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The iPhone Returns, or The Return of the iPhone

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I really want an iPhone--some day, when it's ready for primetime. But it's not yet. And now that the reality distortion field is lifting, I need to get the iPhone back to the store to qualify for the 14-day returns policy. So, like a bunch of other people have already done, I'll be returning mine (and my wife's) this weekend. Why?

To recap:

1. Verizon's coverage is far better.
2. My Treo's battery lasts longer and won't cost me a bundle and three days to replace.
3. The iPhone keyboard needs improvement.
4. Without Flash, too much of the Web is off limits.
5. The WiFi connectivity was flaky and not as fast as I had hoped.
6. It's too expensive—both the device, and the monthly service.

It looks like, based on this chart, I'll be out $86. It was almost worth it. I wonder how many other people will be at the store, returning theirs? Maybe I can liveblog it!

So long, iPhone! See you after you grow up a bit more—maybe by Christmas.


That's interesting because I think that Verizon is the most expensive service in the business. And their customer service sucks. This comes from someone on Verizon. I wish I wasn't.

Why would you launch a phone on a dial up network? stupid!!!

I don't see what everyone is griping about. I've had no problems adapting to the iPhone and found it much more intuitive and easier to navigate than any other smartphone (treo, blackberry...). The keyboard works just fine on the iPhone, in fact it is a lot easier than typing on a Treo because the keys aren't so small. It does take some getting used to, but is much more efficient than people are giving it credit for. I also agree with Brian, Verizon is a rip-off in terms of service (I was a client and switched). With unlimited data/e-mail, how can anyone say that the plans are expensive? Wi-Fi also works great. I guess it depends on where you live? Flash can be updated via a software update, just give it a few weeks. Yes, the device is somewhat expensive, but it is also an iPod with video (a nano costs $200), a smartphone (another $200-300) and full Internet browser all in a simple user interface. What more could you ask for? In the short time I have used mine, I have been more productive as a result of its ease of use and gotten more done. Isn't that the whole point of a convergence device?

Yes, I agree Verizon's customer service sucks. For a modern day company, there customer service is so autocratic. Actual phone service area of converage is great. However, when we had a minor issue with my daughters service, after countless hours on the phone, speaking to all levels of management for something so silly, I was basically told - we don't care about your loyality, you can go somewhere else.

Since my 2 year contract is over, I WILL find another service.

For the love of god, why does everyone always complain about battery life? How much are you a-holes on your phones anyway? I talk for at least 2 hours a day on my phone & i listen to my iPod for at least 4 hours a day & it hasnt been a problem.

Lets face it, the phone will be outdated before the battery needs to be replaced.

The only reason people have for not wanting an iPhone is not even Apple based, it's that HORRID AT&T.;

Max Out

That's interesting to me too. I have a new iPhone with AT&T; service and a work cell phone with Verizon. AT&T; coverage is excellent and EDGE is quite fast most of the time. Verizon coverage is terrible. I would never buy Verizon.

WiFi is very fast and I have found it in a lot of places I did not expect. At the Y, at gas stations, restaurants, other businesses, etc.

The iPhone will only get better! I am sure Apple has a lot of software enhancements coming including Flash which I have not found to be that prevalent a problem.

The keyboard does take a little getting used to, but I have been using mine for 2 days and find it really is a lot easier now than it was when I started. If I make a mistake, I have learned to wait until the end of the word and let the iPhone suggest a replacement and it is correct about 70% of the time.

The battery seems to me to be just fine. I used the iPod, Internet, YouTube, email, text, google maps, phone, etc. on and off all day yesterday and today so far and I still have 50% battery. Much more use than my cell phone and I don't see a problem with it.

Everyone who sees it wants one!

On the expense: I agree that it is expensive but how is that a surprise?

Well, each to his own, but before declaring that "a bunch" of other people are also returning their iPhones, you need to do more than include a single link to a single post indicating that there is one other person doing the same thing. In fact, there is NO evidence that the return rate is above the noise level -- an amazing feat given that this is the 1.0 release of a groundbreaking device.

In contrast to this poor soul's complaints, there are the overwhelming majority (read: 98%+) of the buyers who are VERY HAPPY with their purchases, including yours truly. A friend wrote me yesterday that the iPhone is the best cellphone he has ever owned, and he has been using them since 1985.

