Environment Southland is the brand name of the Southland Regional Council about
Environment Southland is the brand name of the Southland Regional Council

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  Water- Water plays an important part in the Southland region.  Environment Southland, in partnership with the people of the region, is responsible for maintaining the quality of this vital resource in a way that we can all continue to use and enjoy.

Ensuring we have a healthy and plentiful water supply for all our needs - personal, domestic, industrial and recreational - is an extensive task.  The well-being of the creatures that live in water is also a priority.  The many issues concerning water management include:

  • possible contaminants which can accumulate in and be
  • transported by groundwater outfall drainage current and
  • potential pollution of rivers and lakes monitoring contaminant
  • discharges water quality control sustainable water use
  • (domestic, commercial and industrial) erosion control and
  • flood protection
  • drought management

Southland's lakes and rivers are integral to our heritage and identity.  Our drinking water is of a very high standard and we want to be assured that effluent is treated so that there is minimal impact on our health and that of the environment. 

We all depend on reliable and continued water supplies from catchments and groundwater and it is vital to maintain this resource for now and the future.


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Environment Southland is the brand name of Southland Regional Council.

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