines and The X-Rippers on the same bill together for the first time at 12 Bar Club, London, Saturday 28th July 2007.


Ail Symudiad's new CD is out now. The CD entitled 'Pippo ar Baradwys' (Peeping on Paradise, collection 2) is a compilation of 18 finely produced songs from the 80s and 90s, which are superb pop/light rock. The CD features classics such as Arwyr Addfwyn , Rwy Lawer Rhy Dew Eamon, Castell Aberteifi a Trip I Landoch. Most of the songs are from the albums Rhy Fyr I Fod yn Joci and Ddy Mwfi, with great musicians starring on both.
Ail Symudiad were formed in Cardigan, West Wales in 1978, influenced by bands like The Jam and the Undertones..

 · Casino Steel & Honest John Plain from 1970’s UK punk band The Boys have renewed their partnership in a new punk supergroup, playing Ramones-influenced rock’n’roll with a hint of Dolly Parton! “The Last Rock ‘N’ Roll Band” are currently recording an album in Annecy, France for release autumn 2007 and are hoping to promote the album with a world tour.

Very good tribute cd to SQUIRE! on this tribute cd we can hear special covers of these classic pop songs from: The Eddies, The Shambles, Yeh Yeh, The Little Murders, The Che Men, Mega Super Ultra, Jeremy, The Decievers, The Shingles, The Spring Collection, Paul Bevoir, The Relatives, Mod Fun, Smodati, Trash, The Vagabonds, and a special bonus track from the Shambles. (Twist Records)

· The latest CD single from Fast Cars is now available and distributed by Detour Rds.

· Bullseye Records will soon be releasing "Wychwood Park", a re-issue of David Quinton-Steinberg's (ex The Mods from Canada )solo 1981 album with new bonus tracks from 1981-83 and a new recording of the song "When Lullabies End".

· The first single from The Power-Chords released on Mean Buzz records have strong melodies inspired by British groups from the Buzzcocks to the Beatles. Catchy power pop!

· The Automatics release a new CD single "Old River Thames" on Dork Records on 27th November 2006. "Old River Thames"  was written by original Automatics frontman Dave Philp, with the assistance of Mick Rossi (Slaughter & The Dogs). Also included on the single is a new, re-mixed version of "Trash" (from the 2004 album "Forty Virgins in the Afterlife" with guitar by Sex Pistol Steve Jones) , plus a hitherto unreleased track "Wonderful Day" (featuring Paul McCartney`s current guitarist, Brian Ray). Be

· Statues new album "New people Make Us Nervous" is now available on Radio 81 Rds in Canada and distributed by Ptrash records in Europe. Cd version include 6 more tracks. Brilliant power pop/punk songs ala early Buzzcocks. Strongly recommended!

· After 16 years, 7 albums, numerous singles, compilations and videos, the TRAVOLTAS have decided to call it a day.

· The Lost Patrol Band new album Automatic hits the streets this week on Burning Heart Records . The "Automatic Kids" 7 first press is pretty much sold out but a 2nd press is in the pipeline.

· The Zips debut album, Guitars4Hire, is available via

· The Electric Kisses are a three-piece power pop band from USA with female vocals. Punk/power Pop band with an exciting reminiscent of the Ramones, the Real Kids and Nikki and the Corvettes. They are hook-filled locomotive rhythms, blasting away with a catchy power-pop and punk-infused swagger. Watch out for their first album with different artwork for the vinyl version to boot! ...on Full Breach Kicks

· Smalltown will appear on a compilation CD called "ModMod World 1 - Up North Modernists" and includes mod/punk acts from Scandinavia.

· "Beat Beat Beat" is the first EP by the Monocaines from Germany. This one of those records that every song is brilliant. 4 tracks mixing finest garage-soul 60s, mod beat and power pop and they are all outstanding! Am well impressed...

Record of The Month

'New Brave world"

(featuring ex-Chords, Chris Pope and Buddy Ascott)
This new 3 tracks EP is distributed by PlasticHead.
Gig of The Month
Soul Searchers SC 1st Anniversary, Bash Shaw Social Club, Newbury, UK.

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