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March 02 - Friday's comic will be on time! Also, I'll have some fanart I've been meaning to put up and info about prints of a couple of pages. Right now I can only do 8.5 x 11, but when I get the paper, I can make some bigger ones. I've also got a couple of wallpapers for panels and pages that deserve to be seen in larger sizes. All going up friday!

Feb 25 - OK, so I managed to scrape in a comic on time last week, despite in-law visitation, but that got me so behind... plus knitting knight last night plus CSI, plus ER, plus... and after work today I have a dinner meeting. SOooo... I'll finish coloring LATE tonight, while inebriated if need be!!
I need to figure out a way to update this more. Both this newsbox and the comic. I LOVE working on this comic, it's just so labor intensive.
Nov 26 - Liked the newsbox image from yesterday? See the full picture here! I baked all day. The end of this update. Nov 24 - Meant to link to this earlier. Websnark had a go at the comic! I expect the same from ALL of you. *eyes the internet*
I'm so doing a tutorial on how I color this thing. Dodge and burn? PFAW! I haven't used dodge and burn in years. That's all mixed color applied to digital canvas, with fun with the smudge tool to get some parts smooth. I work almost entirely in Corel Painter these days. I had to do a flood fill image for Eat The Roses in photoshop and it nearly killed me.
Hence my recent deadness. Which may be exaggerrated. Also, new VH art on my deviantart account!

-Meaghan Quinn

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