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Show Transcript

LeakyMug: Order of the Phoenix Set Visit Transcript

Part 1 (0:00 - 52:30)

Melissa Anelli (MA): Hey guys, we can finally talk about the set. (JN screams) (AS and MA laugh)

John Noe (JN): I'm so excited!

MA: You know why? (AS: Oh, my God.) Because HBO has shown everything already!

JN: It's like we've seen the movie. What the hell?

MA: I know, I know.

Andrew Sims (AS): I saw it.

JN: I almost didn't watch it, I almost didn't watch that stuff. I'm like "I don't want to get spoiled," and then I realized where I was this summer. Then I was like, "Oh, that's right. I've seen this stuff already."

AS: When I first saw the teaser trailer - I'm jumping right into it here, guys, sorry. (laughs) When I first saw the...

JN: What are we doing?

MA: Why don't we stop and introduce ourselves and tell everybody why we're here?

JN: To everybody who doesn't know us...

AS: Let everyone guess. I don't...

MA: Well, we're going for the new audience members, guys.

AS: We're too big for this.

JN: Yeah.

MA: Come on.

AS: Oh, right.

JN: My name is Kevin Steck.

AS: Oh, hi, Kevin.

JN: How are you doing? I'm also known as John Noe here at The Leaky Cauldron.

AS: Oh, okay.

MA: And I am - I'm Melissa from The Leaky Cauldron and PotterCast... (AS laughs) And?

AS: Sorry, and I'm Andrew.

MA: Who are you?

AS: I'm a staff member at MuggleNet and I also run a podcast called MuggleCast.

MA: Never heard of it.

JN: Also known as...

AS: Pickles.

JN: Also known as Bonoluver62.

AS: Hee hee.

JN: Luver with a 'U' on the U2 fan forums.

MA: And together we're also known as Leaky Mug. So, we- (JN screams) (AS and MA laugh) John, are you going to scream throughout this entire activity?

AS: John, I can feel your excitement.

JN: You have no idea how exciting it is. Well, you two know.

AS: Okay, just stay cool for a second, (laughs) so we can get through this.

JN: Awww.

MA: Please stay cool.

JN: Okay, I'm trying.

MA: We have got to introduce ourselves, be professional.

JN: We're doing that again?

MA: No. (laughs)

AS: Oh, this is a joke. (laughs) I can't even - all right. (MA laughs) All right, so.

MA: Okay.

AS: The teaser trailer came out, uh...

MA: Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

AS: What?

MA: The three of us are The Leaky Mug, and we went to the set in September of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (JN moans) And we are here to give you a little taste of what we saw. You'll get the full report sometime, you know, after the seventh movie comes out.

AS: (laughs) Excuse me?

JN: 2009.

MA: Something like that.

AS: (laughs) Oh, darn. Well, ummm.

MA: So, Andrew, you've been trying to say?

AS: Yeah. The teaser trailer came out a few days ago, and I'm just going to get right into it and say when I saw that it brought back a lot of memories from the set.

JN: Awww. So many memories.

AS: It really did.

MA: I know, like when we flew over the River Thames.

JN: (laughs) I was just going to say that! (AS and MA laugh) Oh, man.

AS: I saw Wales. (laughs) But, anyway. Ummm...

MA: (laughs) Andrew.

AS: Lets do that story real quick, get this out of the way.

MA: Okay, we have to get it out of the way. (laughs)

AS: Or this is going to be a long show. (laughs)

JN: Okay.

MA: Andrew, who said about Wales?

AS: Okay. I was up all night, you know, I couldn't sleep. I had this really smelly guy next to me so I couldn't sleep.

MA: Oh, the plane.

AS: On the plane.

JN: Be nice to Garth.

AS: We're crossing over and we're getting into England - (laughs) no, it wasn't Garth. We're getting into England, and the captain - the pilot says, (laughs) "If you look below, you'll see Wales." (all laugh) And I'm like "Oh! Whales!" Like Free Willy the whale. So, I try to look out, and there was no whales. It was Wales the country, and well.

MA: I give him this strange look. (laughs)

JN: That's awesome.

AS: (laughs) That was awesome.

JN: That would be some huge whales to see from the sky.

MA: It was pretty great.

AS: (laughs) I know. I don't know, pilot's got sharp eyes or something.

MA: Anyway, you were saying that the trailer brought back a lot of memories.

JN: Yes.

AS: It did! It brought back a lot of memories from the set, because a few of those things we did see.

MA: And we're allowed to talk to you about this for like, what? Five or ten minutes?

