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This is a follow up to my All in One SEO Pack for Wordpress. The free Wordpress plugin allows you to control the title, description and keywords META tags for every post you write. Without it, your description and keywords is the same as your blog tagline. Google will either list that or whatever it finds near the top of your page if you’re missing the META information.

To better illustrate this point, I thought I would show you a Google listing example from a blog not using the All in One SEO pack and compare this to a blog that is using the plugin (namely, mine). Let’s begin with my good friend Stephen Fung. His blog is not using All in One SEO.

Google Results Without All in One SEO


Using the Google site command, we can get a list of all the pages Google has indexed for Stephen Fung. Notice that all the page titles are different, which is good. However, all the descriptions are the same, which is bad. While it’s possible to figure out what the page is about from the page title, it helps more if the description talks a bit about what the page is about.

The above illustrate why it’s extremely important to have a really descriptive page title. If your description META tag isn’t set then the searcher has only your title to figure out what your page is about.

Google Results With All in One SEO


With All in One SEO, you can enter a description META tag (and keywords) for each post. If you don’t want to take the time to update a thousand old blog posts, the plugin will take the first 25 words of your post and use that as the description META tag. The results is every single page on your blog will have a unique description. You can see that from the site results from my blog.

You can read more about the All in One SEO Pack for Wordpress here.

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If you have G4 Tech TV or the How To Channel, you can see me on today’s episode of The Lab with Leo Laporte. Check your local listing for air times. I will be talking with Leo about ways to monetize your blog.

Leo Laporte is an award-winning technology journalist, best-selling author and broadcaster. In addition to his many years hosting Call For Help and The Screen Savers, Leo hosts the syndicated radio program The Tech Guy, and continues to work on a number of podcasts on the network.

I have been invited back to do two more segments with Leo for future episodes. I do not know when those new episodes will air but we’ll be taping them in the next two weeks. As you can see, my publicity train is running at full speed. Google? Who needs Google? :twisted:

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My last PC game giveaway worked so well I figure I would do it again! This time, I have a special edition copy of Battlefield 2 to give away. This first-person shooter game, with some strategy and RPG elements, is published by Electronic Arts, the world’s biggest game publisher.

In Battlefield 2, players will choose to fight for one of three military superpowers: the United States, the Chinese, or the newly formed Middle East Coalition. Armed with the latest modern weaponry, players can take control of any of the game’s 30+ vehicles to engage in major conflicts with over 64 players in some of the largest online battles on the PC. Additionally, persistent character growth allows players to rise through the ranks and attain the ultimate rank of General.

The entry rules are the same as the last game contest. Simply reply to this post and you’re entered. You only need to reply once to enter the draw. Replying a second time won’t get you a second entry. However, if you blog about it and link to this post, I’ll accept that as second entry. Just send a trackback so it shows up in the comments. I will draw a random winner Wednesday night.

Good luck.

PS - The box maybe in Chinese, but there is an English install as well.

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I’m sure every girl would love a husband as understanding as this one. I’ve done something similar to this but I won’t tell what it was because it’s just too evil. Enjoy the video.

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There are a lot of ways that you can try to make money online. John has taken the content-focused route with this blog and The TechZone, but countless other individuals have found astronomical success trying different things. eLottery is one of these “different things”, but because it is no longer legal to gamble online in the United States, the developers had to devise something that could skirt the issue. Project e-Play is exactly that “something.”

The Evolution is Coming

Without a doubt, one of the best ways you can build buzz for your product or service is to order a ReviewMe review from a top notch site like John Chow dot Com. Look at the exposure that AGLOCO has received through John’s posts. Imagine if one of the early AGLOCO members ordered a ReviewMe from John; they’d have a huge network by now!

The very same concept lies behind this latest internet venture, combining casual gaming, internet marketing, and social networking. The sales page tells us that the Internet is the world’s fastest-growing marketplace and the market growth is “worth the equivalent of $412 every second of every hour of every day.”