So, good luck with that return -- and we look forward to your returning to the iPhone when you realize that it really is the future in your hand.

The expense wasn't a surprise. The lack of value versus the price, was.

I don't have an iphone yet, for many reasons (contract, smart phone requirements for work email, etc.), but do long for one to go with my mac and ipod. In the meantime I'm reading all your comments about the various carriers and their customer service. Customer service should be uniformly good or bad across the same company, but like any other call center, it's only as good as the person you happen to get on the other line. As for whose network is better. It makes sense that one person on here would say AT&T; is great and another says it's terrible, same thing for Verizon, Sprint, etc. Remember, there are a lot of "legacy network systems" at work here. All these megacompanies are the result of the smaller companies that merged years ago. Remember AirTouch, NYNEX, CNET, Ameritech, Bell South Cellular? Each of them had networks assembled by different people with different quality and engineering standards. And now, years later, they all haven't been improved or updated to be consistent across one brand name. And this is probably true for every large wireless carrier...even the large regional ones. So, go with the best network where you live. Try them out and bring the phone back if it doesn't work.

Perhaps he is returning the iphone because he needed something to write about. I say, who cares about the iphone. In a few months there will just be something else out there that is a must have. It is the nature of the business....

Getting Verizon to do a stellar job is simple, just put Deni Strigl, the Verizon CEO's name on a summons to appear in Court. He'll call you personaly and the problems stop.

We can complain about the devices when the truth is it is the companies and the customer service that are the problem. I sat on hold with AT&T; for an hour and 10 minutes before hanging up and turning them into the BBB for failing to provide the services I have paid for. If they like any other company thought I was a valued company they give better attention to me then wht they will be getting from my phone bill

Why rush to be a first adopter and pay extra for the privilege? Unless this device does indeed save time (yes, time is money!) then buying the first iPhone is no different than being the first person on the block with a PS3 or Wii. You're simply paying extra to be first in line.

I don't mind being the 2nd adopter, when the kinks have been worked out. Anybody still using a first generation iPod? This is not a revolutionary product that changes the way I work. It is just a very well designed evolution, with many more steps in the near future. By this time next year, there will be an iPhone 2.0

The phone is great as a first for what it does. If you think it is too expensive, it is obviously not for you.

Personally, I think the overall capability and functionality are what sets it apart. And conversely, makes it cool.

Some folks may have overread the hype. That is you see something that appeals and your desire to have it sells you even more.

I like it!

All I know is that in no way is the Iphone better than a blackberry(a real bberry not those cheap corny ones). To use the iphone pad is not even close. You must type with the tip of your index finger no other way around it. BBerry email and review of docs is 100x simpler. Now is the iphone cooler with its ipod and browser yes but if your in business you dont want an iphone as your main device.

All of you have lost it, all prisoner to the information age. Put the crackberry down and get out to enjoy life.

You say that you can get more done but fail to use the time gained by participating in activities that are useful to the human spirit. I ditched my Treo two years ago and could care less about staying in touch via email. A cell phone and my Nano work just fine while I go out on a long bike ride with the family.

You can keep your Iphone.

Absolutely fantastic, phone was up and running in few minutes.

The reality is which telephone coverage which is better. If your serious about business, get a BalckBerry. If you want a toy get the iPhone. Most people need a phone isn't that how ll this market hype started out? They got ya!!

What's an iPhone?

i don't get why everybody is having problems with keyboard. it is so easy... the auto correct takes a couple minutes to get used to but after a week i'm typing as fast as a full size keyboard. and yes, i'm using my thumbs. i don't think i ever used my pointer finger...

i don't get what people are doing wrong if they can't type with it.

and most of your "complaints" --- you should've done your research before spending $5-600 on a phone. it sounds like you were expecting more than was ever offered. duh.

You people have nothing else better to do than blow your money on stupid electronic crap??

Ah the quality ys. price battles rages on. Cell phones are now and have always been a subject of product value. I worked in the cellular industry during the first formative 15 years and I have always felt that the costs passed along by carriers for infrastructure expansion have been overpriced. There have always been a certain amount of price-gouging prevalent in the marketplace when a first phone is introduced. I recall buying some of the the first Motorola flip phones for $2,300 each (Wholesale) for our Thousand Oaks, CA company and we had buyers happy to have the latest status symbol. Is this Iphone any different? My advice-wait a while until the value becomes reasonable.

