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Vol 2 Issue 4

— by Kenneth Jin-ho Cho

Many viewers of X who are unfamiliar with the manga may find themselves confused as to the characters and their motives. Several of the subplots are rooted in the manga, and at times other CLAMP series as well, oftentimes offering no information in the movie itself.
  This character guide attempts to fill in some of the missing background so that fans of the movie can figure out what is going on even if they haven't been following the manga. The manga characters are much, more complex and CLAMP has even said that it's quite possible that Dragons may be switching sides in the future. While X the movie is much more clear-cut as to who is good or evil, there still needs to be a modicum of explanation for character's motives and behaviors.

Shirou Kamui: The unwilling key to the future of Earth, Kamui is an introverted, mysterious high school boy who disappeared 6 years earlier. At the urging of his mother, Kamui returns to Tokyo where his future awaits him. He is destined to decide whether Tokyo and Earth survive, having the choice to lead either the Dragons of Heaven or the Dragons of Earth. With the Shinken sword, given to him by his mother just before her death, Kamui wields the power of the future. Seemingly uncaring, cynical and selfish, Kamui wishes only to protect the ones he cares for.

Monou Fuuma: Kamui's childhood friend, Fuuma promised to protect him when he returned. Unfortunately for both, Fuuma is later convinced, whether true or not, that he is Kamui's companion star; to balance the scales when Kamui finally decides which Dragon to side with, Fuuma is to become the other Dragon. Ironically, Fuuma is one of the few people that Kamui actually cares for. A good brother to his younger sister Kotori, Fuuma is the present caretaker of the Togakushi Shrine, which his father was until his recent death.

Monou Kotori: Younger sister of Fuuma, Kotori is a beautiful, albeit sickly, teenage girl who may have the ability to see the future in her dreams. The return of Kamui excites her, as they were childhood friends and Kamui made the gallant promise that he would always protect her when he returned. While she has actively little to do with the future of Earth, she seems to be the key between Kamui and Fuuma, the deciding factors in the future of Tokyo and Earth. One thing is constant in all visions of the future: Kotori is destined to die.

The Dragons of Heaven: The seven chosen to protect Tokyo and Earth, they are drawn from all walks of life to one place: the basement of the Diet Building. Their mission is to counter the Dragons of Earth, who seem bent on destroying Tokyo and Earth.

Hinoto: The Seer of the Dragons of Heaven, she is blind and mute and thus, communicates telepathically. Even though she has the appearance of a freakish young girl, she is actually quite old. A tool of the Diet, she interprets her precognitive dreams for them. With the unique ability to enter the dreams of others, she makes her initial plea to Kamui to join the Dragons of Heaven through his own dream. While Hinoto and her younger sister, Kanoe - Seer of the Dragons of Earth, may be perceived as the leaders of their respective groups, each are merely at the mercy of the destiny that they foresee through the dreams; they control nothing and are forced to watch the future unfold before them, awaiting the decision of Kamui.

Sumeragi Subaru: The 13th leader of the Sumeragi Clan, Subaru is a young man in his early twenties and is a powerful priest magician. A recurring character from TOKYO BABYLON (in where he was one of the main characters but earlier in his teens), Subaru is only in X for a short time, finally tying up his vendetta against one-time friend, Sakurazuka Seishirou (a Dragon of Earth and another character from TOKYO BABYLON). Perhaps the most confusing plotline of X, because the history between Subaru and Seishirou from TOKYO BABYLON is a requirement for understanding the interaction of these characters at the beginning of the movie.

Arisugawa Sorata: A brash, cocky teenager from Osaka, Sorata was raised with the knowledge that he was one of the "Seven Stars" by his grandfather, also a Seer. The knowledge that he was one of the chosen and is destined to die for the woman he loves is a heavy burden for a teenager. However, he carries it well. Wielding the power of lightning, Sorata accepts his role as a Dragon of Heaven with an aplomb that matches his power.

Kishuu Arashi: While choosing to dress in a high school girl's uniform, she certainly isn't a run-of-the-mill teenager. In actuality, Arashi is the Protector of the Ise Shrine and is also a Dragon of Heaven. Outwardly cold to others, her heart is actually kind and gentle. Because she takes her responsibility as a Dragon of Heaven so seriously, she seems cold and sometimes downright rude. As Protector of the Ise Shrine, Arashi carries the power of the shrine as well: an ancient and mystical katana blade that is stored within her left hand until truly needed.