But what exactly is so “evolutionary” about Project e-Play? Well, at its core, it’s based in multi-level marketing (MLM). Money is earned through a series of “memberships” and you get a cut of the fees collected from any new members you refer. The sales package is a little unclear, but it seems to work the same way as a lottery with one notable difference. The winner of the pot is not determined by chance, but rather by skill in a number of casual online games.

And Now, A Commercial Break

Steve O’Connor, the man who ordered this review, told us to have a look at a recent press release that gives you a better idea of what eVo Leadership (Project e-Play) is all about. In this press release, they talk about the internet spawning “thousands of millionaires”, telling you about this whole “wealth-making” enterprise.


Free registration to eVo Leadership closes on July 14, 2007. Yeah, it’s another one of these limited time offers. There’s no saying what the sign-up website is going to look like after that date. Accompanying the press release is a YouTube-embedded video.

If you head over to YouTube, you’ll find several other videos related to Project e-Play, all of which are aimed to create some viral buzz.

This Sounds Familiar

If you’re wondering why this entire business (and gaming) opportunity sounds so familiar, that’s because a different affiliate ordered a ReviewMe last month… for the exact same product The key difference, of course, is that they are different affiliates with different referral codes. They’re both competing for your sign-up dollars.

Mentioning this to John, I said it was foolish to order a review for something that the site already covered. Either Steve O’Connor didn’t have a solid look-through John Chow dot Com before ponying up the $400 asking price, or he didn’t care that someone else already ordered a review. John reminded me that web users typically have a very short attention span and without reminders, they tend to forget and lose interest. Maybe this review is more timely, since the sign-up deadline is only 13 days away.

All this said, I believe that O’Connor went about this in a slightly better way. Instead of using a URI that clearly contains a referral ID (as the previous guy did), O’Connor made use of a simple redirect that doesn’t look quite so diabolical. The link that he provided — — doesn’t look like an affiliate link at all. This allows for more trust and less suspicion. You’ll also notice that the sales page bears his name, welcoming you to the site.

Making Money Online is No Game

If you want to be rich, you’re going to have to put in some work. Making money with eVo Leadership or Project e-Play (having two names is quite confusing) is no different, despite what their sales package and videos may lead you to believe. You’ll need to either sign up a lot of affiliates (work) or you’ll have to be super good at the casual games (also work).

Whether this whole thing is one big MLM or pyramid scheme/scam… well, I’m still going to leave that up to you decide. Given that it hasn’t even officially launched yet, we have no real way of telling for sure.

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Back in September of 2006, I made a decision to see how much money I can make by blogging. Before, the blog served as a personal journal to ramble about whatever was on my mind. Since one of my rambling topics was about make money online, it made perfect sense to use this blog as a case study to show what one can achieve when all the stops were pulled out.

The blog has seen some amazing revenue growth in the past nine months. Starting in September, John Chow dot Com made $352.94 (all of it coming from Google AdSense) and went all the way to $11,702.66 in April. However, the income dropped to $10,559.40 in May.

June is the start of summer. Advertising revenue generally slow down during this time. Add in the fact that Google put me in their dog house half way though the month (June 16 to be exact) and you would expect income to go down again. However, I’m happy to report that summer and Google hasn’t done much to stop my rise.

Total Blog Income For June 2007: $12,569.61

The original goal of this case study was to create full time income with part time blogging. I think everyone would agree that we are well beyond full time income. However, John Chow dot Com is still a part time venture for me (it’s really a hobby). Here is the June income breakdown.

Blog traffic was 315,827 page views from 165,805 visitors. That works out to a site wide effective CPM of $39.79. In other words, I make nearly $40 for every 1,000 page views. That is level rates. Most blogs are happy if they can pull down $1 to $2 CPM.

Looking at the revenue numbers, you can see Google AdSense took a big drop from last month. This is due to the summer advertising slow down. The blog is still getting the same level of clicks, but the income I earn from those clicks have gone down because advertisers lower their bids during the summer months. Luckily, I have many flat-rate ad setups that are not affected by seasonal changes.

The above income figures illustrates why you should never pull all your eggs in Google’s basket. If all I did was run Google AdSense, I would have made only $778.90. You should run as many advertising systems as you can get away with while still offering a good user experience. Check out my recommended money makers to find out more about all the ad networks I use.

