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Charles "Lucky" Luciano


Salvatore Lucania was born in Sicily on January 26, 1897. His family moved to the U.S in 1907, and it wasn't long after that when he got his first arrest for shoplifting. During this time he also he began his mafia career, by charging kids for protection. When they didn't pay, he would beat them up. One of the kids that didn't pay was Meyer Lansky, and Lucky start a fight with him. When Meyer didn't back down, he caught Lucky's attention, and from then on Meyer was Lucky Luciano's right hand man, and one of the spearhearders of one of the most powerful organizations in the United States (ironically, when the mob is notorious for only letting in people of 100% Sicilian-Itialian decent, Meyer Lansky was Jewish)

Before the 1920, after a short prison stay for selling drugs, Lucky joined up with the Five Point Gang and resumed his activities, during this time he was also a suspect in several muders but was never convicted.

After the 20's, he got invloved in bootlegging, along with pushing drugs and raketering his power began to grow quickly. He also become friends with other mafia figures like Vito Genovese, Frank Costello, and Bugsy Seigal.

Rise to Power

In the mid to late 20's, Luciano got together with Giuseppe "Joe The Boss" Masseria, the head of the largest crime family in the country. The two really did not get along as their styles differed. To scare him, Masseria had Lucky kidnapped and mugged, he was beat up pretty bad and left to die, but he survived and thats how ge got the name Lucky, and the droppy eye. After finding out Masseria was behind the attack, Lucky was furious, and the Castellammarese War began. During this power struggle, several mobters belonging to Masseria's and Salvatore Maranzano's family (the second largest), were killed. The war raged on until Masseria's death in 1931. Details are sketchy, but Luciano was supposidly having lunch with the "Boss of Bosses" when he stepped out to use the washroom, and Bugsy Seigal, and a few other of Luciano's men, possibly also Vito Genvovese, pumped Masseria with bullets. Similar to the scene in The Godfather when Micheal Corleone goes to use the washroom were a hidden gun is tapped to the toliet.

Salvatore Maranzano was now in Masseria's place, the Boss of Bosses in New York, and Luciano was his second in command, with the five families under him. Maranzano knew Lucky's intention was to ultimatly be in his spot, and the only way to prevent that from happening was to get rid of him, and his buddy Al Capone. Not suprisingly, Lucky learned of the attack and struck first, killing Maranzano at a meeting they had set up. Lucky was now the Boss, with Meyer Lanksy as his right hand man. The two expanded the family's powers in New York, and made tons if money doing it.

By the 1930's, Luciano was running most or all of the brothels in New York. The police raided many of them and Luciano was charged with running a prostitution ring and sentenced to 30 to 50 years in prison.

World War II

When the war broke out, and with Luciano still in power in prison, he was eager to get out, so  he aggreed to help the U.S. Naval intelligence to help protect the New York docks. With his cooperation, he was granted a shorter sentence in 1946  he was deported back to Italy, where, naturally, he still ran his operations. Later that year he snuck into Cuba, and regained his full power, although weakend. During a meeting Lucky plotted the assassination of Bugsy Seigal, for skimming millions off of casinos in Las Vegas. Bugsy was shot sitting on his couch in his mansion on June 20, 1947 when a mob hit-man, Eddie Cannizarro shot Siegal several times. Although it looks like he was shot in the eye, the bullet most likely smashed the bridge of his nose and the force popped his eye out, which eventually become popular in Mob movies, becomming known as the "Moe Green Special."

The end of the Luciano Legacy

When the police found out that Lucky was in Cuba, he was departed back to Italy where he once again forged his way into the international herion trade. It has also been rumored that he held various meetings in Italy, and one notable guest was Frank Sinatra, whose career was helped by the mafia's influence. On January 26, 1962, Salvatore Lucania died of a heart attack at Naples Airport, just as he was to meet an author about writing a biography. Some speculate he was poisoned for trying to write a book.  He is burried in St. Johns Cemetary in the borough of Queens, in New York City.


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