Aoki Seiichirou: A typical Japanese salaryman, Seiichirou exudes a sensitive and caring attitude towards others. His reasons for becoming a Dragon of Heaven reflect his unselfish nature: to protect his wife, child and all inhabitants of Tokyo from the destruction that the Dragons of Earth threaten to bring. His power is the control of wind. He strikes up an unlikely friendship with Karen in the movie and watches over the young Yuzuhira like a father.

Kasumi Karen: Perhaps the most puzzling of the group, Karen dons nothing but lingerie and an overcoat. She is a soapland attendant, where men go to take sponge baths, assisted by scantily-clad women like Karen. Her overall demeanor is cynical and passive but she loves present day Tokyo. To defend it, Karen has chosen to become a Dragon of Heaven, although in the past she has stated that she doesn't really care what happens to the world. Karen has the power of fire.

Nekoi Yuzuriha: Youngest of the group, Yuzuriha is a 14-year-old girl from a region where wolves are mystical beings that serve the members of the Mitsumine Shrine. Because of her age, the other Dragons of Heaven are reluctant to take her along anywhere, least of all a combat situation. She depends on Inuki, a phantom wolf that comes at her call, for her powers. According to her, only those connected with the fate of Earth have the ability to see Inuki.

Dragons of Earth: The seven chosen to assist in the rebirth of Earth, they are not as evil as the movie suggests. They wish not for the destruction of Earth, but of humanity. Humanity, which abuses, drains and neglects the Earth, is seen as the dangerous entity to the Dragons of Earth. Humanity mustbe destroyed in order for the Earth to be reborn in its true, pure form.

Kanoe: the younger sister of Hinoto and the Seer for the Dragons of Earth, her abilities are more limited than that of Hinoto. She cannot enter dreams at will but can only see the same visions that Hinoto does, although her interpretations may be different; thus, she sees the vision of Kamui clashing with Fuuma, who she believes to be Kamui's companion star. It is Kanoe that convinces Fuuma that it is his destiny to fight Kamui for the fate of the Earth.

Sakurazuka Seishirou: Like Subaru, much of Seishirou's past is rooted in TOKYO BABYLON. And he too is only seen in X for about five minutes. During the timeline of TOKYO BABYLON, Subaru and Seishirou were friends, often teaming up to destroy ghosts in Tokyo. However, Seishirou hid a dark side of himself from Subaru, that he was a member of the assassin group, Sakurazukamori. Once discovered, their friendship was destroyed and Subaru vowed that his purpose in life now was to see Seishirou dead. Seishirou's power is illusion, often in the shape of the crow.

Nataku: A genetically created, androgynous being, Nataku is an emotionless "human," perfectly suited to be a Dragon of Earth and oversee the destruction of humanity. Actually an abortive attempt to recreate a deceased young girl, Nataku serves at the behest of Kanoe and is actually based on a Chinese god of the same name. Nataku's power is control over the ceremonial cloth it wears.

Kigai Yuuto: Devious and sly, Yuuto seems almost the natural leader of the Dragons of Earth. He can seem caring at times (often showing his affection for Satsuki), while being a cold-hearted killer at other times. Yuuto possesses psychic attack powers, but he chooses to use two hand-thrown spikes connected with a rope.

Asagi Shougo: A new character created specifically for the movie, Shougo is a high school student who's power is control over Water. A smart aleck with a glib tongue, Shougo seems to be a Dragon of Earth solely for the trouble he can cause.

Yatohji Satsuki: Calling her a self-described computer expert is an understatement. Having created the supercomputer BEAST, Satsuki becomes a part of the it and can access any computer anywhere, even to the point of physically controlling cables and hardware. An apathetic and asocial girl, Satsuki has a sincere love for BEAST, which according to her, is reciprocated by the computer.

Shiyu Kusanagi: A member of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, Kusanagi is the last Dragon of Earth to be introduced in X the movie. Not much is done with him, although he appears to be agent-provocateur, someone staying hidden until truly needed. His power is the ability to control his inner power and utilize it as an energy force produced by his hands.

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