We're prisoner's to the info age, all you need is your cell and nano? That's definitely the most redundant statement I've seen on here.
Anyway, one thing to remember about services which no one seems to take into consideration is where you live. In Philly, AT&T; might be great and Verizon terrible, but in NY or Cali, it could be opposite. Personally I have yet to find one to live up to my standards, so I just deal with what I have.

Nobody wants to think they blew $500 or $600.

Those trumpeting the iPhone are suffering from a psychological condition that forces them to validate their wasteful purchase.

It's the same condition that afflicts Bose and Monster Cable fans.

verizon doesnt care for your loyalty bcos they know they are the best in business. best coverage overall(digital even in remote areas) and hardly any dropped calls.

if you think verizon's cust service sucks.. try sprint. atleast you spoke to a person in verizon. good luck getting out of the automated system when you call sprint..

arrogance.. thats what you get you are the best

WOW, i can't believe all i am reading. Such hostility! Calm down people, just breathe! Its just a phone.

Coming from BlackBerry's, Treo's, and hundreds of SmartPhones that are out there, i moved my regular service over to a Motorola Razr. My phone does everything my treo does and more to some extent. Sure, i dont look at documents, but seriously, LEAVE YOUR WORK AT WORK. Go home and enjoy your time. So, whats the point of me having an iPod, a smart phone, and an iPhone? Oh, so i can do touch screen? or in two years want to get a new one? The technology is great and the phone seems to be awesome, HOWEVER, the technology of the Wireless companies are not adapted quite yet to the phone. As it is, WiFi and AirCards are just grasping the concept, and as phone companies go, they are more focused on the main concern. DONT DROP MY PHONE CALL! Thats what we really care about. In some places you'll have stellar service and in some, you'll have crappy service. I can tell you that in Los Angeles, Verizon was not that great, but T-Mobile, holy crap was T-Mobile a great service! i had both phones and im telling you TMO was good, but im back on the east coast in Washington DC and guess what, TMO sucks big time and Verizon kicks ass. As a competition with customer service....go work in a call center for 10 hours a day and then i'll tell you what.....its always about who is on the other line. It always is about who wants to go that extra mile. I can tell you i have called up VzW service and gotten a-holes, and then i just hang up and call back and get a really nice person! customer service is not the issue of the phone, but rather the joy of what we want. I didn't get an iPhone because like anything that comes out the first time, it'll always suck until they fix the kinks in it.

I see why the phone cost so much - look at the package it comes in!!!! The phone itself is 4 inches or so by 1/4 inch (roughly), but they gotta wrap it up in a box the size of a 12 pack of soda!! Give me a break!

iPhones, iPods, Rap, Hip-Hop, jumping-beans, pet rocks, etc, etc... it's all the same fad just in a different context. This is new and everyone wants one because a lot of people have to have the lastest cool-thing to be thought of as COOL. I am very proud that I have never EVER took part in any fad - even as a kid, I didn't. It's a marketing technique used by large corporations to get your money. Remember - a fool and his/her money is soon departed. Enjoy! LOL

iPhones, iPods, Rap, Hip-Hop, jumping-beans, pet rocks, etc, etc... it's all the same fad just in a different context. This is new and everyone wants one because a lot of people have to have the lastest cool-thing to be thought of as COOL. I am very proud that I have never EVER took part in any fad - even as a kid, I didn't. It's a marketing technique used by large corporations to get your money. Remember - a fool and his/her money is soon departed. Enjoy! LOL

Just another person who wants his 15 minutes of fame. I want to be different so I am returning my iPhone. Boo hoo hoo to you.

Here someone pointed out some good reasons not to buy an iPhone. Personaly I'm still waiting for a company to provide a network that will work anywhere I go (even in buildings) with out dropping me. Until then I will not pay for anything more then a voice contract and a phone that makes phone calls. What good is a phone that does tricks when you can't use it when you need it? You can count me out of the ihype.


I'm validation engineer of a Wireless manufacturer and by reading the list of issues I should say kudos to Apple Q & A team. These are so minor for a first customer shipment!!

Coming from a Verizon customer, and having spent time in two other networks, know this; you have to simply decide which one sucks the least when choosing a carrier. Verizon's coverage is unmatched in my opinion, plus with so many friends/family on it I rarely worry about overages. Another big plus. So...

