Honorary Fellows

An Honorary Fellow shall be a person who is distinguished by work in engineering, technology, science, or otherwise whom the Institution desires to honour.

Honorary Fellowships have been bestowed on the following people:

2007   G Davies
2007   J L Tallon
2006   H van der Heyden
2005   P Maire
2003   J Hood
2003   R P Smith (deceased)
2002   B Buckley
2002   G Paykel
2001   K A McIntosh
2001   G Page (deceased)
2000   G Thornton
1999   C J Maiden
1998   G W Batts
1997   A M Tait
1996   E Hillary
1995   J Britten (deceased)
1995   T W Schnackenberg
1993   M D Earle
1990   Prince Philip
1985   R D Northey
1981   C Segedin (deceased)
1965   W H Pickering (deceased)
1962   Lord Cobham (deceased)
1949   R Stradling (deceased)
1947   P Dunsheath (deceased)

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