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KODAK Motion Picture Film: H-1

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Good Film--those that effectively communicate the desired message, be it factual, emotional, persuasional, or whatever--are the result of an almost magical blend of ideas and technology. If any of these ingredients is not fully understood by the filmmaker, the outcome could be a film that falls short of the mark.

The "idea" ingredient is well documented, for beginner and professional alike. Books covering virtually all aspects of the aesthetics and mechanics of filmmaking abound--how to choose an appropriate film style, the importance of sound, how to write an effective film script, the basic elements of visual continuity, etc.

The "technology" ingredient is a little harder to get to because, although equally important, it is less glamorous and may even intimidate the uninformed. With that very real possibility in mind, we have produced this book, KODAK Motion Picture Film (H-1). In it you will find technical but easy-to-read-and-apply facts--applying technical film data to your particular situation, the best ways to use filters, how sound tracks are made, arranging for safe projection and storage, etc. And finally, we have provided you with a broad overview of the services offered by your motion picture film laboratory. This final section will give you a better understanding of what happens (and why) during this final phase of the filmmaking process.

And so, regardless of whether you are a student or a savant of filmmaking, whether you are creating or commissioning films, whether your budget is meager or multimillion, this book will help you choose the films you need to get the best results possible.