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Even when 311 exhorted fans to "Come Original" on 1999's Soundsystem the band, um, didn't. So, it's difficult to believe the quintet when they talk about evolving on their latest eleven-song offering. The crisp and punchy arrangements found here only suffer when the band inevitably reverts to their past. Tunes such as "Creatures (For a While)" and "Reconsider Everything" are disappointing and anti-climatic. Nick Hexum is not the most interesting singer or lyricist out there, but he does write a catchy tune and at the core 311 are a brilliant musical band. On some of Evolver, 311 stretch beyond their metal-reggae-sing-rap formula, making this release a proper stepping-stone with original numbers such as "Beyond the Gray Sky" and "Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm." Even with Hexum stretched to the limits of his vocal talents, these songs finally live up to the art of evolution and they could lay the groundwork for 311 to, at last, come original.

(July 21, 2003)

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