1) having to switch to AT&T; simply to use this piece of hardware is a stupid choice.
2) Everyone is says "the battery works great" is a moron. You've had it for a week. Keep using it to talk listen, and browse all afternoon and it's eventually going to loose efficiency.
3) The price is insane
4) While impressive, it's an infant. I'd rather buy it when it's a teenager when the price has dropped and your options have opened up.
5) Edge Network: you I-phoners know without a shred of doubt that the dial-up Edge is going to eventually burn you. Stop saying it's not a problem

I completely agree with dd. It's just a piece of technology. Why do you have to be connected all the time? You guys need to relax and enjoy the simpler things in life.

your excuse #6 "it's too expensive", did you find that out before or after you bought the iphone ? You dont know the price before you bought it ?

Coming from a Verizon customer, and having spent time in two other networks, know this; you have to simply decide which one sucks the least when choosing a carrier. Verizon's coverage is unmatched in my opinion, plus with so many friends/family on it I rarely worry about overages. Another big plus. So...

1) having to switch to AT&T; simply to use this piece of hardware is a stupid choice.
2) Everyone is says "the battery works great" is a moron. You've had it for a week. Keep using it to talk listen, and browse all afternoon and it's eventually going to loose efficiency.
3) The price is insane
4) While impressive, it's an infant. I'd rather buy it when it's a teenager when the price has dropped and your options have opened up.
5) Edge Network: you I-phoners know without a shred of doubt that the dial-up Edge is going to eventually burn you. Stop saying it's not a problem

Max Out says "Lets face it, the phone will be outdated before the battery needs to be replaced.
Well, Max Out, your ATT contract won't be over before your phone is outdated either.

The fact that you need to send your iPhone back to replace the battery after about 1 year makes this one of the worst phones on the market.

First, you are without your cell phone for days. My cell phone is my only phone. I don't want to buy another replacement phone while I get my battery replaced.

Second, it costs too much to get the battery replaced.

Third, the data security issues surrounding the information stored within my phone become problematic. By losing control of my phone for an extended period of time exposes me to security risks. I shouldn't have to expose myself to those risks to replace the battery.

No thanks Apple.

I dunno about it not working for business. I work for a well-known software firm--a large one with global IT infrastructure. Quite a few of us have iPhones and we have access to everything we need via the web on them. No complaints from me over a crack-berry--which I had for two years at my last company. I consider the iPhone superior in capabiility and interface--as a fit for my personal needs. Your mileage may vary but that's okay--that's why there are markets with many products in them--to give us choice. I heartily endorse freedom of choice and I am glad I didn't buy a Windows Mobile phone as well ;-)

First off, the iPhone is NOT A BUSINESS DEVICE. It is not even sold as a business device and you can not sign up for a business plan at AT&T; with an iPhone. The iPhone is not marketed as a business device. It is a consumer device. It does email, web browsing, takes pretty pictures, checks the weather, etc, etc, etc.

If you want a corporate communications device you get a Blackberry. I have a Blackberry. I bought an iPhone. The iPhone is for fun and the Blackberry is for serious work. If someone has $600 to drop on fun (like people out there dropping $500 on tickets to see The Police) then so be it. That is how they choose to spend their money, but don't buy an iPhone and say it doesn't do what your Blackberry does or that AT&T; service is not as good as Verizon.

My Blackberry is on Verizon and where I live Verizon coverage is amazing. I can drive for 45 minutes and not lose my calls. I can not say the same for AT&T.; AT&T; service is okay. They are better now than they were a couple of years ago.

Last comment on the iPhone: Everywhere that I am at people ask me about it when I have my iPhone out. They are amazed at the iPod functions, photos, visual voicemail, etc. It is an amazing device. Is it worth the money? Probably not. Pretty pricey. That does not mean it is any less amazing. I've demonstrated the phone to at least 20 people and no one walked away and said,"Overhyped." Everyone was impressed.

Nice job Apple on a great CONSUMER DEVICE.

amen, M. life without techno is great. see you out on the Blue Ridge Parkway in my '63 Dodge Dart ragtop with a picnic basket. the only phone i'll have is my waving hand and my loud mouth. stop by and we'll chat about the beauty around us and not waste time discussing fleeting techno hardware. Get out and live people before life is over... leave the tech at work like i'm doing right now!

verizon can't even get dsl right and their service is aweful, no way would I consider them for service, iphone is not expensive when compared to adding all the other devices up and using all of them in one.

