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 Monday, June 25, 2007

 Newdoom Wad Reviews Makes A Comeback
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 10:17 AM
Category: DOOM Wads

Well it's been awhile since any reviews have been done by the Newdoom Wad Reviews team but that has changed. First of all the format has changed a bit as it's all being posted on the forum, so there's no new content on the site. If you're interested in doing a review you can help out. All reviews are listed in the Review Index thread. Ok now for what reviews have found the light of day recently: Noob project 4 and Null Space Junior --> right here and The Newdoom Community Project --> right here. Enjoy those reviews!

 Jason "Amaster" Masihdas Passes Away
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 9:52 AM
Category: General

Sometimes it's hard to put into words what you want to say when somebody has died, so I was unsure how to approach this topic as usual. Unfortunately the Doom community has lost another member when Jason "Amaster" Masihdas passed away recently, which has been revealed on the forums at Doomworld. Jason was a member of the Unidoom team and was known for his work on the Unidoom Radio Show. Condolences to his family and friends during this sad time.

 Sunday, June 24, 2007

 Dark Mod Update
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 11:33 AM
Category: DOOM 3

There's an update on The Dark Mod site that reveals some of what work the team members are working on. There's also some new screenshots of the mansion level Dram is working on. I'll leave you to sneak over there and find out what is what.

 Saturday, June 23, 2007

 Omega Research Facility
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 10:15 AM
Category: DOOM 3

Ice Weasel uploaded his Omega Research Facility to Map Factory. The level is made for Doom 3 and is geared for the singleplayer experience.
Right before the disastrous invasion of the UAC's Mars outpost, priority cargo was shipped directly from Delta Level 2 to the former medical research and testing center, the Omega Research Facility on Earth. It contained a live specimen that the research teams had brought back from their expedition into the realm that was beyond the teleporter.
Check out the Omega Research Facility.

 Friday, June 22, 2007

 Doom Wad Station Powering Down Permanently
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 4:52 PM
Category: Classic DOOM

According to Bob Larkin, who sent me a PM on the forums, the Doom Wad Station will be shut down sometime around July 1st due to financial troubles.
Until that time, the entire website will remain online and I encourage people to go there and download everything they want before it goes offline. After this occurs, I will reconstitute DWS as a personal site dedicated to my own body of work but there will be no more reviews, no more /idgames area, no more forums, etc...
Good luck Bob with the personal Doom site.

 Thursday, June 21, 2007

 Who Let The Demons Out! Growl Growl!
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 10:12 PM
Category: DOOM Editing

Check out Realm 667 where Tormentor 667 has put up a Beastiary of Doomed monsters that have been put together by various talent in the Doom community.
I have finished the official Doom Beastiary, filled with over 60 custom monsters for ZDoom, GZDoom and Skulltag. Feel free to use them, don't forget to credit and maybe even contribute your very own monsters to this archiv.
I have the perfect unfinished map for that Cacolantern.... XD

 Wednesday, June 20, 2007

 Screenshot Your Skull Tag
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 7:23 PM
Category: DOOM Sourceports

Over on the Skull Tag site they announced the Screenshot of the Week competition! So if you have any decent shots you might want to enter them when the time comes, so get read to be able to do so. More info soon....

 Tuesday, June 19, 2007

 Seven Years Of Vavooming Doom
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 10:07 PM
Category: DOOM Sourceports

It seems that the Vavoom site was updated with the news that version 1.24 was released. I swear I was on the Vavoom site the other day but somehow I missed the news... guess I was speed checking sites again. The port is seven years olde now and this release is celebrating the fact.
It brings multiple enhancements to the VavoomC scripting language, adds support for sprites with 16 rotations, has internal blockmap builder, adds support for compressed GL-nodes and several other improvements and bug fixes.
Get some Vavoom!

 Monday, June 18, 2007

 1 Made 4 The 32 In 24 Happens To Be 15
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 2:25 PM
Category: DOOM Wads

Over on The Spiffcave I noticed that Tango mentioned that he made a deathmatch level called Angry Fish for the 32 in 24 deathmatch megawad. The wad is a combination of speedmaps all done on June 17th with mappers only having 30 minutes notice and most maps were created in an hour or two. Obviously Tango isn't the only mapper but you can figure out all the particulars by reading the readme file. That's assuming you downgrab the thing like I did.

 Sunday, June 17, 2007

 Templed Review & Update On Italian Doom Episode 2
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 9:03 PM
Category: DOOM Wads

Once again Ismaele has updated his Outpost Of Doom II. This time around he reviewed Templed by Chopkinsca which you can find in the reviews section. Furthermore there's some info about Italian DooM - Episode 2: The Singularity. They solved the problem with the final map and other team members are still working on their maps. More info coming soon.

 Saturday, June 16, 2007

 Skulltag 0.97D - Public Beta 3
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 6:53 PM
Category: DOOM Sourceports

Now for some Skull Tag news. It seems Skulltag 0.97D - Public Beta 3 is available now. You can read the changelog if you want to know what's new.
Note: Does not play well with other betas. Some of the new fixes break network compatibility, so we're now entering the stage of testing where 0.97c3 (and earlier betas) are now no longer supported. Stick with the latest!
Check out Skull Tag.

