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This title is only available to Xbox 360™ owners with an Xbox LIVE Silver or Gold membership, through download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Product Info
Marathon: Durandal

Developer: Freeverse

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Marathon: Durandal

Genre: Action

Release Date: TBA

Console: Xbox 360

RP (Rating Pending)
Game Rating: RP (Rating Pending)

Players: 1-4


Multiplayer Versus

System Link: 2-8

Dolby 5.1 Surround

Custom Soundtracks

HDTV 720p

Storage Device

Players: 2-8

Xbox LIVE Co-op




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Seventeen years ago, you survived a vicious Pfhor assault on the U.E.S.C. Marathon. Now you have been awakened by the enigmatic, sentient A.I. called Durandal and sent to an alien world to uncover the mysteries of their advanced technology. In Marathon: Durandal, armed with only a pistol, you are humanity’s last champion!


  • Epic story: The game’s entire story (over 13000 lines of text) has been translated into seven languages.
  • Upgraded visuals: All images in the game have been redrawn in high definition. 
  • Modern networking: Marathon: Durandal features a new modern networking layer built with Xbox LIVE® in mind. 
  • Superior control: The redesigned controls take full advantage of the Xbox 360 Controller and enhance playing a first-person shooter on a home console.

Marathon, Marathon: Durandal and all contained characters are copyright Bungie Studios.
Freeverse is a registered trademark of Freeverse, Inc.

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