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York Minster

About York Minster

York Minster was built between the 12th and the 15th Century on the site of a Norman Cathedral and is the largest medieval Gothic church in England. Its grandeur and overwhelming beauty attracts visitors from all over the world.

The construction of the York Minster as we know it today started id 1220 when archbishop Gray and the Dean and Chapter decided to reconstruct the Norman Minster. The rebuilding of York Minster went on almost continuously for two hundred and fifty years.

The first to be build was the South Transept followed by the North Transept.
In the North Transept, the whole area is dominated by the Five Sisters Window, largest of its type to survive anywhere in the world. The coloured glass was only manufactured abroad and was very expensive to import in such quantities.

The aisled nave has the vault even higher than the transepts, making its interior lit by complex and enormous expanses of glass.
You are immediately struck, on entering the cathedral, by the sheer scale of your surroundings.
The nave also contains several examples of Norman stained glass on both the north and south sides, the best example being a panel portaying St Nicholas riding over a cheat who had stolen from a money lender.

In 1472 the Dean and Chapter decided that the Minster was at last complete and held a great re-dedication ceremony to mark the occasion.

The Foundations Museum under the Minster, accessible from the South Transept, shows how the present building was constructed on the site of a Norman Cathedral, which was itself built on a Roman Fort.
Here, the visitors can see ruins of the Roman headquarters situated underneath York Minster.

2 Photo Journeys from York Minster

  1. York Minster beautiful nave

    Written by Elisabeth on 16th Apr 2006Rating 5/5 (1 votes)rating 5 out of 5

    York MinsterYork Minster

    York Minster is the widest Gothic nave in England, and the sheer scale of it your immediately strikes you as soon as you enter the cathedral.

    The Minster has, internally, a nave, choi...

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  2. York Minster - the largest medieval structure in England

    Written by Theodor on 18th Nov 2005

    The western TowersThe western Towers

    York uses the word Minster, that comes from Latin "ministerium" meaninng “office or “service”, and was embraced by the Old English as mynster or monastery.
    Thus minster originally applied to...

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