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They're loud, they're hot, and they're about 15 years old. Silverchair, Australia's nastiest taste since Vegamite, exude a rugged confidence and an otherworldly grasp of noise rock that belies their tender ages. Although they cling to the Pearl Jam-by-way-of-Nirvana formula of alternating soft verses with vicious choruses, Silverchair manages to rise above other copycat flannel bands. On "Frogstomp," their debut album, the trio creates raw, uplifting fuzz and feedback mantra that play off a chugging assault of guitars and the ragged vocals of singer Daniel Johns. The effect is breathtaking: The aftershock of gut-quaking songs like "Tomorrow" and "Pure Massacre" is not unlike a hit of an illegal stimulant or two. "Frogstomp" has already broken sales record

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