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Google admits to mobile phone plan

Google admits to mobile phone plan Google has admitted that it is working on a mobile phone as it looks to extend internet advertising to handheld devices.

According to Nomura phone analyst Richard Windsor, the company has confirmed the project.

"Google has come out of the closet at the CeBIT trade fair admitting that it is working on a mobile phone of its own," he said in a note.

"This is not going to be a high-end device but a mass market device aimed at bringing Google to users who don't have a PC."

Google is currently the dominant search engine, holding a far higher share of the internet search market than its nearest rivals, Yahoo and Microsoft.

It makes huge sums of money through internet advertising and the latest move would see it extend this to those using the web on the move.

It is good news for internet marketers, who will be able to target a wider fraction of the population through web-based campaigns.

When Apple announced the arrival of its iPhone back in January, it fuelled speculation as to which big-name brand would come out tops in the mobile advertising war.

In the meantime, businesses can take advantage of link building to get good returns on marketing investment.

Google News News posted on 20/03/2007 17:11:02

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