AS: Yeah. We've already taken up eight of them.

JN: Well, these don't count. The official minutes...

MA: These don't count. (AS laughs)

JN: Count right now!

AS: (laughs) Okay.

MA: Okay. (silence)

AS: (laughs) Well, don't everyone talk at once.

MA: Okay. (JN screams)

AS: (AS and MA laugh) Wow, okay, well.

MA: John. This is what John did the entire day. Every different set we walked into (does John screaming impression).

JN: Pretty much, pretty much.

AS: Oh, let me just get this out of the way real quick. And then the HBO special came out just today or yesterday. And wow! We saw even more in that. We were actually there, like the Great Hall. But even bigger, the Atrium. We were just there.

MA: Awww.

AS: What, two months ago?

MA: Yeah.

JN: When we were there, they were putting the flooring down.

AS: Yeah.

MA: Yeah.

JN: They was no fountain yet, but we were told that it was the day they were putting the fountain in. We never did get to see it.

MA: Well, we saw the base of the fountain. The base of the fountain was just, I mean.

JN: The base of it, I mean, it's huge.

MA: Well, we did stand there and podcast. I mean, we have our reactions to all these things.

AS: We do, yeah.

JN: Yes.

MA: And we will play them, you know. This is going to come out piece mail. We have a ton of things to share.

AS: I want to play that back, because it's probably really noisy. (laughs) Because there was lots of construction going on.

JN: They're like pounding stuff into the ground. But, I mean, those were cool files and we were really, really excited obviously. But there were often times when we had to be really quiet because either things were happening that we didn't want to interrupt or we are in a room with ten other journalists that we didn't want to look like total dorks in front of.

AS: Right.

JN: So, it's cool information, but we will probably hold on to it for a little bit and just give you some more of the exciting stuff.

MA: So, why are we here? What can we say about the set now? (AS sighs)

JN: Well, what did they have the least information about after all that came out?

MA: Well, can we reveal the... Since we did see some of the newspapers in that HBO thing, can we reveal what we saw on one newspaper that made us all pretty much lose our minds?

JN: We've been alluding to this for weeks! Finally!

AS: Azkaban? (laughs)

MA: Can we say it?

AS: Yeah. (laughs)

JN: Azkaban prison has been relocated to the edge of a waterfall.

AS: (laughing) Relocated. It pulled up stakes and moved over. (laughs)

MA: Right. It's hanging off a waterfall. (laughs)

JN: It is pulling a- It is pulling a Hagrid's hut makeover... (AS and MA laugh)

MA: No, it's...

JN: And has been put on a rock on the edge of the waterfall.

MA: And it's shaped, from an aerial shot, it's shaped like a big A and its total smooth, black, windowless- I don't know, stone or marble or something, and you know...

AS: It's hard to tell from that newspaper. It's a black and white image.

MA: Yeah, but it just looks smooth, you know? It looks like (AS: Yeah, yeah.) total windowless and how Sirius got out of that, I mean, my goodness.

JN: Hey, like I said, he jumped in a barrel and went over the edge.

AS: (laughing) Donkey Kong?

JN: And it's, yeah. (laughs)

AS: Donkey Kong usually comes into play. (all laugh)

AS: How does that go?

JN: His little Snuffles tail on the other side of the... Awww.

MA: Okay, he's not a Saint Bernard, guys. (AS laughs)

JN: Okay.

MA: He- No, but anyway, Azkaban looks, I mean, they just put it...

JN: Super cool.

MA: Right at pretty much the edge of the world with just the water just shooting down. Oh, it's amazing. The point of the A coming out.

JN: It was on the front page of The Daily Prophet.

MA: Mm-hm. Mass breakout. The Daily Prophet...

JN: What was the headline?

MA: "Mass Breakout of Azkaban."

JN: That's right.

AS: We also...

MA: That's why they pay me the big bucks.

AS: We also wanted to talk about the set in general, right?

MA: Yeah. Well, you guys, it was your first time there, so why don't you...

AS: I mean, it just...I just want to reiterate what you, seeing the video again, seeing where we actually were, and John, I'm sure you can agree to this. (JN sighs) It was just amazing thinking, "Wow, you were actually there."

JN: Yeah.

AS: Like, these real... HBO, they were there doing a set report and we were there, too. Like, the same exact spot where they were (sighs) doing all that.