Gosh, rather than return your iPhone, why not put it on Ebay? You can make a mint! I saw some completed auctions for iPhones, some have sold for well over $1,000! And I see some buyers have come back to bid on more. Everyone I know who has one LOVES it, would have paid more for it too.

HTA says it all. You have to send your phone back to replace the battery? Did the Apple think tank have the second string in when they thought of this?

And let's be clear; nobody can knock the impressiveness or cutting-edge technology of the i-phone. Nobody. But the premium they ask you to pay for some clear and present shortcomings is crazy.

Dial up? That still makes me laugh

Verizon is a scam. They billed for extra minutes that I had used last month but forgot to bill me....... what is this????????? can you spell out scam?????

Well sure $600 is steep and I wouldnt' have bought one. But i was lucky and work bought me one as a bonus. Score! But wow. Its an amazing device it really is. Sure its young and software needs to be added. But at least the stuff thats there is rock solid. Unlike M$ who releases alot of crap, none of which works, then they have to patch later. Apple will start adding features. I agree the touch keypad is a little cumbersome but the correction is great. BUT rumors have it, and i'm not supirsed, that texting and email will get an optional horizontal keyboard (like the one in safari) which will make it 10 million times easier. And my battery life if fine, only problem is I can't stop touching it! No wonder the batteries are dying. They're constantly getting played with. Its like complaining your hybrid car gets bad gas mileage cause you keep having to fuel it up after driving ALLL DAY. In the end, fantastic product, brilliant software and room for improvement that i'm more than sure apple will add

I have Verizon, their coverage and service is excellent. I switch to Verizon because I live right next to Downtown Los Angeles, and I have no AT&T; coverage at my house, but Verizon does. I have had T-Mobile and Cingular before, nothing is better than Verzion Coverage. As far as EDGE network, it is Dialup speed at best, just try the Verizon data network, it is the fastest possible. I cannot believe anyone would settle for less with iphone being such a good phone. Apple really made a mistake by choosing AT&T; as its single vendor, this will come back to haunt them couple years from now when Blackberry is eating their lunch and dinner. Choosing a single phone distributor with long term contract is just dumb these days.

The reason iPhones aren't worth the price is that for some reason Apple choose to sign up with AT&T;'s archaic network.

Because most of AT&T;'s network uses an ancient, time sharing 2.5G technology - placing the USA on a par with Cambodia and Sierra Leone - the data congestion is the iPhone's most prevelant feature. AT&T; has spent next to nothing on its GSM/EDGE network.

Contrast this with Europe's 3G networks, which have capacity to spare. The problem is that they're all dressed up with nowhere to go. Apple should note, however, that 3G has all but killed the Wi-Fi business in the UK, and it's imperative it kits out the European iPhone with something that isn't two generations behind what Europeans expect from a cell phone.

I find it really odd that Apple decided against supporting the thoroughly modern 3G CDMA networks used by Sprint PCS and Verizon. Contrast this with the much smaller Palm, which managed to launch its Treo 650 in 3G CDMA and EDGE versions.


Best cell phone I have ever owned. Very easy to use.

When the Moto Razr first came out it was selling for $600 and the iphone is 100 times better.

It has been said that if Apple had chosen to go with a 3G network, the iPhone would have been thicker and larger. I can't personally verify that but it's what I've been told. Also, Apple chose to go with AT&T; only after talks with Verizon fell through. Being that AT&T; is only 2.5G, that kind of limited iPhone's capabilities didn't it?

What risks are you taking when installing a new battery? Everything that is on the iPhone is synced from your computer so all you have to do is plug your phone back in and sync. Who cares who touches it or if they erase some of your data. It all comes from your computer anyway.

I'm already on AT&T; and love it. All my friends and family are on it too, making those calls free, and I accumulate lots of rollover minutes. Choosing a service provider is different for everyone. None of my contacts have Verizon and AT&T;'s network is excellent here. Sorry if it sucks for you, but I disagree with anyone who says AT&T; has terrible service. I personally think Apple made the right decision in choosing AT&T.;

Concerning the 2.5G, get over it. It's fine. YouTube and internet browsing work fine on the EDGE network. Videos don't lag and web pages are displayed fairly quickly. Apple has released an incredible device, but it only makes people wish it did more. Things will change with time (Flash, ringtones, 3G, etc). So, AT&T; is fine, the iPhone is better, and all my friends are jealous. Isn't that what is really important? =)

I totally agree with Andy. I dont have an I phone either nor care about not having one. Why dont you all go and get some perfumes instead and feel and smell better. ciao.

