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Ed's the place to start:
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How We Got Started: ELLEgirl editors spill how they broke in the magazine biz.

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Folio:, August 1 2000

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Newsday, July 4, 2004

Welcome interns, junior editors, middle-level editors, senior-level editors, and everyone else striving to be a successful magazine editor.

THE DIRT ON Ed2010: We are a community of young, eager magazine editors and magazine-editor wannabes who want to learn more about the industry so we can fulfill our dreams of being in top editing positions. Every month or so we meet at a bar for happy hour to meet each other and swap job info, gossip, and tips. Happy Hours take place in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Des Moines, Toronto, Indianapolis, Birmingham, Miami, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Boston, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Louisville, Austin, Baltimore, Kansas City, Portland/Eugene, and Philadelphia. The New York chapter also hosts panel discussions and Speed Networking. Check out our events page to see what's going on this month. As of Fall 2003, our Ed on Campus groups help college students lay the groundwork for a great editorial career.

Ed2010 is also an online community. We keep you up-to-date on the latest industry news, gossip, and whisper jobs™ by sending out a daily email to all our members. We report salaries so you will know how much money to negotiate for when landing a new gig. Our Ask Ed columns offer step-by-step guidance on subjects such as moving to NYC, getting a promotion, and the value of temping. Transcripts from past panels are available to download. Our mentoring program called 60-Minute Mentors helps you to give each other advice about landing your first jobs, getting promoted, or even switching fields. Through her blog, Ed's Girl on the Hunt shares the saga of hunting for that first EA job in NYC. And all day and night, Edsters share their thoughts on the Ed2010 Message Boards.

HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER? Ed2010 is more an underground community than an actual club. We send a daily email to keep you up to date on industry news, whisper jobs™, internships and Ed2010 events and programs. To sign up for Ed news, send a blank email to or click here. (And remember to check your spam folder after you sign up—it gets snagged there a lot.)

Archives of past newsletters can be read online here.

HISTORY: Ed2010 started in 1998 when Chandra and her friend Laura were editorial assistants and were constantly meeting recent grads or college students who were hungry for information about the magazine world. (Can I get a job if I don't "know" anyone? Will I get paid more than $25K a year? How long do I have to answer phones? Is it okay to change jobs after six months? How can I find out about jobs other than through HR?) We decided something had to be done. We started getting everyone together at a bar where we could share info about how to get new jobs, get promoted, and get the latest gossip. Everyone was most interested in finding out about job opportunities, so we started this website to tell each other about gigs we heard about that weren't on human resource department job boards or in The New York Times. It took off like crazy. Soon after, we started a newsletter where we sent out industry gossip and news each day. About 30 people were on it. Now the list includes almost 9,000!

GOALS: Ed2010 continues to grow and expand because you keep demanding more! Please let us know if you have any ideas about how to improve Ed2010. Send an email to Sunny with your ideas. If you have a website question, drop a line to Christie.


Your EdStaff,*
* Click on our names to see our bios and email addresses

Chandra Czape Turner : Founder & President
Sunny Gold : Vice President
Cheryl Brody : VP, Events & Campus Life
Amy Roberts : Special Events Director
Lisa Freedman : Deputy Events Director
Emily Hendricks : City Chapters Director
Christie Griffin : Web Director
Meredith Bodgas : Web Associate
Gina Hamadey : Book Club Director
Lauren Bradshaw : Ed Associate
Tanner Stransky : Ed on Campus Director
Elisa Benson : Deputy Ed on Campus Director
Ashley Womble : 60-Minute Mentor Director
Jessica Strul : Deputy Mentor Director
Jillian Haber : Staff Photographer
Dorothea Hunter,   
Amy Bleier Long,   
Lauren Schutte  
& Stephanie Young : EdNews Researchers

and your
Ed Chapter Hosts
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Stacey McGhee
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Whitney Friedlander : Los Angeles
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Kassel Coover : Philadelphia
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