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Tuesday, July 3, 2007
Are you ready for some...

We WILL be back in October 2007 - bigger and better than ever before! And we'll be under new management so stay tuned!

Thanks for your continued support!

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Sunday, October 8, 2006
And that's the way it was...

[thank you]
The 2006 Boobie-Thon has come and gone. I'd like to take a second to first thank all of our volunteers without whom none of this would be possible. They've worked around the clock making sure you always had new photo content and constant donation updates. They've also helped me and Lisa with a job that's truly outgrown two people - we have three departments, coordinators, and multiple help-desks now. Amazing!

Next, I'd like to thank everyone who donated, submitted photos, linked the site - and even those who were so vocally critical. No publicity is bad publicity and there's been a lot of healthy discussion out there about breast cancer this week and just how to fund a cure for it. That's never a bad thing.

We raised OVER NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS this year — we've passed that milestone two years in a row! How incredible is that? (Since 2002, we've raised over $35,000!)

I'll drop by again next week with final updates when I've had a bit more sleep. But for now, as we close another year in the books, I just had to say THANK YOU! Truly, from the bottom of my heart!

Boobie-Thon Founder

P.S. If you've written, you will get a reply. I promise - I want to thank everyone personally. I just need to hug my kids first...

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I'm all verklempt

So. Another year. Each year has brought new aspects to this humble party. We've gotten to know some people who have returned year after year with support through donations and pictures. We've read stories from people who've battled breast cancer and won; we've seen some of our friends succumb to breast cancer and related issues and had their health deteriorate. We've seen pictures from people of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones, all wanting to come together to celebrate breast health and raise awareness in the hopes of saving lives. We've heard so many jokes about cervical cancer it's not funny anymore. But most of all we've raised money toward worthy causes and felt good about having done something that matters.

Among others, here are a few worthwhile notes about this year's Boobie-Thon. We and our volunteers have, in the past two weeks, processed over 1500 emails, published over 900 pictures in over 6 different primary galleries, and posted over 150 entries just with photo submissions. That's a lot! I am truly humbled and amazed by your support.

We've learned a lot. We've reinforced friendships. We've laughed, cried, celebrated, and stressed together. We've been a team. All of us. Those of us behind the scenes and all of you out there, reading this. For this brief time we've worked together toward a common goal and we were successful! Thank you, volunteers, donors, people who linked the Boobie-Thon on your site and directed traffic our way, and especially those of you who influenced other people to donate their money, time, or boobie pictures to the cause. Finally, and foremost, thank you Robyn, for putting your influence and energy into giving a little something back for a fifth year in a row.

Without you, (and you... and you and you and you) there really wouldn't be a Boobie-Thon. Please... talk amongst yourselves....

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Saturday, October 7, 2006
Midnight is almost here...

Have you made your donation yet? It comes with FREEBIES! Hurry up!

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The charity that gives you a little summin' in return

PLEASE NOTE: This main page of the site will always remain work-safe with text updates only, as will the RSS feed linked in the sidebar. Only the photos pages aren't work-safe. Links in the sidebar marked with an asterisk (*) are not considered work-safe either.

We are theeeeeees close to cracking the $9K barrier before we wrap. Help us do it! From now until we get to last year's total, or the 'Thon closes, in addition to your $15 or more donation getting the free "pay-per-boobies" login (this login includes access to over 300 photos for 2006, and the passwords to all previous-years' pay galleries as well) - you'll also get your choice of coverd or bare wallpapers.

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Dig deep

We are now less than $565 away from matching last year's take - with just under five hours left in this year's Boobie-Thon.

Matching last year's "take" against this year's is somewhat skewed however, because we opened donations a day early in 2005 to coincide with a Wired Magazine feature. And the way the calendar worked out with weekends, that put us open 9 total days last year vs. this year's 7 days.

So should we not quite match last year before all is said and done, the donation amounts are stacked up against 48-hours less — and I just can't say "THANK YOU!" enough.

But I can do this... Any donation of $15 or more - until we match the total-take for 2005, or the 'Thon ends, whichever comes first - will get a free "pay-per-boobies" login (this login includes access to over 300 photos for 2006, and the passwords to all previous-years' pay galleries as well).

So if you've been waiting to donate, the clock is literally ticking now. Hurry up!

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Postcards from the edge

Found the following in our comment-inbox this afternoon...

Dear Robyn;

Just a note of encouragement for your goals. I am a survivor who thanks you from the bottom of my heart for what you do and have been doing. Don't let small minded, petty, imbecilic people get to you.

I walk the Breast Cancer 3 Day and the Komen Race in Minneapolis. I know the level of commitment it takes to devote yourself to this cause.