Mitch- of course 98% of all iPhone buyers are happy with the product. Anyone who pays $600 for a phone is going to want to back their decision. Who wants to admit they got ripped off?

I returned 4 iphones because I don't think I will ever use them. I love verizon. They have the best coverage ever!

Okay, it is only a matter of time before the iPhone has Flash, but you are going back to a phone that will never have Flash? Yeah, that makes sense.

Dude, I have some serious doubts that you have even owned an iPhone.

Enjoy your TREO.

Josh Quittner? Who are you in any case?

OK, here are some comments:

#1 You are right, Verizon is CDMA and CDMA is DSSS (Direct Sequence spread spectrum) which, broadly speaking, is better technology than GSM. But I gather you do not travel around the world otherwise you would not like Verizon.

#2 You do not need to replace your battery for a while and having paid $600 on a phone the difference between $80 and $40 for a battery between iPhone and Treo is insignificant (you are buying good batteries, aren't you?). And frankly, the savings hardly buy you a meal in NYC.

#3 So does your rationale and unlike the iPhone keyboard your rationale can be improved.

#4 You are obviously addicted to pornography

#5 Change your cheap WiFi basestation to an Apple Extreme 802.11n. It's really good and fast.

#6 I was paying $60/month for a blackberry pearl with T-mobile before and I got text-only email and a joke of web access--did I mention video? Oh yes and the music was a dream to play. I still pay $60 a month and I can watch the Incredibles on the train after I have laughed my guts off reading your blog. Do you still insist iPhone is expensive?

Thank God for John Gruber for unearthing gems of writing such as this blog. It was a blast reading it.

I too returned my iPhone. I found it to be bulky, heavy and not easy to use. With my free Sony phone I was able to listen to music, FM radio, take picutre, and do yahoo messenger. Battery life is also much longer than the iPhone.

I may get the iPhone in the future if they make it easier to use and has application that I can link to my work computer, which happen to be a PC.

Application to link to corporate time, outlook, Word, Excel.

No wonder you write about not liking the iPhone, there's a Verizon/Blackberry Ad right next to this piece...

One more refurb to go to a happy Apple Employee. Love my iPhone. I agree with Gruber's statements.

These arguments sound more like a "I want traffic on my site, I know, I'll return an iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiPhone"

Where is that "bunch of other people"? I scanned that entire thread of discussion and I see ONE guy returning it and another agreeing with him.

hardly a mad rush to return iphones going on.

It's all about personal preferance. If you want buy it, If you don't want then quit whinning about at.

Haven't used one yet, but the cautions are good points to reinforce the motto: never buy version 1.

But you may not be out $86... Some Mac friends tell me that the Apple Stores are showing "red dots" all over the country and that anyone going to one over the weekend to buy an iPhone is going to be disappointed.

So, simply look for the most eager customer in the store, show them you have a virtually new unit with receipt, and I'm sure they'll gladly give you what you paid.

Better than a restocking fee!

Glad to see that I am not the only one. I chronicle my tribulations here:


I don't even have my iPhone yet, and I know you're lame. Verizon sucks; I have been there and will never go back again. Maybe they are better where you are, but that ain't so where I live. Since I am already on ATT, I know which is better. Treo? My god, I don't know how to stop laughing. My Treo 650 was 2 phones ago, and I cannot wait to have something better than that. All I can say is "to each their own." Not ready for prime time? According to you and who else?

Apple cares nothing about the little guy. Apple has dictated to ATT that they can not discount this phone. You don't want to drop the soap in the gym shower if Steve Jobs is around because he will stick it to you. It would cost Apple nothing for ATT to spread the cost of your phone with your contract, but Apple wants to hobnob with the rich and or stupid and say screw you to everyone else. The iphone will be very successful due to the number of mindless zombies and fanboys.

