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Chornobyl Recovery and Development Programme
Instytutska 24/7, office #4, Kyiv, 01021, Ukraine
tel: (380 44) 253 5068; 253 5177; 253 0708; fax: 253 7663
Project Manager:
Pavlo Zamostyan

UNDP Programme Manager:
Oksana Remiga
September 2002
March 2007


The Chornobyl Recovery and Development Programme (CRDP) launched its activities based on the recommendations of the report "The Human Consequences of the Chornobyl Nuclear Accident. A Strategy for Recovery", initiated by the UN Agencies in February 2002. CRDP forms the third phase of the UN Chornobyl Programme, which had been operating in 1999-2002.

he goal of CRDP's activities is to support the efforts of the Government of Ukraine to mitigate long-term social, economic and ecological consequences of the Chornobyl catastrophe, to create more favorable living conditions and promote sustainable human development in Chornobyl affected regions. Due to the partnerships with international organizations, oblast and rayon state administrations, village councils, scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations and private businesses, CRDP supports community organizations in the implementation of their initiatives on economic, social development and environmental recovery as well as promotes information distribution about the Chornobyl catastrophe within Ukraine as well as internationally.  


  In order to achieve its goals, CRDP is working in such areas:

Rendering assistance for the improvement of state policy - supporting legislation changes and innovative strategies towards mitigation of the consequences of the Chornobyl catastrophe, which, in turn, are focused on providing sustainable development in the affected regions, secure living and distribution of comprehensive information to the population.

Self-governance and community development - rendering assistance to community organizations in self-organization and self-governance, increasing their potential for implementing their own priority programmes of social, economic, and ecological recovery and development

Institutional support - enhancement and development of the institutional support system, which foresees the expansion of institutional opportunities, strengthening the potential of organizations and institutions that promote socio-economic development and ecological recovery of the Chornobyl affected regions.

Geography of CRDP's activities:

CRDP works in the 4 most Chornobyl-affected oblasts in Ukraine, namely Kyivska, Zhytomyrska, Chernihivska and Rivnenska, which include 17 raiyons: Borodyansky, Ivankivsky, Kyivo-Svyatoshynsky, Makarivsky, Polissky (Kyiv oblast), Brusylivsky, Korostensky, Ovrutsky, Luhynsky, Narodytsky, Olevsky, Emilchynsky (Zhytomyr oblast), Chernihivsky, Ripkynsky (Chernihiv oblast), Dubrovytsky, Zarichnensky and Rokytnivsky (Rivne oblast).  


CRDP's approach, focusing on community development, has not only begun to change the attitudes of the communities towards greater self-help, but has also led to a much more enthusiastic response from the donor community. At present, CRDP has acquired almost USD 4 mln. Current CRDP donors include:

  • UN Trust Fund for Human Security / Government of Japan - USD 1.178 mln.
  • Canadian International Development Agency / Government of Canada - USD 1.228 mln.
  • The Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency / Government of Switzerland - USD 473 ths
  • UN Development Programme - USD 581 ths.
  • UN Special Voluntary Fund - USD 287 ths.
  • The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - USD 110 ths.


Supported the improvement of national programmes for the mitigation of Chornobyl catastrophe consequences (research, round-tables, conferences, participation of the CRDP's national and international partners in the dialogue). Provided the Government of Ukraine with advisory support on national policy and regional cooperation issues, including hosting of various round tables and providing support for studies on Chornobyl-specific policy issues. New National Programme on Chornobyl for 2006 - 2010 adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine incorporated key recovery-oriented recommendations. At the 20th Chornobyl Anniversary commemorative conferences, the UN/UNDP Chornobyl strategy was largely based on the UNDP/CRDP's experiences. Due to UNDP/CRDP strategic approach, there was strengthened the sub-regional cooperation between Ukraine, Belarus and Russian Federation in Chornobyl affected areas.