Wish I had thought of it first. But here's one you might want to play with... in a conversation with another survivor- who has had reconstruction (I haven't)- we debated which of us would have the best chance at a wet tee shirt contest. As we batted the idea around, we quickly realised that we could do some serious fundraising around this. And a fundraiser was born. There are five survivors on my team. I am the only one who hasn't had reconstruction. We are now seeking other 3 Day teams that want to share in the fun.

People have to understand that Breast Cancer is about BREASTS! Don't really much care if you like the subject matter or not- that's what it is. We can only cure it if we can say the words.

My thanks again for your awesome work!

"We can only cure it if we can say the words." I couldn't have said it better myself!

Less than six hours to go now for this year's event. DONATE!

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I forget what "8" was for

We've broken $8K in under 7 full-days! WOW! As mentioned earlier, first donation (it's gone!) - regardless of amount - gets the free "pay-per-boobies" login! Just over nine hours to go until the 2006 event ends... Don't be left out! DONATE!

UPDATE: The free login is gone - check back again soon for another promotion!

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Last call for pictures has come and gone

With little fuss or fanfare, photo submissions are now closed. No exceptions. We have gotten some great pictures in just under the wire and we'll be processing and posting throughout the day on various pages. Some of the best pictures we received just this morning are only for the VIP page and will also be posted shortly if they're not up already. Check back often and donate soon!

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This is your last and final warning:

Photo submissions officially end at noon (12 p.m. EDT) TODAY. No exceptions. This is so all submitted photos can be processed and placed online before the 2006 'Thon ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT on 10/7.

After that, you don't have to go home, but you can't submit photos here. Just over two hours to go now, so get busy!

Let's see if we can't break that $8K mark today, shall we? First donation to hit the milestone, regardless of amount, gets the "pay-per-boobies" login for free!

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It's all downhill from here

We now have over 300 photos in our 2006 pay-per-boobies galleries! We've now reached #500 in the female section of the free galleries! WOW! Thank you so much to everyone who's submitted. One more quick reminder...

Photo submissions officially end at noon (12 p.m. EDT) on Saturday, October 7th. No exceptions. This is so all submitted photos can be processed and placed online before the 2006 'Thon ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT on 10/7.

Less than 24 hours to go now 'til we officially close up shop...get those donations in ASAP!

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Friday, October 6, 2006
If I may...

I would like to take a minute to share some of my feelings with you. I am not the originator of the idea behind the Boobie-Thon, but I am a strong believer in what it stands for. If you would like to take a short break to read the story behind the first Boobie-Thon, I'll wait. I remember reading about it as it happened. I personally thought the decision to direct the excess funds raised by the first year's festivities toward breast cancer awareness was pure genius. The next year enough bloggers begged Robyn to do it all over again that she relented and figured out a way to ensure that all of the money could go to worthy causes rather than what she could have done, which was to throw a gigantic party and donate what was left to charity. I was so impressed I immediately ponied up a couple of pictures of my breasts - the very first time they'd ever made an online appearance. It was for a good cause! It was for breast cancer awareness! The next year even more people wanted to be a part of the fun. The rest is history.

The majority of the people who were involved in the beginning were already friends, and some of them still send us pictures each year. Even though the Boobie-Thon has grown the way it has, it's still about helping people when all is said and done. I got involved because I thought Robyn might need help, and because everyone was having so much fun I wanted to be a part of it. I enjoyed helping out with the Boobie-Thon so much that I volunteered again the next year. That year, due to a variety of reasons, I needed more help with the accepting and processing of photo submissions, but it was still fun. Since that time, we have had to make so many things about accepting and posting photos standardized that it's almost lost its "bloggers about helping bloggers" family feeling. Quite a few of the people who send in pictures don't even have a blog or a website.

The people who send in a photo to the Boobie-Thon would, for the most part, not be the ones you'd expect to show their bodies to strangers. Most also send touching letters, thanking the team for putting in the time we do to keep this going year after year. We receive stories of aunts, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, and uncles who have died or battled breast cancer. We receive pictures from survivors brave enough to send them. We read stories that make us alternately cry and cheer; we see pictures that make us laugh, some that make us cry, and some from good-natured guys who support raising awareness about breast health. Mostly, we put in hours on end at the computer and get very little sleep, food, sunshine, or exercise during almost 3 weeks out of a year in the name of raising money for breast cancer research.