Since buying my iPhone I have been in Omaha, Phoenix, San Diego and Chicago. In every case AT&T; coverage and signal strength was better than Verizon. i still had my Verizon Razr with me. The Treo was good 3 or 4 years ago. But now its not even in the same ball park as the iPhone. Thats pretty obvious. I love the iPhone keyboard and i've used them all. Flash will be included soon and I'm not missing it anyway. Wi-Fi flakey? Puh-lease. It's too expensive and you decided that after you bought it? Right. Your Treo monthly cost is more than an iPhone btw. Next.

HTA says:

"The fact that you need to send your iPhone back to replace the battery after about 1 year makes this one of the worst phones on the market."

Where did you get that information? Apples says the battery will BEGIN to lose efficiency after 300-400 charge cycles. Then, they define a charge cycle as using 100 percent of the battery power. For instance, if you use 20 percent of the power per day, even if you charge it fully every night, you still only have one charge cycle over a five day period.

I know some people will use a full charge in one day, but not EVERY day.


You complain that the device and the expense is too expensive. However, the $60 plan with AT&T; is $20 per month cheaper than a plan for the Treo on Verizon ($80 per month). That makes the Treo's service $480 more over two years. Even if you get a Treo free with Verizon, it is a wash.

I don't really care if you return the iPhone, just don't post incorrect information.

By the way, I personally can't stand the Treo keyboard. For me, it's crap. I had a much easier time using the iPhone virtual keyboard in the store.

Im getting one when they are available (tulsa,ok) Just like people who nag about a bad movie or a horrible product, if you dont like it DONT BUY IT stay out of the forums about it revolve your life around i dont know microsoft Xboxs or something. and by the way I think and agree it is the mobile phone of tomorrow, they will start making them all that way!

Yes we've all heard about 3G support in EU. The fact is, 3G coverage in the states stick. Some cities are "covered" by single towers, while other large metro areas are not covered at all.

As for typing, I gave up on single finger typing quickly, and used two thumbs right from the start. All it takes is some practice and you can be pretty accurate. The bonus you get with a virtual keyboard, is that keyboards can be customized (like the web browser URL keyboard which has a ".com" button and a "/" key on the main keyboard).

Try typing a few ful-length emails on the device, and you start to get used to thumb typing pretty quickly. In comparison single finger typing seems terribly slow.

Well, Gruber dismantled your argument better than I care to, so I'll skip that part.

With that said:

If you're only going to link to "two" people to bolster your argument, you might want to link to someone who matters.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on the first guy (who is he again?) but the second guy -- otherwise known as "some guy on some forum" is laughable at best. I have serious doubts that he ever purchased a phone in the first place.

But, I can see how two examples out of (near) 1 million purchases makes for a strong point. Good going on that.

Amazing display of ignorance here. First of all, calling EDGE dialup is ridiculous. Dialup is 56k max, and usually in the 30-45k range due to the physical limitations of POTS. AT&T; EDGE is currently running at confirmed speeds of 200-270k.

Now why did Apple go with AT&T; instead of a better network? Because the iPhone applications require network-level changes which I'm sure Verizon and other companies were unwilling to make.

The iPhone is not for everybody, but it's for the masses. The iPhone doesn't have the best battery life, the fastest network, the most features, or any other advantage on paper. But what you naysayers don't get is that NONE OF THAT MATTERS. It's all in the interface. It's the reason the iPod was so successful despite being "less value" than other mp3 players of the time (can you name any of them?). It's the reason the Mac managed to stay afloat for 15 years despite a dizzying array of braindamaged management decisions. It's the reason that regular people everywhere will love the iPhone even if they didn't have the patience to figure out the intricacies of a Treo or Blackberry. You can whine and bellyache all you want, but the iPhone like the iPod will be the type of product to actually grow the market and pave the way for other companies to follow.

You can't pick out a few pet peeves and than dismiss the interface. The iPhone will be a success specifically because the designers had some vision rather than listening the laundry list of tech specs that gadget geeks demand. Rather than complaining and nitpicking, you should be glad that the iPhone exists to shake up the industry and hopefully inspire some improvements in phones more to your taste.

Oh No! You've angered one of the those cute little Apple trolls: http://daringfireball.net/2007/07/josh_quittner_returns_his_iphone

This one seems smarter than most, but is afraid of letting people tell him when he's wrong via comments.

>>Without Flash, too much of the Web is off limits.

I'd love to know what part of the Web you're talking about. Besides YouTube (which, as you know, can viewed through the custom app on the iPhone) and maybe Google Video, what other great Flash-only sites do you visit?

