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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


My Newfound Journey To Lose 50 More Pounds

What's going on today with everyone in The "30-In-30" Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge? It's Tuesday, so you know what that means--time to check in and let us know how things are going for you in the pursuit of weight loss using the low-carb lifestyle. If it has been a while since you've updated, then please know we miss you and welcome you back anytime. Don't be a stranger! :D

Today, I'm just gonna be dead-straight honest with you about something I have long been dealing with regarding my life. Ever since I lost 180 pounds on the Atkins diet in 2004, it seems I have reached a point where my weight just refuses to go down beyond a certain point. I've been okay with this for over two years, but I believe now it's time for me to act.

You see, my willingness to so easily accept that my weight loss has ended at 230 pounds has enabled me to get lazy, lose focus, and pick up some old habits that weren't there during my original weight loss experience. No, I'm not out there gorging myself on sugary high-carb garbage (icky-poo!) or anything like that. Yes, even after eating this way for several years, I still have to work at it.

That's what makes weight loss such a peculiar event in people's lives like nothing else. You work hard to do it, you are successful, people tell you how well you did, and then, then...what's next? I know, I know, you keep on doing it for the rest of your life. I say that all the time.

But there's one missing element in that simplistic response. You must also remain committed, vigilant, dedicated to the cause, and never let up on the intensity of what got you to be a success to begin with. Yet that's exactly what I have allowed to happen in my life over the past year or so.

That is one of the reasons why I started "30-In-30" last year. I needed a new challenge to get the fire burning within me again. And I also wanted others to benefit from that focused effort to shed the pounds and improve their health. I'm grateful for the opportunity to provide encouragement to others who have a lot of weight to lose. It's not easy, but it can be done.

I say all of that to say this: my weight has done the creepy crawly thing on me lately and when I returned home from vacation last week in the Smoky Mountains on Saturday, I couldn't believe what the scale showed I now weigh--248 pounds! EEEEK! What in the world has happened?!

Just so you know, I haven't been cheating on high-carb junk I don't need or anything redonkulously silly and stupid like that. But all I have to say right now is ARGH! Alright, now that I've got that little temper tantrum out of my system, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty of losing this weight.

The lowest weight I have been able to get down to since hitting 230 pounds in 2004 (from my starting weight of 410 in January 2004) is 215 pounds. No matter what I have done, I just can't get past that point.

Finally, I just resigned to the fact that perhaps I can't get below that level and I even justified it by stating there's probably about 20 pounds of loose skin in my stomach and thighs from my huge weight loss three years ago (which is true, but I've been making that my excuse for not pushing harder to lose it).

The more I think about this, perhaps it's not time to give up my goal of hitting at least 199 (yes, I want to see the highly-coveted ONEderland for the first time since I was in the 5th grade--that's elementary school!). In order to do that, I'm gonna need to change my strategy just a bit and I think I have just the way to do it.

For the past year at my "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog, I have been sharing lots of great success stories, recipes, and general information about the amazing new low-carb weight loss program called Kimkins. It was recently featured in People and Woman's World magazines and is one of the hottest diets of 2007.

Although Kimkins is slightly different from the Atkins diet I used to lose my original 180 pounds three years ago, it's still carbohydrate-restriction to control blood sugars and manage your weight. The latter is what I would like to do now more than ever. And with the help of Kimkins, I KNOW it can be done in very short order.

So here I am starting my Kimkins journey this week.

My starting weight as of Monday, June 4, 2007 was 248 pounds and I fully EXPECT to lose at least 50 pounds quite possibly by this Fall. It may sound like a lofty goal for somebody who has already shed 180 pounds, but I don't think so. Even if I just lose one pound a week, I'll reach my weight loss goal in less than a year. This IS possible!

I am committed to seeing Kimkins work its magic on me and I KNOW it can be done. If I did it before, then I can do it again and Kimkins is gonna get me there! I've bragged about Kimkins for so long--now it's time for me to put this incredible plan into action for myself.

