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Best cartoon comedy...


Just a little vote to a) test the voting out and b) to see what is the most popular comedy cartoon.

Vote now daccord0oi

Posted by BlackMonday [A] on 11-7-07 11:33 | Comment (2)

Music Videos

Just a heads up...

I have now added a Music Video section. I will add it to the main menu this evening.
EDIT: I have now added a random music video bar on the right underneath the arcade. Check it out lyssna

At the moment only admin can upload music videos. But dont worry because I am in the middle of writing the code so anyone can add a movie. Obviously it will have some sort of restriction because I dont want lots of crap inserted. wink

Music Video

Any problems or requests... post in this topic here. daccord0oi

Posted by BlackMonday [A] on 10-7-07 17:31 | Comment (2)

New site up and running...

Welcome everyone...

New site is now up and running.

I will post in the next few days about the competition on the arcade. Plus a few extras that will be added to Marine Hunters in the next couple of weeks.

We now have comments on all the arcade games. wink
Links has been cleaned up and put in categories. More links will be added shortly.
More details to follow...

Hope you all enjoy the new site and make sure that you report back any problems with the site here.

Posted by BlackMonday [A] on 8-7-07 22:38 | Comment (11)

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