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Fairtrade towns

how it began 

Garstang - the world's first Fairtrade townIn May 2000, Garstang  in Lancashire declared itself ‘the world’s first Fairtrade Town’. The campaign caught the imagination of local people, the interest of politicians, and made headlines across the north-west – not to mention hugely raising awareness of the FAIRTRADE Mark in the area.

March 2007 sees the declaration of the 242nd Fairtrade Town.

get involved

To become a Fairtrade Town (or any other populated area), 5 goals must be met:

  1. The local council must pass a resolution supporting Fairtrade, and serve Fairtrade coffee and tea at its meetings and in offices and canteens.
  1. A range of Fairtrade products must be readily available in the area’s shops and served in local cafés and catering establishments (targets are set in relation to population)
  1. Fairtrade products must be used by a number of local work places (estate agents, hairdressers etc) and community organisations (churches, schools etc)
  1. Attract media coverage and popular support for the campaign
  1. A local Fairtrade steering group must be convened to ensure continued commitment to Fairtrade Town status.

To apply and find out more, download the Fairtrade Town Goals and Action Guide  (PDF) Or order a hard copy.

Download the application form (MS Word).

When submitting your application, please do this in electronic format wherever possible. If you have accompanying hard documents (e.g. press cuttings) these can follow through the post. This allows us to process your application more efficiently.

Please note: If you are campaigning towards Fairtrade Towns status and hope to declare during Fairtrade Fortnight we must receive your application by Monday the 5th of February 2007.

declared Fairtrade towns

Click on a region to see the list of declared cities (C), towns (T), villages (V), zones (Z), boroughs (B) and islands (I) that have achieved Fairtrade status (you need to enable popups on your browser) and their website and interviews.

Please note: the Fairtrade Foundation is not responsible for the content of the websites.

Map of the UK

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Want to speak to other campaigners who are involved in Fairtrade Towns? Join the Yahoo Fairtrade Towns e-mail discussion group (please note: this is hosted on Yahoo! and the Fairtrade Foundation is not responsible for any dvertising or content which appears on these pages).


Becoming a Fairtrade Town is a tremendous accomplishment. In addition to achieving status initially, a key part of being a Fairtrade Town is constantly improving the availability and awareness of Fairtrade in your areas. In order to ensure that we are up to date on your progress and to ensure that the integrity of Fairtrade Town status – and all your hard work - is upheld, renewals are important.

We are currently reviewing the Renewal process and would ask all groups to wait to hear from us before submitting a renewal application.

We thank all the groups who have already submitted their renewals and offer our congratulations on all that they have achieved since declaring Fairtrade Town status. We appreaciate that some groups have been waiting a long time to hear feedback on their applications and would like to apologise for this. We will be in touch with you during July 2007 and many thanks for your patience.

We will contact you to let you know when your renewal due date is approaching but do feel free to begin working on it before you hear from us. All you will need is the Fairtrade Towns Renewal Form and a copy of your feedback form from your last submission. If you do not have a copy of your feedback form, you can request one at volunteer

Fairtrade schools 

For secondary schools wanting to become 'Fairtrade', People and Planet produce an Action Guide. In addition, The Young Co-operatives can support secondary school students to set up their own business selling Fairtrade products.

Fairtrade churches 

To become a Fairtrade Church 3 goals must be met:

  • Use Fairtrade tea and coffee for all meetings for which you have responsibility.
  • Move forward on using other Fairtrade products (such as sugar, biscuits, fruit)
  • Promote Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight - and through other activities whenever possible.

To apply, please send written evidence under each goal to the Fairtrade Foundation. You will then be issued with a poster certificate.

Click here to download some suggested goals for a Fairtrade Church of England Diocese.