JN: I don't think I've ever been more excited for anything in my whole life and I've had a few girlfriends before, so (AS laughs) that's saying something. Now, I have my press or whatever credential you needed to get in there, my little badge (AS: I have it right here.) and I've made a little shrine around it here in my room (AS: Awww.) and you know, it was just an unbelievable everything. It's cool. It's nice. My creative writing teacher would be shooting me right now because I'm giving no adjectives or any description, but, no, we drove in on the bus that didn't know how to get anywhere.

MA: Well, let's give them...

AS: (laughing) Well, let's move past that. (JN laughs)

MA: Some details about where we were because we're just making them jealous.

AS: (laughing) Yeah.

JN: (laughs) Yeah.

MA: It's cool, it's nice, no adjectives.

JN: Man, so yeah, we're coming through, we get our little name tags, Andrew and I snapped up some photos of each other inside the bus because it was the last we could use the camera for the rest of the day because they had a strict no-camera policy.

AS: Well, so we thought. (laughs) Turns out you could've.

MA: So we thought.

JN: And so we thought until MSN lugs their video camera in there, everywhere they go, but...

AS: (laughs) Uh-huh.

JN: Whatever.

MA: Yeah. (laughs)

JN: So, yeah, we got out of the car and I'm trying to remember which of this we've talked about at the LeakyMug, because there was some stuff that we did that was very, like this sort of information.

MA: Well, we spoke very, very broadly.

AS: I mean, we went in, there were some offices, but then you get into the of the main set areas. (JN: Yeah.) I guess it's divided up into four big sections, right? From what I remember.

MA: Well, it's a gigantic airplane hanger where they used to manufacture Rolls-Royces and it just looks like any other office building and its white tents, very simple construction and then you walk in through a tent. For instance, the tent in which we did our interviews and in which we hung out between touring parts of the set, (JN: Yeah.) was just this white tent, but then you walked in and they had transformed the inside to this area with a wall of pictures and the maquettes, the Thestrals and the Dementors and stuff on the walls with all the props hanging on the walls, with all of Umbridge's velvet poufs and her costumes, and the cats.

JN: Mm-hm. Rows and rows of cats in cages...

MA: The cats on the plates. Can we talk about them?

JN: ...just meowing at us, asking for a release.

AS: (laughs) Yeah, asking for meow mix, actually. (JN laughs)

MA: No, but what they had done was they brought in forty cats and they photographed them. They did, like, a four-hour photo shoot with...

JN: (laughs) Yes.

AS: (laughs) Yeah.

MA: ...actually, it was a 24-hour photo shoot with these cats, and those... So in the pictures we were looking at of Umbridge, the plates behind her have blue-screen in them and they were putting the cats in there, so that they're always animated and move.

JN: Most of the crew that had pet cats were actually... Their cats were used for that shoot just as a fun little, "Hey, my cat's in the movie! Look at that!" One of the benefits of being in the crew.

MA: So, who did...who did we get to talk to again?

AS: Dan Radcliffe, Evanna Lynch, Emma Watson, David Heyman, David Barron - who's a producer - oh, Jason Isaacs.

MA: Gary Oldman.

AS: Gary Oldman.

JN: Gary Oldman.

AS: Did we talk about...? Yeah, we talked about him at the live podcast.

MA: How about, lets talk a little bit about the filming that we sort of got to see.

JN: Oh. Oh, yeah. Well, go ahead. (AS laughs)

AS: John, you don't remember? (all laugh)

JN: No, okay. So, when we come into the one set that we were just not allowed to see outright, you're not seeing this set, which is of course...

MA: We were given warnings in e-mail.

JN: Yeah.

MA: You just do not expect to see this set.

JN: Of course, the Veil room, (AS: Mm-hm.) which is as big as a football field. No, it's not as big as a football field, but we were behind, like, the back of it, so we saw a very nice, you know, plywood arrangement.

AS: Yes. (laughs)

JN: Yeah, they had about fifteen or so, maybe a dozen, seats set up, little folding chairs, and like a little computer monitor. It was just a little LCD screen and arranged with the headphones. We sit down, me and Melissa, I forget who I was sitting next to. I didn't really care. I just got in the front row, you know, pushing everybody out of the way. I put my headphones on, and what are we watching but Mr. Gary Oldman and the voice of Jason Isaacs and part of their duel apparently. It was, they were shooting Sirius' side of the action. So, here he is with his wand jumping all around and doing all kinds of, you know, wand movements, and we saw a few takes of that actually. And what else happened in that scene, guys? Doesn't Harry come in?

MA: Well, in between takes, Gary Oldman out of nowhere goes, "My name is Sirius and I'm delirious."

AS: He screamed it. (AS and JN laugh) That was so funny.

JN: Yeah.