>>The WiFi connectivity was flaky and not as fast as I had hoped.

I've been browsing every evening before bed using Safari for about an hour and never had a speed issue. Perhaps you should look at either your wireless router and/or net connection.

>>It's too expensive—both the device, and the monthly service.

Would love to see your data on this point. Others have found the comparison cheaper with similarly tiered devices:

I dunno, you're post seems needlessly inflammatory given your lack of detailed explanation for each of your points.

I guess you'll get some new visitors to your blog, though, eh?

In response to an earlier poster asking us to put down the smart phones and enjoy life - I say, the iPhone is perfect for this. Other smart phones are for people that live to work; The iPhone is for people that work to LIVE!

Consider these points:

Other devices offer easy integration with Exchange. The iPhone offers easy integration with gMail and even push from Yahoo. I don't really care about seeing my work email all the time either, but I love seing email from friends sooner that I might have - even at work.

The very fluid and browseable Google Map is a huge plus. It lets you really explore the area around where you live, or where you happen to be, in ways you might not have before simply becuase you can do a map search on the spur of the moment.

Having contacts that sync well and are easily reviewable, means it's easier to contact someone to include them for lunch or what have you.

Smartphones don't have to take over your life. For some they do, but like any tool they can be used for good as well as ill.

"1. Verizon's coverage is far better."

Most people I know have Verizon and they site coverage as issue number one. I have Cingular/AT&T; without an iPhone and I get coverage where Verizon customers get no signal.

"2. My Treo's battery lasts longer and won't cost me a bundle and three days to replace."

To think that Apple is going to be the only one offering batteries for the iPhone is just not smart thinking. Plenty of companies offer iPod batteries.

"3. The iPhone keyboard needs improvement."

I agree somewhat but chicklet keys are not the answer.

"4. Without Flash, too much of the Web is off limits."

How is Flash working on the Treo or Blackberry? At least Apple is promising Flash soon.

"5. The WiFi connectivity was flaky and not as fast as I had hoped."

I used my stepdads iPhone for about an hour and I saw no problems with speed. In fact it has blown away any palm device with wi-fi I have used. It is not as fast as my laptop but I don't expect it to be. It loads webpages as fast as my laptop however.

"6. It's too expensive—both the device, and the monthly service."

The iPhone might be expensive but the service is not. It compares with any other service with unlimited data. Since my stepdad was already a AT&T; customer it only cost him 20 bucks to add the iPhone to his account. The 20 bucks was the regular price for unlimited data, does not matter if it is a RAZR or an iPhone. True he had to pay 599 for the iPhone but for a phone and iPod that runs OS X and displays real webpages and so much more people will have to decide it is worth the price. I think it is........but I can't afford one.....yet!

A free Treo is only slightly less expensive than an iPhone. Over the course of a year, with the iPhone at $60/mo and the Treo at $80/mo ... it comes to almost the exact same price.

iPhone: $60 * 24 months + $500 phone price = 1,940
Treo: $80 * 24 months + $0 phone price = 1,920

I have an iphone.... Yes some really good and fun features. BUT even in its title it is suppose to be a "PHONE" first. WIth what we have expected a phone of this expense to do. Basic email/Text functions like copy/paste. These are not available and probably wont be for quite sometime. NO network is perfect, it has been proven by independant studies (consumer reports i believe as well) that Verizon has superior coverage. No big deal, someone had to be best. The Data speed BLOWS ATT edge away. I have done my own test, along with others... it simply is faster. Again, no big deal, someone had to be faster. Customer Service...NONE of them are great. It is consistant with most companies these days. Customer Service has gone to *$)#. Those people who say "Well, they lost my business" really dont get it. THEY DONT CARE. There are 10 behind you that are signing up. (mostly 14 year old kids who dont know about customer service) Bottom line. The iphone is a great device. It is lacking some very important basic features (cut/copy/paste) and ATT is not the best coverage or data. Thats not new. SO, like I said I own a IPHONE, I have tried it, liked lots of it...... needs basic email/text function and a better network. I dropped 4 of the first 10 calls I made. I figured it was excessive network overload at that time.... still I dropped 4 calls. So now I have an Iphone paperweight on the desk..... It's pretty, but I went back to Verizon and my big clunky BlackBerry (Yeah, no camera and no SD card...but for business.....its the best)

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