Almost all of the articles I've seen pooh-poohing the Boobie-Thon protest the fact that we ask people to donate to Komen. Most skip right over the fact that each year we've chosen a separate blogger-related charity to donate to if you choose not to send your funds to Komen. Last year the Boobie-Thon raised $1355.40 for the Red Cross Katrina fund. If the current selection selection of recipients doesn't please you, may I suggest that you choose one of your own, or create one for a cause that matters to you? We are an equal opportunity fundraiser and we encourage you to give of your time and money to the charity of your choice. If you have already done so, thank you. If have not, and you choose instead to write an article pointing fingers and doing the journalistic equivalent of poking fun at anyone who has, then I would say your demeanor resembles that of a schoolyard bully. You have a right to support any charity you'd like, whether it be for AIDS research, saving the rain forest, or testicular or prostate cancer - and please do! My senior class president had testicular cancer while still in high school, and someone I know and respect recently went through a battle with prostate cancer. I appreciate the time, expertise and money spent on research to learn enough to help each of them come away from their battle with a clean bill of health. No matter who you choose as your beneficiary, please support them and create awareness without using your audience to denigrate a fundraising effort that works just as hard to raise awareness and funds for their chosen recipient.

To those of you who have returned year after year supporting the Boobie-Thon either through volunteering, donating money or pictures, or linking the site and helping raise interest and awareness, thank you very much. Without all of you, this would not be anywhere near as successful or fun as it has come to be.

There you have it. My two cents. A long-winded equivalent of, "Can't we all just get along and be happy?" Now, back to saving the boobies.

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This means you!

I heard a little rumor from the donations desk that we've broken $7K (THANK YOU ALL)! Next donation, regardless of amount, gets it (got it)!

UPDATE: The free login is gone - check back again soon for another promotion!

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Do I need to spell it out for you?

...and for campaigns such as "Boobiethon 2006," which encourages female bloggers to post pictures of their breasts online because "if they're worth looking at, they're worth saving," a claim that is disturbing to say the least, as it implies the most tragic victims of breast cancer are a woman's breasts. [link, credit: Echo Online]

Editorial comment: Oh how I love it when the "media" latches onto ONE quote I've made on the site within the last five years. As if that's the one and only statement I've ever made of just exactly why we're here and why we do what we do every October. Then turns around and lumps us into the "pink profit machine"- like we see even a single penny of anything that's raised here. 100% of our funds go to Susan G. Komen (or our secondary charity). 100%. Say it again with me slowly. ONE. HUNDRED. PERCENT. The money never even changes hands through our site. We send you directly to the charity to donate. We only ask for receipt-confirmation as a "pledge" when adding you into our totals.

Our volunteers have worked countless hours for the last five Boobie-Thons, all donated. Our domain name is donated. Our bandwidth is donated. Our server space is donated. There is no overhead whatsoever. I don't bill anyone for the hundreds — yes, hundreds, of hours it takes to do this every year. From coding, to writing, to PR, to site updates, to donation updates, to looking at photo after photo until our eyes nearly bleed...

It's so convenient to sit there all smug and righteous (and virtually anonymous) behind your keyboard, criticizing everything and offering no "real" solution other than "give of yourself rather than of your wallet" — don't just shop, get educated, volunteer. You mean it's just THAT cookie-cutter easy? I think I'll put that on a t-shirt!

Do these reporters bother to ask for an interview from me before writing these articles? No. They don't want to hear what I have to say. It wouldn't fit their story angle. I might actually intelligent thought they'd have to quote. They want to twist what's already been said - the little they actually, purposely BOTHER TO READ here - to fit their own agendas. To make us into exploiters and pornographers here to rip off your buck and make another blush and bashful blender and mixer collection with it...

Perhaps when Ms. Lemorie gets far enough into her collegiate curriculum at Eastern Michigan to take reading in addition to writing, she'll learn to take the entire premise behind a campaign, with such appropriate quotes as:

We know why we're here. Every year. Putting in countless, sleepless hours at the cost to our families and very oftentimes our sanity...if you've viewed even one single image in our survivors' galleries since 2002, you can hardly claim we view breasts as only worth saving because they're "sexy". They're worth saving because every single one of us on this planet, male or female, is born with a pair. We are all at risk.

And personally, I sign on every October because I'd rather save the breasts to start with than have to write another obituary on my blog ever again. [link]

Until then, I'm merely sending her to our amount raised page. You see, I raise more than just "awareness". I raise the MONEY to fund the CURE.

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Just checking

Have you seen how close we are to the $7K mark on just day six? Don't forget - a free 'pay login' is on the line - donate NOW!

And so no one can claim "but you didn't warn me"...

Photo submissions officially end at noon (12 p.m. EDT) on Saturday, October 7th. No exceptions. This is so all submitted photos can be processed and placed online before the 2006 'Thon ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT on 10/7.

You've got an entire Friday night to get creative and get-a-snappin'. Get those photos in before it's too late!

UPDATE: The free login is gone - check back again soon for another promotion!

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