 Friday, June 15, 2007

 ReX Wraps It Up
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 5:43 PM
Category: DOOM Wads

If you thought ReX was done with his review of Knee Deep In The Dead, then you should be aware that he has written what he calls a wrap up. You can read that right here under the section called KDiZD: Relive the Nightmare. This is all on Doom Nexus of course.
This aptly named mod is one that needs to be savored, like a liesurely four-course (or, in this case, a 10-course) meal. Knee Deep in ZDooM combines the best of DooM's Episode One and ZDooM's many wonderful features. Start with the Magic of DooM E1, throw in heaping spoonfuls of talent, stir in a measuring cup brimming with imagination, and ladle in a cupboard-full of hard work, and you get KDiZD.
If you haven't played the project yet maybe now would be a good time. Hit the official Knee Deep In ZDoom site and downgrab the project.

 Hell Over Here (Part 2)
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 1:37 PM
Category: DOOM 3

Hardcore_gamer released Hell Over Here (part 2) for Doom 3, singleplayer over on Doom 3 Files.
After being sent to Outpost 172 to investigate why communications have been caught off, you find that, aside from still being alive, your job is not you find yourself in Hell, and your mission parameters have changed slightly...this is no longer an Intel gathering excursion, this has now become a fight for survival...a fight for your survival!
Take a look at Hell Over Here (part 2).

 Thursday, June 14, 2007

 Justin Lloyd's Ultimate Doom 2 Project
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 2:08 PM
Category: DOOM Wads

Over on Doom Wad Station you can now find a new 32 level, Doom 2, megawad that is called Justin Lloyd's Ultimate Doom 2 Project.
Hello everyone! Here's the finished product of a project that I've been working on for a little while. (Actually, I've been working on it for a long while.) I started making DOOM 2 levels in 1995. Since then, I've been working on a level here and a level there to complete my very own 32 level episode for DOOM 2.
Yeah so take a gander at Justin Lloyd's Ultimate Doom 2 Project.

 Wednesday, June 13, 2007

 ReX Finishes The KDiZD Review
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 9:50 PM
Category: DOOM Wads

I assume he's finished... Once more ReX has completed more of his Knee Deep In ZDoom review and has since written his thoughts on Z1M5 to Z1M9 and Z1M10. Here is a blurb from MapZ1M10: Penultimate Evil:
As you quickly figure out when you enter this map, you ain't in Kansas anymore, Toto. As a matter of fact, you ain't on Phobos either. In a clever twist, the authors have put you on Deimos, the second moon of Mars (and also the setting for the second episode of DooM, known as the Shores of Hell). In keeping with the original E2, the sky is blood-red and the mountains are rocky and desolate. There is also an abundance of lava, which is more a feature of E3 than E2, but it fits very nicely with the overall theme of the map. There are numerous touches that are consistent with a slow takeover of a military installation by demonic forces. All-in-all, quite nicely done.
You can read the whole thing right here.

 Tuesday, June 12, 2007

 Tormentor Shifts Into High Gear
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 8:52 PM
Category: DOOM Wads

It's a slow day and not much is going on, or so it seems. Realm 667 has an update where Tormentor 667 mentions he's been productive in the editing department and has completed work for Community Chest 3 project and for the ZDoom Community project. Hopefully both projects will get released sometime this year.... Anyhow that's all I have to report for now. I go back to mapping more of my junk levels.

 Monday, June 11, 2007

 id Tech 5 Engine Revealed
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 7:55 PM
Category: id Software

Aliotroph? posted on our forum right here to reveal that joystig has revealed that id Software debuts new engine at Apple conference.
Carmack introduced the technology, saying, "So the last couple of years at id we've been working in secrecy on next-gen tech and a game for it ... this is the first time we're showing anything we've done on it publicly."
Basically they showed off the new tech that will power the next id IP but haven't shown anything at all of the new game, so far.

 Do You Remember DooM?
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 8:03 AM
Category: Classic DOOM

DistantJ posted on our forum right here that he's put up an article on Hooplanet that reminds us of what DooM was like back in the day. The article is called Remember Doom? and here is a snip:
When I was a young'un I remember getting my first decent PC. Back when the Microsoft CD Samplers and their korny slogans ("Where do you want to go today?") were somehow exciting.
Go forth and Remember Doom?

 Sunday, June 10, 2007

 Vortex NG v3.0.5
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 9:00 PM
Category: DOOM 3

Dafama2K7 released Vortex_NG (v3.0.5) of his weapons mod for Doom 3 that beefs up the BFG.
To give you more bang for your BFG buck, now when you fire your weapon, the fireball will drag or throw any movable object within it's path. If you're also a Quake IV fan, then this will all seem vaguely familiar, that is because this weapon can be considered a clone of the DMG (Dark Material Gun) weapon!
That weapons mod is on Doom 3 Files.

 Saturday, June 9, 2007

 More KDiZD Level Reviews From ReX
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 6:45 PM
Category: DOOM Wads

Apparently ReX has completed more of his Knee Deep In ZDoom review and has since written his thoughts on Z1M3, Z1M9 and Z1M4. Here is a blurb from MapZ1M9: Military Base:
This map was a gas to play. There was a nice mix of cannon-fodder enemies, tougher enemies, and opponents approaching mini-boss status. And all in situations that I thought were fair and occasionally tough. If I had to rate the difficulty of this map compared to the previous maps I would say that it is on the easier side, with the authors giving the player enough room to retreat or maneuver in the tougher battles.
You can read the whole thing right here over on Doom Nexus.

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