See, even those of us who have been able to attain great success on the low-carb lifestyle occasionally find ourselves in need of encouragement and inspiration to recommit ourselves to get focused on what is most important--controlling our weight and health for life!

Yesterday, I started out on the version of Kimkins called the Kimmer Experiment, aka K/E (there are actually FIVE different versions of this low-carb program, including one for vegetarians). When I checked for ketosis using Ketosticks this morning, I was well into the medium ketones range so the fat-burning mode is in full swing! Yes! And the weight is already beginning to pour off (I'll update my progress beginning next week).

While I'm starting out on K/E, I will very likely move into Kimkins Boot Camp very soon which is more of an organized low-carb meal and exercise plan that will give me a bit more variety and fit my lifestyle. I'm so excited about this and hope to join the ranks of the other truly remarkable Kimkins success stories who are trailblazing heroes in my book.

Kimkins is experiencing a well-deserved and unprecedented wave of popularity this year through the grassroots efforts of its founder and 200-pound weight loss success Kimmer and others in that organization. I'm happy to be along for the ride and look forward to sharing my second wave of low-carb success on Kimkins VERY soon!

Let me tell you about the loving support you'll get when you use Kimkins. After posting about starting on K/E on Monday afternoon, the overwhelming feedback from members sending me encouragement has been unbelievable! So far, around 40 positive messages have been sent my way from people who have either already succeeded or are starting out on this themselves. The heartfelt messages are authentic and come from real people who want to see you be successful.

It's absolutely incredible and I highly encourage people who feel stuck in their weight loss efforts to do what I did and join Kimkins, too! I'm still just a "Newbie" at it right now, but am quite confident that 248 pounds will be no more very soon.

Can I REALLY hit 198 pounds...by then end of October? That's 10 pounds a month for the next five months. I'll keep you updated on my progress!

How's your low-carb weight loss going? Have you, like me, been lulled into a deep slumber on your low-carb lifestyle or are you still just as enthusiastic and gung-ho about it today as you were on day one? Share your comments and stories. If you're on Kimkins, then tell us how it's working for you, too! THANKS everybody and I hope you have a stupendously awesome week!

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You had me worried at first there. I thought you were coming down with a big self image problem. I didn't realize that the weight had crept back up. Glad/sad at the same time I guess. Good luck.

I was actually going to email you about my stall if I couldn't lose more in the next month or two. I seem to be stuck at the 250 range. I'm hoping its just all the traveling and changes in my life lately. Still be exercising hard and eating low carb but there have been some cheats and more food than usual. My parents were here for a month, I was in Vegas for a weekend , got engaged, etc. Now I have two weddings in two weekends. Then will probably travel to my fiancee's parents house. I was wondering is all the changes and stress are what's stalling me. I also wondered if I either need to rest more between exercise (my scale has a lot of muscle fluctuations lately) since I've been riding more. Whether I need to eat more/less. I've thought that if I couldn't figure it out then I might consider Kimkins after talking with you. Now I'll get to see how it works out for you.

Once again good luck. You will do it.

Congratulations to you! I have been researching the Kimkins diet for the past 3 weeks or so and started last week with a total loss of 11 lbs so far, and I am pysched!! I truly believe that this is the best solution for me as I've done atkins before (with sucess) however noticed that recently with my low carb lifestyle that nothing was happening. I was eating too many low carb products, and probably too many calories as well as too much fat. I think that this will be a sucess. Just to note I found her site and others from reading your blog, so thank you and once again congratulations.
THANKS jm_funk! Yeah, this is just a fact of life for people who struggled with their weight forever...even after BIG weight loss. I will succeed and can't wait to do it.

