[Ain't nothing like the real thing baby]
[Shimmy shimmy cocoa pop]
[Passing the torch]
[Paint it black]
[Calories don't exist on anniversaries]

Second verse, same as the first

'in the good ol summertime]

The above photo was taken on June 16th at Cocoa Beach during a "Florida Flickr Chics Mixr".

The following announcement is long-overdue and one I'm so excited to make...

A few weeks ago I let everyone know that the annual blogger Boobie-Thon was being put up for adoption. I'm now proud and bursting at the seams to tell everyone who the proud parent will be!

Drumroll please...


Some of you might originally remember Mel from "highlymoody.com". She's now over at "thirtyo.com" and emtwowebstudios.com.

I seriously could not have created a more perfect Boobie-Thon coordinator replacement, even if I went the "Weird Science" route and whipped up Kelly LeBrock on my MacBook Pro.

Mel is the most amazing coordinator I could have possibly dreamed up to insure the Boobie-Thon will continue down its original set-path — with some much needed spice, pep, "fresh blood", new ideas, and good ol' fashioned fighting spirit — for years to come!

So please join me in telling Mel THANK YOU, congrats, and welcome aboard! I personally will be first in line to sign up as one of her volunteers this October, and I know you will all feel the same way!

Thanks Mel - I can't WAIT to watch you crack the $10K barrier this fall!

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