MA: (laughing) It was so funny. We all just lost it.

JN: Which is almost as good as Dan sitting there, spouting off his Equus lines between takes.

AS: (laughs) Yeah. I miss those.

JN: Everybody's looking at each other like, "Is that in the film? Who is this screenwriter again? What's going on here?" (AS and JN laugh)

MA: Okay, that's not what happened.

JN: Let's talk about the details that aren't out there yet, but probably will be soon.

AS: Grimmauld...

MA: Grimmauld Place.

AS: Okay.

JN: Grimmauld Place, certainly.

AS: Grimmauld Place.

JN: Wooo!

AS: We got a tour of the entire house pretty much. Well, what we're going to see in the movie, Harry and Ron's bedroom.

JN: Studio F.

AS: Was it Studio F?

JN: I do believe (AS: In Rockefeller Center.) it was the F, but whatever.

AS: Our tour guide made us walk to the front door entrance so she could open it up for us so we could walk in. (AS and JN laugh)

JN: Yeah.

AS: It was pretty funny.

JN: It was very funny.

AS: Yeah.

JN: It was cool because they knew who was, you know, I'm sure they do those tours at least once a week, if not more, with people, but I think they knew who was on set that day. It's the big fans, the dorky kids who really, really eat this stuff up, so they had fun with us.

AS: Yeah.

JN: We got to see a Grimmauld Place that was split up into sections. We saw the kitchen, which you've now seen from the trailer.

AS: Yeah, which is small!

JN: Everything is very narrow.

AS: It's hard to tell from that. Yes, the hallway when you first walk in, it's a long, narrow hallway.

JN: Yeah.

AS: Tall, too.

JN: If you were to put your hands out, you know, like a bird or whatever, you could touch both sides of the wall.

AS: You could. Yeah. Yeah.

JN: It's that narrow.

MA: Anyway, yeah. No, it was really, really- I mean we almost couldn't walk through it, you know?

JN: Yeah.

MA: And the kitchen was the same way, very claustrophobic, very dark, and we left the lights off on purpose.

JN: It was quite creepy, (AS: And...) particularly when...sorry, Andrew.

AS: I don't know where you were going. You're probably going where I am. Grimmauld Place, the amazing part about that set was that there was actually a second floor. There's actually like a third floor, because you had to take two staircases up to the next floor and up there was Sirius' mother's portrait.

JN: Da da daa!

AS: It was actually there and it was behind a curtain.

JN: Yes.

AS: And to the right of that, I think, there was another hallway, but I don't know if they were using that.

JN: Yeah.

MA: No, they weren't.

JN: It was strange that they hadn't quite finished the painting for Sirius' mother, and they used an old one of Gilderoy Lockhart. (AS laughs) Which was very off-putting.

AS: John, why do you have to give them these misinformations.

MA: John.

JN: Awww.

MA: You know, it's not it.

AS: Were you on the same set as us?

MA: It's not it. It's not it. She actually looked very peaceful and calm.

AS: Yeah.

JN: Yeah.

MA: So, you could see how she's going to look totally peaceful and calm in the movie and all of a sudden just start screaming bloody murder.

JN: Yeah. It's going to scare the poop out of you.

AS: Right.

JN: But, yeah, the funny part about all of us is that our group was probably, you know, eight or nine people.

AS: For me, I thought that was probably one of the coolest sets we saw, because we hadn't seen Grimmauld Place in any of the previous movies, so we were really one of the first people to see that.

JN: Yeah.

AS: But Melissa, I know you were a really big fan of the detail that went into the kitchen.

MA: Oh, the kitchen. The kitchen was incredible. The kitchen looks like something you'd find in early colonial America. Like very wrought-iron, very, very ornate, not ornate, not ornate in the rich way, but very, very intricate work on like the metal. You know what I mean? Like a craftsman had made every pot and pan in that place.

AS: Yeah.

MA: And if you looked inside the pot there was like sauce caked down on the pots. And if you looked at the plates, each one of the plates had the Black family crest, Toujours Pur, like right, you know? It was just so fantastic. The carving knife, you can tell the way they had it set up it's going to be one of those automatic things, like a magic thing. The knife is automatically carving the chicken and that kind of thing. It was just, it's just fantastic, but the best thing, the best thing about Grimmauld Place was the tapestry.

AS: Oh, yeah.

JN: Oh. The tapestry could, you know, tarp a baseball field when it rains.

MA: Maybe it's not that big.

JN: It's a monster.

MA: But it is huge. Huge! Were you guys with me when you read the book you were just imagining one kind of loose piece of tapestry covering a wall.

