Photographs of Raccoons, skunks, squirrels and other small mammals
Canada's wildlife in pictures

Photos of Squirrels in Canada

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Photo of Squirrel


a squirrel stops and looks about

Photo of Posing squirrel

Posing squirrel

a squirrel poses for a photograph

Photo of Black squirrel

Black squirrel

many of the squirrels in Canada are black in colour

Photo of Squirrel amongst the leaves

Squirrel amongst the leaves

leaves fall in the autumn and squirrels dig amongst them

Photo of Ground squirrel

Ground squirrel

a small red ground squirrel

Photo of Black Squirrel on its back legs

Black Squirrel on its back legs

a friendly black squirrel stands up to get a better look

Photo of Squirrel eating

Squirrel eating

a squirrel eating scraps on a fence

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