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Welcome to Platinax

Platinax is a free business help service run by a volunteer staff of company directors, who apply the internet’s “open source” mentality to business.

This means that by pooling our technical knowledge from our own specialised fields of business, we can help provide free help and advice for other businesses looking to get the most of using the internet for trading purposes.

Through the provision of information, experience, advice, and resources, Platinax aims to empower entrepreneurs to overcome the technical challenges of working with the internet, to help develop their business online more successfully.

Platinax aims to do this through 5 key areas:

  • 1. Business Articles and Reviews
  • The main section of the website provides unique and original articles and reviews, which are information rich and aim to help make best practices decisions for implementing internet business strategies.

  • 2. Business Forums
  • The Platinax business forums are a great place to network, ask questions, and learn cross-speciality information from one another. It has a voluntary staff, who run a business in a variety of different internet sectors, from servers and server maintenance, business planning, direct sales, internet marketing, website design, and webhosting.

  • 3. Business Directory
  • The Platinax Directory is an online business directory of UK and worldwide business merchants. It’s a human edited directory that aims to only list actual business sites, to help businesses locate one another.

  • 4. Internet News
  • Platinax Internet News aims to present a general round-up of news and events relating to business online, covering a range of topics important to UK online business working with the global internet.

Platinax Staff

The following are people involved in helping Platinax evolve and develop:

Brian Turner

Brian Turner

Brian Turner is the administrator of the site, and director of Platinax Internet Ltd which owns the website’s interests.

Brian is also a leading SEO expert and the director of Britecorp Marketing services, which provides internet marketing and management services for private clients.

Brian runs a business blog on the site here: Brian’s business blog

Roy Troxel

Roy Troxel

Roy Troxel is the editor of the WebServer Times and helps Moderate discussions on the Platinax forum about the internet and technology.

Roy is also a leading IT expert, with a specialist interest on the development of new technologies and their role in expanding the internet.

Roy Troxel also has his Cyber Routes blog on Platinax, dealing with new technology and the internet.



Tony is the director of TWD Hosting and helps Moderate discussions about the web hosting on the forums.

Tony has specialist experience in the hosting and development of ecommerce applications online, and provides managed server solutions to private clients.

Tony also has his Daily Life of a Webhost blog on Platinax, dealing with everyday webhosting and small business issues.

Peter Hale

Peter Hale

Peter Hale is an experienced business planning advisor and administrates Teneric. He helps Moderate the Business Discussions section of the forums.

Peter is a very successful business and marketing planner, who has worked with various SME’s increase the efficiency of their business.

Dave Ashton

Dave Ashton is an experienced sales management consultant and is the director of Bizal. Dave helps Moderate the sales and advertising section of the forums.

Dave is one of Scotland’s leading figures in lead generation, and has a long history of advertising and marketing expertise at both the SME and corporate level.


Aidan Walsh

Aidan Walsh is a webdesigner and director of Seed Design. He helps Moderate the Graphics and Design section of the forums.

Aidan has extensive experience in webdevelopment, such as XHTML and accessibility issues, as well as CSS and PHP/MySQL development.

Cliver Rutherford

Clive Rutherford

Clive Rutherford is a legal consultant for Vital Product Solutions and specialises in consulting product compliance and trading standards. He helps Moderate the Business Law section of the forums.

Clive has a long record of product compliance consulting, helping to ensure that SME’s keep on the right side of the law with advertising and product specifications.

Jane Owen

Jane Owen is also a legal consultant for Vital Product Solutions and specialises in consulting product compliance and trading standards. She also helps Moderate the Business Law section of the forums.

Jane is also a compliance advisor, who works with Clive Rutherford to provide help and information on legal compliance with UK and EU trading legislation.

Contact Platinax

You are welcome to contact Platinax:

E-mail: brian@Platinax.co.uk
Phone: +44(0)7963 808470
Address: 11 Osprey Crescent, Nairn, IV12 5LG, Scotland, UK


All content on Platinax is copyright. You may not republish content/articles etc from this site outside of fair use without written permission.

All feeds must attribute Platinax as the source, and syndicated content must directly link back to the original articles without the links being interfered with.


Privacy Policy: Platinax Internet Ltd will not reuse or distribute information provided for us on this site to third parties. The only time we collect information is to operate services on this site, such as the forums, which use cookies to allow members to log in and use the service. At no point is this information used for tracking or personally identifying users or their behaviour, either on Platinax or off site. Members of the forum may be infrequently e-mailed to inform them of important updates and changes to the site, but will not be provided for third-party use.

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