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Syd's poem auctioned for £4,600

A LOVE poem and doodle by a young Syd Barrett dedicated to his then girlfriend has been sold at auction for £4,600 to a private collector.

The few lines of poetry and an accompanying simple sketch in black ink were composed by the Pink Floyd star in Cambridge in the 1960s for Viv Brans.
A collector bought the work by Syd Barrett, second right
A collector bought the work by Syd Barrett, second right

It opens with the lines: "Little Twig isn't big, To you but she is to me."

And it describes how she "prances at dances" and makes faces.

Bidding for the lot was particularly keen when it went under the hammer at the Cambridge auctioneer, Cheffins.

Lisa Freeman-Bassett, of Cheffins, said: "The Syd poem sold really well - for £4,600. "All the bids were commission bids and it was bought by a keen private collector.

"Syd fans are still so very keen to own Syd memorabilia, especially items like this which are so personal and really do highlight particular personal moments in his life."

Syd had a relationship with 19- year-old Ms Brans for several months.

Now a 61-year-old grandmother, she said: "Now he's gone, I can let it go because it's just sitting around doing nothing. I've still got the words and sentiments."

She said it was a "lovely little poem" that contained "perfect observations" of her behaviour and clothes.

She said: "The drawing shows me dancing and waving my arms in the air, wearing dark, round sunglasses."

Syd considered himself to be an artist rather than a musician.

In February this year one of his paintings, A Design for a Panel of Abstract Crosses, which was painted in 1965 and given to Ms Brans, sold at auction for £4,000.

Last November, 76 items from the reclusive musician's home in St Margaret's Square, Cambridge, fetched a total of £120,000.

Items which went under the hammer included everything from his bicycles and home-made bread bin to the late rock star's art work.

29 June 2007

First appeared in the Cambridge Evening News
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