AS: Yeah, I mean this was a giant wall and then two sides of the room, I think, right?

JN: Kind of like...

MA: I think it's giving the impression it's going around the whole room right?

AS: Yeah.

MA: It's like a painting just on cloth.

JN: Yeah.

MA: And the big thick branches come out and you see, like say it has a couple like Elladora and whoever, because I don't have all the stuff to memory, you have the two faces, and the ones that we didn't see there, they weren't there because they are going to be animated on there.

JN: Yeah.

MA: They're going to be, they're an animated painting just like anything else. And the burn holes, they really - they don't just look like a cigarette burn, (AS: They look like...) they look like somebody took their wand (AS: Yeah.) and blasted it.

JN: They were the size of dinner plates, they're monstrous. And I thought that, I never, I mean I don't know if it's actually in the book or not to say that they had faces on the tapestry, I thought it might have been just names, but the faces like for the actors that we've recognized are, they pretty closely resemble the actors. But I just, I don't know who was in charge of it but the decision to include the snake cane for Lucius'... (MA: Yes.) on the tapestry is truly inspired and hilarious.

AS: Yes. (laughs)

MA: And the tapestry by the way, written by Jo.

JN: The tapestry written by Jo.

MA: Yep.

AS: There you go, Jo.

MA: Well, I think guys that...

AS: That' that all we can do?

MA: Warner Bros. might kill us if we go any further.

AS: Yeah, I think we've gone out of line enough for one episode.

JN: Tune in, tune in for our next report, whenever it comes out, to hear...

AS: Probably not until summer, right? Which is a shame.

JN: Yeah.

MA: Probably. We'll see if we can reveal little bits as we go on. Coming soon on the big, the rest of this giant set report, is...

AS: Absolutely nothing, we lost it all.

MA: Absolutely nothing! (AS laughs)

JN: (sings) Duh duh duh duh... (all laugh)

MA: (sings along) Duh duh duh! No, we did some on-site reporting from the Great Hall which turned out really funny. We sat, we stood at the side of the Atrium while they were building it and spoke about it so you'll actually hear the atmosphere in the background. We did some kind of on-the-scene reaction in the room where we were doing the interviews. We have interviews with Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, David Barron.

JN: Yeah.

MA: David Heyman, Evanna Lynch, Gary Oldman, and Jason Isaacs. We've got a lot, a lot of stuff coming.

JN: We sat in the courtroom, we went into Dumbledore's office where Andrew attempted to steal one of the books.

AS: I did not, John! Don't tell (JN: We went...) people that. Okay, I did. No, I didn't. Okay, I did. No, I didn't.

JN: A lot of things are glued down. (AS laughs)

AS: Yes, now.

MA: Now they are.

AS: I want to- (JN: He tried to get a...) I want to talk about this so much now, because Dumbledore's office was like real like; (MA: Well...) it barely felt like a set. Anyway.

MA: (squees) We can't say this now.

AS: It really stinks that we have to wait until summer.

MA: I know.

AS: Listen...

MA: Go. Guys, tell Warner Bros. that we should be able to tell you everything now.

AS: Yeah, find a contact at Warner Bros. (laughs)

MA: You've seen it all on HBO.

AS: Yeah.

MA: You've seen it all.

AS: No, but seriously, we hope you guys do look forward to some set reports. More, much more. I mean because I think we didn't; we recorded a good hour's worth of set reporting after we were off the set, and then there's like probably another hour's worth on the set. Then, there's probably a good hour or two worth of interviews. There's going to be a ton of content coming your way from us.

JN: The amount of content and the amount of stuff that we saw that day, I mean the set is like a small city.

AS: Yeah.

JN: I mean we could have had a dozen people out there and not gotten everything we could have possibly gotten in one day.

AS: We didn't even have a chance to see all the sets. I mean we saw a good thirty of them I would think.

JN: Oh, no.

AS: But we didn't see the Gryffindor Common Room.

MA: Awww. That's sad.

AS: They're just, it kind of is.

JN: We didn't any staircase, any hallways, any common rooms, any classrooms. Didn't see that stuff. But everything else we saw.

AS: We saw the new stuff, which is, and the current stuff, which is (JN: Yeah.) what I personally wanted to see most. So...

JN: Yes. (AS sighs)

JN: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, July 13th (AS laughs) 2007.

AS: Don't see the movie; just sit and listen to our set reports. And we'll see you guys in July. Oh, what a shame! (laughs) Bye!

MA: Bye!

JN: Bye bye!


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