Features of LOG and Time/Date Command in Notepad

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Last Review:July 19, 2005
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If you type .LOG in capital letters as the first line in a Notepad file, Notepad should automatically add the current time and date to the end of the file every time you open it. However, only the date appears under Microsoft Windows version 3.0.

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Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Windows version 3.0. This problem was corrected and does not occur in later versions of Windows.

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There is a known problem with the Time/Date feature in Notepad. If you use the Time/Date command in Notepad for Microsoft Windows version 3.0, only the date appears. Also, if you use .LOG function in Notepad, only the date appears.

This problem does not occur in later versions of Windows.

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Microsoft Windows 2.03 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows 2.1 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows 2.11 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows 3.0 Standard Edition

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