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Regional administration

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 Samarkand regional administration (Viloyat)

Address: 1, koksaroy str., (code 3662)
Tel: 35-03-42

Samarkand Region is located at the centre of Uzbekistan in the basin of the Zarafshan River. Total area is 16 400 square kilometers. Region’s climate is typical continental and droughty. The population is 2 322, 000 people, from which three quarters live in rural areas. The Region is divided into 16 administrative districts with the average population density of 149 persons per square kilometer. The administrative center of the Region is Samarkand City with the population reaching 366 000. Other large cities of the Region - Kattakurgan, Nurata, Urgut, Juma and Aktash. Samarkand Region has large stocks of mineral resources such as marble, granite, lime, whitewash deposits and limestone, unrefined cement, which are used for production of construction materials. There are also deposits of brick clay. The most developed industries of the Region are metal processing, food, and porcelain sectors. The enterprises of the Region produce spare parts for automobiles and harvest machines, mineral fertilizers, textile and knitted goods, and footwear. The Industry Development Program of the Region stipulates for modernization of the existing industrial enterprises in order to comply with modern technological norms and requirements. Chemical, flour-grinding, food-processing and mechanical engineering industries are expected to be the priority industries. The main agricultural productions are cotton and wheat. Winemaking and silkworm breeding are also the main activities. In order to ensure continuous supply of water resources Kattakurgan Water Reservoir was constructed with wide amplitude of irrigation systems. The Region has large opportunities for highly profitable canning production on the basis of utilization of local agricultural goods such as tomatoes, apples, apricots and grapes. The total financial need for the proposed projects is 377,4 million US dollars. The telecommunication infrastructure is also well developed and includes wire and satellite telecommunication systems. The total length of railroad is 400 kilometers; the length of automobile roads is 4100 kilometers. Samarkand City has an international airport. Samarkand is the second city after Tashkent with huge economic and scientific - cultural potential. Samarkand hosts large number of scientific organizations, including Institute of Archeology under Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Well-known architectural monuments of the Region turn Samarkand into the country’s largest center of the international tourism. Extensive restoration and reconstruction works have been undertaken in order to preserve ancient architectural masterpieces and to increase potential of the tourist infrastructure supported by the construction of new hotels and development of various services for the tourists.

Senior Staff:


First Deputy:

Baxromov Azamxon Usmonovich


Jurayev Abdumumin Sunnatovich

Mirzaev Zair Tairovich

Khudoberdieva Gavkhar Ismoilovna