Realization of the principle "Community organizations and authorities: partners on recovery and development issues". 256 community organizations (COs) were formed in 174 villages of Ukraine (involving over 20,000 community members), that resolve important socio-economic problems in the villages: reconstruction of water pipe-lines and gasification; reconstruction of schools, baths, village health centers, and ambulatories; creation of youth, public and service centers; etc.

In 2004-2007, community organizations implemented more than 169 recovery and development projects totalling over 9 mln. UAH, 3,3 mln. of which were contributed by CRDP. Nearly, 200,000 people benefit from community-driven development projects supported by UNDP/CRDP. Community organizations successfully mobilized significant financial resources for implementation of their own priority projects. On average, for the implementation of one project, a community organization itself contributes 20% of the total amount, local village and rayon authorities - 40%, CRDP - 31%, other sponsors - 9%.

In 2006 UNDP/CRDP supported 40 CO projects in 14 Chornobyl most affected raiyons in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr and Rivne oblasts of Ukraine. The total amount of costs invested in 40 projects is 6,307,157 UAH (app. 1,261,000 USD). UNDP/CRDP's financial contribution was 1,679,404 UAH (app. 335,000 USD). Over 50,000 Chornobyl affected people will benefit from the projects implemented. In 2006 members of community organizations and local partners contributed over 70% of total projects' costs

Due to CRDP's strategic approach in cooperation with regional authorities in Ukraine, CRDP's partner raiyon councils of Chornobyl affected territories committed over 2,5 mln. UAH (app. 500,000 USD) in 2007 budgets to support CO-based projects.

Conducted a series of trainings throughout the regions on organization of CO's activities; leadership; medical and preventive measures; project preparation and management; and local economic development and planning. In 2006, about 4000 persons took part in those trainings, including representatives of local executive authorities and self-governance.

Over 20 village primary aid health centres have been provided with medical equipment.

Supported the creation of Youth Centres in 24 villages; 6 of which were provided with equipment for computer centres. In two village schools (Pershotravneve, Ovruch rayon and Pakul, Chernihiv rayon) projects on creation of Internet centres and web-sites are successfully being implemented.

Awarded grants for developing of activities of Regional Economic Development Agencies in three raiyons of Zhytomyr oblasts (Brusyliv, Korosten and Ovruch) and 2 raiyons of Kyiv oblast (Borodyanka and Ivankiv).

Enlarged the work of the Chornobyl Economic Development Forum as a platform for working out a strategy of sustainable development of territories, attracting investment into the region, creation of the conditions for partnerships between businesses and authorities for recovery and development of affected territories.

In cooperation with leading scientific institutions, developed and distributed information materials (brochures, booklets, a film, posters, CDs - totally about 20 titles) regarding the Chornobyl accident consequences and conditions of secure living in contaminated territories. Conducted a series of trainings for teachers and medical workers on issues of radiation security and healthy life styles.

In 2005 there was conducted a regular monitoring of the coverage of Chornobyl-related issues by mass media. UNDP/CRDP supported the production and publication of more than 120 newspapers and journals articles, radio and TV reports in Ukrainian and International mass media. In 2005, there was a great increase (almost three times more in comparison to 2004) in the number of publications, TV and radio reports in Ukrainian and International mass media on UNDP/CRDP activities and results. In 2006 there were produced over 200 articles, TV and radio reports about UNDP/CRDP.


  • Continue to support the development and self-organization of village community organizations in affected territories, including offering "seed" grants for development projects.
  • Continue to stimulate state policy and institutional changes.
  • Continue to enhance the capacity of local public institutions to further mitigate the consequences of the Chornobyl catastrophe.
  • Continue to promote regional cooperation in Chornobyl-affected areas in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
  • Continue to disseminate information about consequences of the Chornobyl catastrophe and CRDP activities.
  •  Preparation to the 21st Commemoration Anniversary of Chornobyl Catastrophe.

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