I appreciate you, too, Anonymous. Your success inspires me and I hope to do the same for others. THANK YOU for your comments.
Right there with you Jimmy! Today is my first day of Kimkins K/E. I am tired of doing a half-hearted attempt at it. So even though I am battling a cold, today I begin Kimkins. Thanks for your wonderful blogs, I read them everyday and they are wonderful motivation!
THANKS for sharing! You're gonna do GREAT! I'm already in ketosis after just one day on K/E. YOU GET 'EM!
I have been reading your blog almost since you started it. I too have experienced weight creep while staying low-carb. I know it is because of eating more calories than my body needs, even on a low-carb lifestyle. Thanks to my partner winning two Kimkins memberships in your recent blogiversary give-away, we both started Kimkins K/E last Friday (6/1). We have been eating low-carb for 3 1/2 years and look forward to the next step in our journey toward obtaining healthy body weights. Good luck and it'e going to be especially helpful to me to be sharing this experience with you.
MN Ree
THANKS MN Ree! I'm so happy you have started on Kimkins and I wish you well in this. Keep me updated, okay?
Hi Jimmy! Sorry to hear about the weight creep, but I know you can reach your goal with Kimkins. I'm on my second full week and I'm simply amazed! I've lost at least 2 more lbs last week. I'm not at home so I can't weigh today. With those 2 lbs I've now lost a total of 29 lbs! I'm almost half way to my goal! Kimkins has been a huge part of this loss.
You go Sparky's Girl! I think I'll hit that much weight loss THIS MONTH if I keep up my current rate. But I'll blog more about that next week. SEE YA!
Just checking in to say that despite all the stress in my life, especially the last couple of months, I seem to be maintaining, bouncing around in about a 5 pound range. Sure, I still have a long way to go to goal, but with all that's going on to mess me up lately (especially emotionally), I'm just glad to not be gaining weight at this point!

Hope you do well on Kimkins!
THANKS, Calianna! You stick with it and get back on track. :)
Hi everyone!

I have to admit that I have looked into it myself and have decided that I am not ready for it yet.
I am still pretty happy with how I am doing and still (so far) losing.

This week I have hit a total of 38 pounds since the beginning of the 30 week challenge and although I am slowing a bit I am still losing inches .......so maybe if you all report on how you are doing and whatnot I might join the bandwagon myself! I think 50 is obtainable so that is my NEW goal.

I did hit and surpassed the weight I was going for so it isn't all that bad on my end.

My biggest thing about going lower in carbs is that I have a physical job and cannot be hungry or think about food all the time so let me know how that part is doing sometime.

May wasn't too fun for me but I didn't sway off my low carb at all. 3 doctors thought I had the mumps/had strep throat and with all of the meds I was on it has dragged me out but I am slowly getting back to the gym and getting some energy back. I am some glad it is over.......well I think it's over!

Good luck to everyone and I can't wait to see how everyone does.

Hey Wanda! I'm glad you didn't give in to the temptation to give up on your low-carb plan because of your sickness last month. I'm proud of you and hope you continue being successful. THANKS for checking in!
Jimmy, I'm so proud of you, and I'm thankful for the way you jumpstart us all into our own continued individual successes. I lost and kept off 28 lbs with your last 30-in-30 challenge. 30 more pounds, and I'll be at goal! We can do it!
THANKS, Mrs. B! BTW, I LOVE your new picture. It's so cute. :D
I hit a major stall doing Atkins after about a 60 pound weight loss. After trying several "low-carb" options, such as the Zone, etc., I finally decided to start keeping track of the calories I was eating daily. There was the culprit! When I used one of the "daily caloric needs" calculators, I found that I was eating WAY over the number of calories I could eat - and not gain weight. Once I started counting calories AND carbs, I started losing weight again. I now keeping a running total of the calories and carbs I have every day and it works. I've now lost 115 pounds and am just 8 pounds away from my goal weight of 145 pounds. So before everyone tries something drastic, you might consider adding calorie counting to your carb counting. Also, it couldn't hurt to check out what your maximum recommended calorie intake is for your age, height, and weight. GO-FIGHT-WIN! YEA TEAM!
CONGRATULATIONS on your triple-digit low-carb weight loss (welcome to the club!). Your comments are dead-on about calories being an important factor for some people. That's exactly what Kimkins does for people. Lower calorie intake naturally and you lose weight. I'm becoming a believer based on my weight loss so far. Stay tuned next week for an update! It's gonna be GREAT!
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