Blog advertising expenses for the month was $467.05 for SiteMatch Google ads and $278.32 for normal Google ads. Hosting for John Chow dot Com is provided by BlueFur web hosting. The blog is hosted on a BlueFur Xlite dedicated server which cost $169.95 per month. Use coupon code JohnChowRocks for 15% off.

Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com E Book

Every time I post a monthly blog income recap, I get a ton of email from readers asking how I did this and how I did that and how can they do it too. Most of these questions I have already answered in the blog. However, not many people want go through 100+ pages of blog posts or use the blog search feature. To better serve readers wanting to make money by blogging, I have created an E book on the subject. Best of all, it cost zero dollars (and comes with a 1 million times money back guaranteed).

Download Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com

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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day everyone! In honor of Canada Day, I bring you this message from my good friend Joe. My name is John and I am Canadian!

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The last time we got together for a Dot Com Dim Sum was back in March. We were long overdue for another one so instead of doing Dot Com Pho today, we headed over to Kirin Seafood Restaurant for another Dim Sum get together. In attendance, from right to left, were Ed Lau, Stephen Fung, Michael Kwan, Wolfgang, Greg Morgan, Rainer (his son Matthew is hidden in the above pic), Gary Jones from, Erin Berringer from Newport Business Media, my wife Sarah and myself.

The Kirin Restaurant Group opened Kirin Mandarin Restaurant on Alberni Street in downtown Vancouver in 1987. Just two years later, Kirin Seafood Restaurant began on Cambie Street by the City Hall. Kirin opened Kirin Seafood Restaurants in the Richmond Three West Centre in 1998 and another Kirin opened in Coquitlam in 2000. Kirin is a place to see and be seen. The client base has included heads of state, celebrities, movie stars and sport superstars (plus one dot com mogul).

Kirin is one of the more expensive Dim Sum restaurant but its food quality justify its higher pricing. The service is normally excellent but was off today due to the completely packed house - nearly all Dim Sum restaurants in Richmond are full on a Saturday. Luckily, our table was ready for us at our 12:00 reservation time.

Dot Com Dim Sum was sponsored by our friends at BlueFur Web Hosting. They were nice enough to pick up the $200+ lunch bill. If you need web hosting, give BlueFur a shout. Use coupon code JohnChowRock for 15% of any services.







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PC DVD Games

Congrats goes out to Eastwood Zhao and Stephen Welton for winning our latest contest. Eastwood won a copy of Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars and Stephen won Needs for Speed Carbon, both from Electronic Arts.

To claim their prize, all Eastwood and Stephen have to do is reply to the email I sent them. I hope they have very powerful PCs with super fast video cards. They’re going to need it if they want to play these games are their maximum detail settings.

This contest was one of the most successful yet, with over 270 comments. I had no idea people like computer games so much. It work so great, I’m going to see what else I can grab from EA to give away. Look for another game grab soon!

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Picking Up The New Car

Today was an exciting day. Not only did I made it into the July issue of BC Business magazine but I got to pick up my new family car. Our old Acura TL was coming up on four years and that’s about the longest I keep a car. We searched high and low for a replacement to the trusted family mover but in end, we got another Acura TL. One of the deciding factor that kept me as an Acura customer was the $1,500 coupon Acura sent me.

I purchased the car yesterday. The entire sales process took about ten minutes. I don’t believe in spending hours fighting back and forth with the sale person (at least not unless I feel like it). Sarah and I went into Richmond Acura, told the salesman we wanted the TL, told him the price we were willing to pay and said, “We want it now!” Richmond Acura did everything we wanted except for giving the car to us on the spot. They needed some time to prepare the car for delivery.

Taking Delivery


Marco Wu of Richmond Acura fills out the final paper work. Sally is more interested in the red MDX. I considered getting the new MDX but I still like the ride of a car more than an SUV.


The new TL at home in the garage next to the RSX. All my previous Acuras have been black but I wanted a white one this time around. A white car isn’t very evil but I don’t need an evil family car.

Now we just have to sell the old TL. Anyone want to buy it?

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