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Reaganonmics at 25
  The Wall Street Journal article by Steve Moore
Ronald Reagan and the Spirit of Enterprise
  "George Gilder, Ronald Reagan and the Spirit of Enterprise," published by Hillsdale College' Imprimis, August 2004, Vol. 33, Number 8
Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation
  Supply Side Essays by Norman Ture and Stephen Entin
The Works of Robert A. Mundell
  Nobel Lecture by Robert Mundell
Supply Side after 30 Years
  Alan Reynolds lecture, “Supply Side after 30 Years”
The Supply Side Revolution
  Alan Reynolds, “The Supply Side Revolution: 20 Years Later”
“The ‘Conventional Hypothesis’”
  Alan Reynolds' paper presented at The Treasury's Roundtable on The Federal Budget, Taxes and Economic Growth, February 12, 2004
“The Fiscal-Monetary Mix”
  Reprent of Alan Reynolds article in the Cato Journal - Fall, 2001
“The Only Answer: A California Flat Tax”
  California's steply graduated progressive tax is the cause of a fiscal crisis
by Arthur Laffer and Jeffery Thomson
The Laffer Curve Past, Present and Future
  Arthur Laffer discusses the historical origins of the "Laffer Curve"
Balanced Budget Amendment, R.I.P.
  Alan Reynolds, “Taxes: Unbalanced Amendment,” Reason (June 1995)
Liberty Haven - Supply Side Economics
  A Series of Essays located at “Liberty Haven”
Wanniski.com - Supply Side University
  Supply Side 'Political' Economics
"My Time with Supply-Side Economics"
  Essay by Paul Craig Roberts
"Understanding Supply-Side Economics"
  by Raymond J. Keating, Chief Economist, Small Business Survival Committee
"A Walk on the Supply Side"
  A reprint of The Freeman article by Raymond J. Keating
"Bob Bartley, Bill Roth: Two Who Made a Difference"
  Memorial for two tax cutting heroes by Paul Craig Roberts
The Ricardians
  A brief summary on the origins of the Classical School of Political Economy
Marginal Tax Rates
  A discussion on an economic policy that swept the globe in the eighties by Alan Reynolds
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