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International Sándor Ferenczi Foundation

Associazione Culturale Sándor Ferenczi


Pubblication of the Clinic Diary (1985)
Pubblication of the Sigmund Freud, Sándor Ferenczi Correspondance (1992-2000)

Ferenczi conferences

The Legacy of Sándor Ferenczi – 1991, New York City
The Talking Therapy: Ferenczi and the Psychoanalytic Vocation   1993, Budapest
Sándor Ferenczi – 1995, Saġ Paulo
Sándor Ferenczi y el Psychoanálisis Contemporáneo – 1998, Madrid
Sándor Ferenczi. The “Mother” of Modern Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy –1999, Tel Aviv
La catastrofe e i suoi simboli. Il contributo di Sándor Ferenczi alla storia della psicoanalisi – 1999, Firenze
Sándor Ferenczi for Our Time – Freud Museum, 1999,
London Lost Childhood conference trilogy, Budapest, Paris, London, 2001
Clinical Sándor Ferenczi – 2002,Torino

Conferenczi /Hungarian Psychoanalytic Ideas Revisited/ – 2004, London
Sándor Ferenczi and the contemporary psychoanalysis - 2005, Firenze
Clinical Sándor Ferenczi Conference -2006, Baden-Baden

Next International Sándor Ferenczi Conference
Buenos Aires 2009, 8 to 12 of April

Films and exhibitions

Documentary film on Ferenczi - 2001, MTV (Hungarian TV).
Ferenczi and the Budapest School of Psychoanalysis – exhibition at the Freud Museum, 2004.
Ferenczi and the Budapest School of psychoanalysis in the 20th Century - Central European University Open Society Archives and the Sándor Ferenczi Society, 2006.

Internet Museum

Psychoanalytic Document Database
(PADD) - Freud Museum, Vienna, Sándor Ferenczi Society, Budapest, Wellcome Trust Library, London, - 2005

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Ferenczi “made all analysts into his pupils”
(S. Freud, Sándor Ferenczi. 1933. S.E., 22, p. 228)

“In some lights, he was the prescient innovator of all modern trends, champion of egalitarism and mutuality, crusader for the recognition of child abuse and trauma. For others, he was the precursors of relational developments in psychoanalysis, sowing the fascinating seeds that flowered and evolved within the main body of psychoanalytic thought.”
(L. Aron and A. Harris A., Sándor Ferenczi. Discovery and Rediscovery. In: The Legacy of Sándor Ferenczi. Hillsdale, NJ, & London: The Analytic Press, 1993, p. 1)

“… a line going back to the technical papers of Ferenczi that were written almost contemporaneously with those of Freud, another perspective on the technique of psychoanalysis, based on mutative power of the psychoanalytic relationship, beyond interpretation or in the interaction with interpretation, emerged as a contrapuntally vital stream of psychoanalytic thinking.”
(R.S. Wallerstein, The talking cures. The psychoanalysis and the psychotherapies, New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1995, p. 534).

The complete bibliography of Ferenczi's works
in German, English and Hungarian
is available at the
Psychoanalytic Document Database

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